1st Edition

Psychology and Law in a Changing World New Trends in Theory, Practice and Research

Edited By Lara Bagnoli, Giovanni B. Traverso Copyright 2001
    302 Pages
    by Routledge

    298 Pages
    by Routledge

    Criminal psychology, and its relationship to the practice of law, has become a topic of major significance over the last three decades. Psychologists play a key role in modern criminal investigation and are central to crime reduction measures such as offender profiling, delinquency prevention and tackling fear of crime. Contributors from North America, Europe and Australia examine this link, both adding to and drawing upon the pool of recent theory construction and empirical work in the following areas:
    * causes and prevention of offending
    * studies of crime and offenders
    * the victim's perspective
    * witnesses and testimony
    * studies of legal processes.
    These issues are studied from a 'local' perspective that recognises not only the need for cross-national comparative research, but also the generation of a corpus of scientific knowledge more representative of the complexity of criminal and legal investigation today.

    Introduction; 1: Causes and Prevention of Offending; 1: The Need for a Coordinated Program of Cross National Comparative Longitudinal Research; 2: Early Prevention of Delinquency; 3: Empathy and Offender Behavior: the Motivational Context; 4: Social Information Processing in Bullies, Victims, and Competent Adolescents 1; 2: Studies of Crime and Offenders; 5: Homicide and Attempted Homicide in Genoa Over a Thirty Year Period; 6: Matricides and Patricides: Comparisons from a U.S. Forensic Sample; 7: Offender Profiling and Degree of Violence in a Homicide Sample; 8: Greying Prisoners in a Greying Society: Empirical Study of Elderly People in German Prisons; 3: Victim Issues; 9: Fear of Crime: Ace, Gender and Urbanization. Results from West and East Germany; 10: Victimization and Lifestyle Among Drug Abusers 1; 11: Victim and Offender Mediation in the Juvenile Justice System; 4: Testimony and Witness Issues; 12: The Cognitive Interview in Forensic Investigations: a Review; 13: Try Again': the Cognitive Interview or Free Recall? 1; 14: Mental Reinstatement as a Technique to Enhance Children's Recall; 5: Studies of Legal Processes; 15: Therapeutic Jurisprudence in a Comparative Lawcontext 1; 16: Restitution and Mediation as Forms of Restorative Justice: a Viable Alternative to Revengeful Justice; 17: From Juror to Jury Memory of the Evidence; 18: Polygraphy in Poland; 19: The Assessment of Fitness to Stand Trial in Australia: a Proposed Assessment Tool


    Lara Bagnoli, Giovanni B. Traverso