1st Edition

Pronunciation and Phonetics A Practical Guide for English Language Teachers

By Adam Brown Copyright 2014
    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    324 Pages
    by Routledge

    This engaging, succinct text is an introduction to both phonetics and phonology as applied to the teaching of pronunciation to English language learners. Section 1 selectively covers the main areas of phonetics and phonology, without going into any area in more depth than the average English language teacher requires or that the average English language teacher trainee can handle. Section 2 focuses on practical issues related to learners and how they learn languages, and what represents good practice in terms of classroom activities for pronunciation—including aspects such as targets, motivation and priorities. The chapters end with activities to help the reader understand concepts. Section 3 provides innovative sample activities which put into practice the theoretical points covered in the first two sections, answers to the various exercises, recommended further reading (both print and non-print), a glossary of technical phonetic terms, and a bibliography of works on pronunciation teaching. The text is accompanied by a Companion Website with audio recordings of model pronunciations and audio material relating to the activities.


    Symbols for English Sounds
    Section I: Phonetics
    1: Introduction
    2: Accents of English worldwide
    3: Airstreams and the vocal cords
    4: Cardinal vowels
    5: Vowels
    6: The vocal organs and consonant classification
    7: Plosives and nasals
    8: Fricatives and affricates
    9: Approximants
    10: Non-English sounds
    11: Syllable structure
    12: Phonemes
    13: Accent differences
    14: Phonology
    15: Weakening and linking
    16: Assimilation and elision
    17: Connected speech processes
    18: Pausing and speed
    19: Word stress
    20: Tone groups
    21: Tones
    22: Rhythm
    23: Voice quality
    Section II: Pronunciation Teaching
    24: Targets
    25: Integration
    26: The effectiveness of pronunciation teaching
    27: Motivation and affect
    28: Fossilization
    29: First language influence
    30: Importance
    31: Spelling: History
    32: Spelling: Literacy
    33: Nonverbal communication
    34: Listening
    35: Testing
    Section III: Sample Exercises
       Sample exercises
       Answers to exercises


    Adam Brown is Head (International Business), Senior lecturer and research committee member, Centre for Research in International Education (CRIE), AIS St Helens, Auckland, New Zealand.

    "Pronunciation and Phonetics: A Practical Guide for English Language Teachers is exactly what it claims to be—a treatment of the topic addressed to those who are new to it and who require a grounding in the practical classroom-based aspects of how to teach pronunciation to English learners. The author’s use of humor and his engaging, highly accessible writing style make this volume a valuable contribution to the field."

    -Donna M. Brinton, Lecturer (Retired), UCLA

    "This book represents an exceptionally valuable source of background material on phonetics that many teachers will find really valuable. ... Many will appreciate the depth of detail about phonetics, the clarity with which issues about teaching pronunciation are presented, and the valuable games and exercises in the final section of the book."

    -Speak Out!