1st Edition

Property and Justice A Trend Towards Marxist Political Philosophy

By Zhang Wenxi Copyright 2024

    This book attempts to answer the question “what on earth is the Marxist political philosophy?” The author discusses Karl Marx’s vision of the good life and the good society, focusing in particular on the interrelationship between property and justice.

    Strictly speaking, the subject of this book should not be placed within an a priori conceptual framework, which essentially focuses on academic notions of the good society, good government and justice. However, for the purposes of this book, Marxist political philosophy, namely communism, is already embodied in two aspects. This book argues that it is the noisy and confusing modern political philosophy that obscures the actualization of human nature unfolded by the Marxist political philosophy before us.

    The book will be essential reading for students and scholars of philosophy, Marxism, Chinese studies and Chinese Marxist philosophy.

    Section One: Basic Investigation of Political Philosophy   1. Understanding the Political Philosophy   2. The Problem Domain of Political Philosophy and Its Reconstruction   Section Two: The Marxist Philosophy as A Political Philosophy   3. The Marxist Political Philosophy: Two Concepts   4. The Marxist Philosophy as A Political Philosophy   5. The Creation of New Realm of Marxist Political Philosophy   Section Three: Property and Proletarian Politico-Philosophical Reflections   6. The Justice of Property in Marxist Philosophy and Its Contemporary Significance   7. Ownership and Justice of Property: Marx and Adam Smith Problem   8. Marx’s Critique of Property and Relevant View of Fairness and Justice   9. Thought Fragments on the Historico-Political Philosophy Developed in the Image of Proletariat   Section Four: Rethink Basic Dimensions of Justice   10. Marx’s Critique of Ethical Justice   11. Rediscovery of Right and Justice in the Historical Materialism   12. Marx’s Rationalist Concept of State and His Critique of Justice under Law   Section Five: Rethinking Present-Day China Through the Lens of Political Philosophy   13. The Socialist Concept of Equality and Present-Day China   14. The Outline of Marxist Political Philosophy in Future


    Zhang Wenxi is Professor of Philosophy and the prestigious Yangtze River Scholar at Renmin University of China. He specializes in the Marxist philosophy and has authored eleven academic monographs, such as The Politico-Philosophical Dimension of Historical Materialism.