Protein Folds : A Distance-Based Approach book cover
1st Edition

Protein Folds
A Distance-Based Approach

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ISBN 9780849340093
Published October 20, 1995 by CRC Press
336 Pages

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Book Description

Written by outstanding scientists in physics and molecular biology, this book addresses the most recent advances in the analysis of the protein folding processes and protein structure determination. Emphasis is also placed on modelling and presentation of experimental results of structural membrane bound proteins.
Many color plates help to illustrate structural aspects covered including:

  • Defining folds of protein domains
  • Structure determination from sequence
  • Distance geometry
  • Lattice theories
  • Membrane proteins
  • Protein-Ligand interaction
  • Topological considerations
  • Docking onto receptors
    All analysis is presented with proven theory and experimentation.
    Protein Folds: A Distance-Based Approach is an excellent text/reference for biotechnologists and biochemists as well as graduate students studying in the research sciences.
  • Table of Contents

    Introduction, H. Bohr and S. Brunak
    Three Paradoxes of Protein Folding, P.G. Wolynes
    Protein-Ligand Complexes and Protein Biosynthesis
    Conserved Water Molecules and Protein Folding in Fungal Peroxidases, S. Larsen and J.F.W. Petersen
    Interplay between Metal Coordination Geometry and Protein Structure, R. Bauer, M. Bjerrum, E. Danielsen, E. Friis, J.M. Hammerstad, L. Hemmingsen, M.V. Pedersen, and J. Ulstrup
    Elongation Factor Tu: A G-Protein in Protein Biosynthesis, P. Nissen, M. Kjeldgaard, S. Thirup, L. Reshetnikova, G. Polekhina, B.F.C. Clark and J. Nyborg
    Electron Transfer of the Di-Heme Protein: Pseudomonas stutzeri cytochrome c4, , J.-J. Karlsson, A. Kadziola, A. Rasmussen, T.E. Rostrup, and J. Ulstrup
    Profile Methods for Protein Structure and Fold Determination
    Sequence Matching in Homology Modelling, M. Gribskov
    Screening Genome Sequences for Known Folds, M. Braxenthaler and M.J. Sippl
    Protein Fold Determination Using a Small Number of Distance Restraints, A. Aszódi, M.J. Gradwell, and W.R. Taylor
    How Many Protein Fold Classes Are To Be Found?, P-A. Lindgård and H. Bohr
    Distance-Based Protein Structure Prediction and Evaluation
    The Effect of a Distance-Cutoff on the Performance of The Distance Matrix Error When Used as a Potential Function to Drive Conformational Search, S. Le Grand, A. Elofsson, and D. Eisenberg
    Protein Structure Prediction: How Self-Misleading Can Be Avoided, A. Ya. Badretdinov, A.M. Gutin, and A.V. Finkelstein
    Sequence Space Analysis: Identification of Functionally or Structurally Important Residues in Protein Sequence Families, G. Casari, C. Sander, and A. Valencia
    Fitting 1-D Predictions into 3-D Structures, B. Rost
    Determination of Membrane Bound Protein Structure and Function
    Modelling a-helical Integral Membrane Proteins, D. Donnelly and J.B.C. Findlay
    Use of Small Organic Compounds and Metal-ions as Structural and Functional Probes in 7TM Receptors, T.W. Schwartz, C.E. Elling, S.M. Nielsen, K. Thirstrup, S. Zoffmann, M. Rosenkilde, D. Marchal, R. den Hollander, U. Gether, and S.A. Hjorth
    Using Sequence Information and Model Building to Explore Subtype Specificity in GPCRs, R. Bywater, G. Vriend, L. Oliveira, and D. van Aalten
    Statistical Mechanics and Kinetics of Protein Folding Processes
    Proposed Rules of the Protein Folding Game, M. Crippen and V.N. Maiorov
    Protein Folding Studied by Monte Carlo Simulations, A. Sali, E. Shakhnovich, and M. Karplus
    Folding Kinetics of Protein Like Heteropolymers, N.D. Socci and J.N. Onuchic
    Energy Landscape and Folding Mechanisms in Proteins, Z. Guo and D. Thirumalai
    Topological Aspects of Protein Folds
    Resonator Driven Protein Folding: The Implication of Topology for Protein Structure and Folding, J. Bohr, H. Bohr, and S. Brunak
    Chirality in Protein Structure, T.W.F. Slidel and J.M. Thornton
    Packing within and between Subunits Defined by Internal Cavities, S.J. Hubbard and P. Argos
    Protein Modelling and Docking
    Modelling and Predicting a-helical Transmembrane Structures, W.R. Taylor and D.T. Jones
    HIV GP120 Docking Interactions and Inhibitor Design Based on an Atomic Structure Derived by Molecular Modelling Using the DREIDING II Force Field, J.L. Gabriel and W.M. Mitchell
    A Model of the 3D Structure of Obelin-The Photoprotein From Obelia longissima, T. Sandalova

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    Bohr\, Henrik; Brunak\, Soren