1st Edition

Prosperity Amidst Crisis Austria's Economic Policy And The Energy Crunch

By Wilhelm Hankel, Jean Steinberg Copyright 1981

    This book deals with the exciting question of whether the world economic crisis can in fact be stopped only by a fight among all against all by forcing others to make painful adjustments in their demand, price, and employment levels.

    Foreword -- Preface -- Austria’s Achievements, Unrealized Chances, and Future Possibilities -- Maximal Capital Formation and Planning Data Constancy -- Domestic Fiscal Policy: Global Demand and Selective Structuring -- Balance of Payments Dictates the Money Supply -- Balance of Payments Dictates Income Policy -- A Catalogue of Missed Opportunities -- The Limits of Government Indebtedness -- The Theoretical Background: is Economic Independence Possible? -- Demand (or Money) Illusions -- Terms-of-Trade (or Exchange-Rate) Illusions -- Fact and Fiction of the Euromarkets* -- Soft or Hard Currency? is There a Substitute for Fiscal Policy? -- A World Monetary System within One Country: The Austrian Model -- Summary, Results, and Conclusions -- The Model


    Wilhelm Hankel, Jean Steinberg