2nd Edition

Psychology in Asia An Introduction

Edited By Catherine Tien-Lun Sun, Jason Tak-Sang Chow Copyright 2024
    648 Pages 398 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    648 Pages 398 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Psychology in Asia: An Introduction is the second edition of this introductory level textbook on psychology and human behavior written with an Asian focus.

    The book introduces the central tenets of psychology, using examples and content which are culturally relevant and applicable to students in Asia. It covers essential topics of psychology including: personality, human development, psychological disorders, gender and sexuality, emotion, and positive psychology. Each chapter is accompanied by information relevant to an Asian cultural context and connected to the region’s diverse heritage and history. For this second edition, the content has been substantially updated. In addition to standard topics found in texts on introductory psychology, this book includes chapters on the Tenets of Asian Psychology, Asian Philosophies, and Behavior.

    The text includes features to help students familiarize themselves with the key terms that are defined in the page margins. It includes learning aids such as boxes that define theoretical and technical terms, and the activities in each chapter encourage active learning and critical thinking. The authors also provide useful resources such as study questions, chapter outlines, and references to journal articles that allow further reading. Students will benefit from an increased understanding of the concepts taught through the authors' user-friendly academic writing style and colorful illustrations included throughout each chapter.

    Through this accessible text, undergraduate and upper undergraduate students of psychology will learn about core topics and classical studies that originate in the West but do so alongside the important contributions that Asian psychology makes to the field.


    Notes on Contributors

    1. Introduction: What Is Psychology?

    Bernard P. H. Wong and Jason T. S. Chow

    2. Research Methods and Statistics: What Makes Psychology Believable?

    Bernard P. H. Wong and Jason T. S. Chow

    3. Philosophical Roots of Asian Psychology

    Catherine T. L. Sun

    4. Biological Psychology

    Alex W. O. Li

    5. Consciousness: How We Perceive and Become Aware of Our World

    Alex W. O. Li

    6. Learning and Memory: How Do We Learn and Retain New Knowledge?

    Alex W. O. Li

    7. Motivation and Emotions: What Guides Our Behavior?

    Jason T. S. Chow and Sharon S. W. Hsu

    8. Growth and Development: A Process of Changes

    Ruth D. Zhou

     9. Gender and Sexuality

    Bobo H. P. and Sharon S. W. Hsu

    10. Personality: Dimension, Structure and Development

    Jason T. S. Chow

    11. Psychological Disorders

    Bess Y. H. Lam and Sharon S. W. Hsu

    12. Psychotherapies: What can be done when the mind is unwell?

    Thomas A. Seay and Catherine T. L. Sun

    13. Culture and Social Behavior

    Catherine T. L. Sun

    14. Health Psychology

    Winnie W. Y. Yuen

    15. Positive Psychology: How to Live the Good Life

    Winnie W. Y. Yuen

    16. Tenets of Asian Psychology

    Catherine T. L. Sun

    17. Psychology and the Professions: What Do Students of Psychology Do When They Graduate?

    Catherine T. L. Sun

    18. The Next Steps: The Future of Psychology

    Bernard P. H. Wong and Jason T. S Chow




    Catherine Tien-Lun Sun is recognized as a leader and pioneer in Chinese psychology and counselling. She is currently Professor of Counselling and Psychology as well as Senior Vice President at Hong Kong Shue Yan University, an institution founded on the preservation and propagation of traditional Chinese culture and the educational ideals of Confucianism. As the former Head of the only department to offer undergraduate counselling training in Hong Kong, and as founding President of the Asian Professional Counselling and Psychology Association and President of the Asia Pacific Rim Confederation of Counsellors, Sun is regarded as a leader and chief architect of the development of counselling and psychological therapy in Asia.

    Jason Tak-Sang Chow is Associate Professor of Counselling and Psychology, Acting Associate Academic Vice President (Teaching and Learning Development) and Director of the Student Learning and Development Laboratory at Hong Kong Shue Yan University. As a social psychologist, Chow's primary research interests encompass self-control, motivation, and human resilience, with a particular focus on the motivational aspects of self-regulation, as well as investigating the causes and consequences of human resilience.

    'This is a wonderful book for a better understanding of the complexities of psychological research across Asian countries. I particularly appreciate the historical review of psychology in Asia and the acknowledgement that Asia comprises so many different traditions, cultures, languages, and approaches to psychology. We need to know much more about psychological principles in Asian contexts, and we equally need to understand the complexities of Asia, particularly beyond the arguably better studied East Asia. I highly recommend this volume to anyone seeking to understand the basics of psychological research in Asia and to those engaging in research anywhere in Asia. What a great resource from which to build future psychological research in the largest and most populous continent in the world.'

    Professor Cammie McBride, Department of Human Development and Family Science, Purdue University, USA

    'This comprehensive textbook stands out from other introductory psychology textbooks with its astute consideration of Asia's rich history and cultural context. The authors skilfully incorporate mainstream psychological theories and studies with culturally relevant examples and concepts, making it an invaluable resource for anyone eager to explore the intricate connection between psychology and Asian culture.'

    Professor Sylvia Xiaohua Chen, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong; Past President, Asian Association of Social Psychology; Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology