Protooncogenes and Growth Factors in Steroid Hormone Induced Growth and Differentiation  book cover
1st Edition

Protooncogenes and Growth Factors in Steroid Hormone Induced Growth and Differentiation

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ISBN 9780849386725
Published December 17, 1993 by CRC Press
288 Pages

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Book Description

Protooncogenes and Growth Factors in Steroid Hormone Induced Growth and Differentiation reviews current information regarding the complex nature of hormone-induced cell growth and differentiation. The contributors examine the emerging consensus that protooncogenes and growth factors mediate perhaps the most crucial steps leading to cell growth and differentiation. The primary objective of this book is to unite the status of current research related to protooncogenes and growth factors from diverse physiological systems to help readers gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Leading researchers have contributed outstanding chapters pertaining to steroid hormone-regulated cell growth and differentiation in normal and/or neoplastic tissues. This book will appeal to basic science researchers, clinicians, industrial researchers, and graduate students.

Table of Contents

Steroid Receptors and Their Regulation by Phosphorylation, N.L. Weigel
Growth Factors as Mediators of Sex Steroid Hormone Action in the Uterus during Its Preparation for Implantation, T.E. Cullingford and J.W. Pollard
Steroid Hormone Induction of Growth Factors Oncogene Expression in the Uterus, L.J. Murphy and L.C. Murphy
Glucocorticoid Inhibited Production of Paracrine and Autocrine Acting Growth Factors in Growth-Suppressible Epithelial Tumor Cells, G.L. Firestone and P. Buse
Nuclear Protooncogenes as Regulatory Genes and as Marker Genes for Steroid Action in All Target Tissues, T.C. Spelsberg, M. Subramaniam, S.A. Harris, M.J. Oursler, M. Schuchard, J.P. Landers, and N. Sandhu
Uterine c-fos: A Paradigm for Control of Gene Expression during Estrogen Stimulated Target Tissue Growth, G.M. Stancel, H. Boettger-Tong, S.M. Hyder, J.L. Kirkland, and D.S. Loose-Mitchell
The jun Protooncogene Family in Uterine Growth and Differentiation, S.A. Khan, K.P. Nephew and H. Wang
Growth Factor Regulation of c-fos Protooncogene Transcription, R.P. Misra
Steroid Regulation of Growth Factors and Protooncogenes in the Normal and Malignant Mammary Gland, R.B. Dickson, M. Bano, M.D. Johnson, Y.E. Shi, I. MartinezLacaci, L.T. Amundadottir, B. Ziff, and J. Kurebayashi
Estrogen, c-myc and Breast Cancer, D. Dubik, P.H. Watson and R.P.C. Shiu
Molecular Genetics of Human Endometrial Carcinoma, J. Boyd
The c-erb B-2 Oncogene in Human Prostate Cancer Growth and Progression, H.E. Zhau, R.A. Sikes and L.W.K. Chung
The Role of Glucocorticoids in Cell Growth, Differentiation, and Programmed Cell Death, R. Thulasi and E.B. Thompson
Contributions of Cell Structure to Oncogene and Steroid Hormone-Mediated Transcriptional Control of Gene Expression Supporting Osteoblast Proliferation and Differentiation, G.S. Stein and J.B. Lian

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"For those in need of a useful introduction to the complex world of subcellular hormone action, this is an excellent book...Since this is a highly active field that is experiencing rapid development, this book is a fascinating representation of its current status."
General and Comparative Endocrinology 95, 495-496 (1994)