1st Edition

Promoting Adherence to Medical Treatment in Chronic Childhood Illness
Concepts, Methods, and Interventions

Edited By

Dennis Drotar

ISBN 9781138012646
Published July 17, 2014 by Psychology Press
544 Pages

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Book Description

Based on a conference that assembled experts in the field of pediatric compliance in chronic illness, this book presents the latest data and conceptual models of adherence to treatment and recommendations for new directions in the field. Interdisciplinary in approach, the contributors represent a broad array of disciplines, including anthropology, pediatrics, psychology, and sociology.

Designed to address critical gaps in the understanding of adherence/compliance to treatment regiments for children with chronic health conditions, this book reviews:
*conceptual models used to define adherence treatment and conduct research;
*the influences on treatment adherence to chronic illness in children;
*the impact of adherence to treatment on children's health and psychological development;
*strategies of interventions to promote adherence and reduce noncompliance rates;
*methodological and measurement problems in the assessment of treatment adherence; and
*recommended research priorities for the measurement of adherence and applications of interventions and training in the treatment of pediatric chronic illness.

Table of Contents

Contents: Part I:Overview and Introduction. K.A. Riekert, D. Drotar, Adherence to Medical Treatment in Pediatric Chronic Illness: Critical Issues and Answered Questions. Part II:Historical Foundations. J.A. Trostle, The Ideology of Adherence: An Anthropological and Historical Perspective. B.M. Korsch, Pediatric Compliance From a Patient/Family Perspective. Part III:Conceptual Models of Adherence and Compliance for Clinical Care and Research. T.L. Creer, Self-Management and the Control of Chronic Pediatric Illness. L.J. Bauman, A Patient-Centered Approach to Adherence: Risks for Nonadherence. Part IV:Measurement Issues. D.M. Matsui, Children's Adherence to Medication Treatment. B.G. Bender, H. Milgrom, C. Rand, F.S. Wamboldt, Measurement of Treatment Nonadherence in Children With Asthma. A.M. Delamater, Critical Issues in the Assessment of Regimen Adherence in Children With Diabetes. Part V:Influences on Adherence to Treatment in Childhood Chronic Illness. N. Walders, C. Nobile, D. Drotar, Promoting Adherence to Treatment in Childhood Chronic Illness: Challenges in a Managed Care Environment. M.R. DiMatteo, Practitioner-Family-Patient Communication in Pediatric Adherence: Implications for Research and Clinical Practice. C.E. Ievers-Landis, D. Drotar, Parental and Child Knowledge of the Treatment Regimen for Childhood Chronic Illnesses: Related Factors and Adherence to Treatment. Part VI:Impact of Adherence to Treatment on Child Health Outcomes and Research Findings. J.W. Varni, J.R. Jacobs, M. Seid, Adherence to Treatment as a Predictor of Health-Related Quality of Life. S.B. Johnson, Compliance Behavior in Clinical Trials: Error or Opportunity? Part VII:Interventions to Promote Adherence to Treatment in Childhood Chronic Illness. M.A. Rapoff, Facilitating Adherence to Medical Regimens for Pediatric Rheumatic Diseases: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Prevention. B.J. Anderson, J. Brackett, J. Ho, L.M.B. Laffel, An Intervention to Promote Family Teamwork in Diabetes Management Tasks: Relationships Among Parental Involvement, Adherence to Blood Glucose Monitoring, and Glycemic Control in Young Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes. T. Wysocki, P. Greco, M. Harris, N.H. White, Behavioral Family Systems Therapy for Adolescents With Diabetes. A.L. Quittner, D. Drotar, D. Seidner, N. Slocum, J. Jacobsen, Adherence to Medical Treatments in Adolescents With Cystic Fibrosis: The Development and Evaluation of Family-Based Interventions. L.J. Stark, Adherence to Diet in Chronic Conditions: The Example of Cystic Fibrosis. D.E. Sandberg, T. Mazur, R.A. Hazen, D.E. Alliger, J. Buchlis, M.H. MacGillivray, Promoting Adherence to Growth Hormone Among Children With Growth Failure. Part VIII:Summary of Recommendations to Enhance Practice, Research, and Training Concerning Adherence to Treatment in Childhood Chronic Illness. D. Drotar, K.A. Riekert, E. Burgess, R. Levi, C. Nobile, A. Seja, N. Walders, Adherence to Treatment in Childhood Chronic Illness: Issues and Recommendations to Enhance Practice, Research, and Training.

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Dennis Drotar (Edited by)


"...this volume provides an excellent overview of the current thinking and ongoing research of some of the top authorities on pediatric treatment adherence."
European Health Psychology Society

"In summary, this book does, as its title suggests, provide an excellent account of current thinking in the field of adherence in treatment for child and adolescent chronic illness. It would be useful to all paediatric health care professionals. While it would be of particular use to students as it gives an excellent introduction to the thinking it is also an extremely informative read for professionals with experience, provoking thought and giving ideas for improving both clinical and research practice."
Journal of Health Psychology