1st Edition

Psychology and Ethical Development (REV) RPD A Collection of Articles on Psychological Theories, Ethical Development and Human Understanding

By R. S. Peters Copyright 1974
    476 Pages
    by Routledge

    480 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1974, this book presents a coherent collection of major articles by Richard Stanley Peters. It displays his work on psychology and philosophy, with special attention given to the areas of ethical development and human understanding.

    The book is split into four parts. The first combines a critique of psychological theories, especially those of Freud, Piaget and the Behaviourists, with some articles on the nature and development of reason and the emotions. The second looks in historical order at ethical development. The third part combines a novel approach to the problem of understanding other people, whilst the fourth part is biographical in an unusual way.

    The volume can be viewed as a companion to the author’s Ethics and Education and will appeal to students and teachers of education, philosophy and psychology, as well as to the interested non-specialist reader.

    Preface; Part One: Psychological Theories and Rational Psychology 1. Observationalism in Psychology 2. Behaviourism 3. Freud’s Theory 4. Motivation, Emotion and The Conceptual Schemes of Common Sense 5. The Development of Reason 6. Reason and Passion 7. The Education of the Emotions 8. C. A. Mace’s Contribution to the Philosophy of Mind 9. The Psychologist and the Teacher 10. Survival, the Soul or Personal Relationships? Reviews of B. F. skinner’s Beyond Freedom and Dignity and of Carl R. Roger’s Freedom to Learn: A View of What Education Might Become Part Two: Ethical Development 11. Freud’s theory of Moral Development in Relation to that of Piaget 12. Moral Education and the Psychology of Character 13. Reason and Habit: the Paradox of Moral Education 14. Concrete Principles and the Rational Passions 15. Moral Development: a Plea for Pluralism 16. Freedom and the Development of the Free Man 17. Moral Development and Moral Learning Part Three: Education and Human Understanding 18. Personal Understanding and Personal Relationships 19. Subjectivity and Standards 20. Michael Oakeshott’s Philosophy of Education Part Four: Biographical Background 21. R. S. Peters: A Commentary 22. A Boy’s View of George Orwell 23. I Was Twenty Then; Index


    R. S. Peters