1st Edition

Progress in Steel, Composite and Aluminium Structures Proceedings of the XI Int Conf on Metal Structures (ICMS 2006), Rzeszow, Poland, 21-23 June 2006

    428 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Progress in Steel, Composite and Aluminium Structures contains the proceedings of the XI International Conference on Metal Structures ICMS 2006 held in Rzeszów, Poland from 21-23 June 2006. This proceedings brings together recent activities and achievements in theoretical and experimental research, as well as its practical implementation in design practice in the areas of Steel, Aluminium, Composite Steel-Concrete and Metal-Glass Structures, Bridges, Industrial Structures, Shell and Spatial Structures, Suspended and Prestressed Systems. The papers tackle such issues as strength, stability and nonlinear analysis, including postyielding and postbuckling behaviour; static, dynamic and seismic analysis; effect of imperfections on strength, stiffness and deflections in the evaluation of limit states of structural systems; effects of connector, connection and joint deformability on structural performance; structural safety and reliability assessment; fire behaviour modelling; optimisation and expert systems; wind loading on structures and topics concerning architecture, formfinding and construction practice.

    Progress in Steel, Composite and Aluminium Structures represents the expertise emanating from a wide range of countries. It is a useful reference source for academic staff, researchers, graduate students and practising engineers. The book balances papers with a theoretical slant on modelling and computation, and with those of a practical nature, dealing with design and standardization, code development, safety, durability, aesthetics and constructional aspects.





    Keynote papers

    Strength, stability and postbuckling behaviour

    Joints and connectors

    Steel-concrete composite construction

    Cold-formed profiles and sheeting

    Aluminium structures

    Lateral buckling and effect of bracings

    Dynamics, impact and seismic analysis

    Bridges and footbridges

    Structural steel, metallurgy and behaviour in fire

    Industrial and spatial structures

    Effect of imperfections and nonlinear static analysis

    Structural optimization and expert systems

    Structural safety and assessment

    Effect of wind loading on structures

    Cable and prestressed structures

    Miscellaneous problems: architecture, glass and tolerances


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