1st Edition

Public Speaking 7 Steps to Writing and Delivering a Great Speech (Grades 4-8)

By Katherine Pebley O'Neal Copyright 2005
    50 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Students write lots of reports, but how do they turn their hard work into appealing oral reports? Where can they learn to present their research with flair and style? Every student who will ever have to give an oral report needs the surefire techniques in this book. You'll find the basics of public speaking in clear language for children and busy teachers. Some of the topics covered are getting organized, preparing a great opener, using visual aids, involving the audience, and speaking with confidence. Public Speaking is a much needed resource that students, teachers, and parents can flip through or use cover-to-cover.

    In this book, students can learn how to organize information into a presentation that will interest and amaze their classmates. They will discover exciting ways to start a speech, and lots of intelligent techniques to use in the middle to keep the audience attentive. Here they will discover tricks to keep from getting nervous, and special, easy ways to remember what to say. Using these new skills, your students will be entertaining, informative, and confident.

    For more guidance on verbal presentation, see Speaker's Club.

    Grades 4-8

    Why Give a Great Oral Report? 1. Get Organized 2. Grab Their Attention 3. End with Style 4. Show Off with Visual Aids 5. Pull Your Audience In! 6. Speak Like a Pro 7. Build Your Confidence 8. Branch Out - Specific Kinds of Reports Conclusion Speech Planner


    Katherine Pebley O'Neal is a fifth-grade teacher who believes that any written report deserves to become a dynamic oral presentation. She holds a master's degree in education from Colorado College and is the author of The Stink Squad series. She writes stories and articles in magazines for young people, and she teaches a writing course for the Institute of Children's Literature.