Publish and Prosper : A Strategy Guide for Students and Researchers book cover
1st Edition

Publish and Prosper
A Strategy Guide for Students and Researchers

ISBN 9781848729940
Published August 28, 2013 by Routledge
192 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Intended to help readers succeed in academia by increasing their scholarly productivity, this book provides strategies for getting articles published quickly in reputable research journals. Rather than focusing on the basics of writing about results, this unique guidebook provides tips on how to approach research, maintain motivation, maximize productivity, and overcome common pitfalls so as to become productive scholars. The strategies reviewed will help readers successfully navigate through graduate school, get a good job, receive grants and promotions, and make important contributions to their field. 

Written in a breezy style, this book offers case studies, examples, and personal experiences that illustrate the themes of the chapters. Introductions and summaries and key points help to highlight the most critical concepts reviewed in each chapter. Chapter exercises encourage self-reflection and/or the application of the strategies introduced in that chapter. Self-assessment questions in Appendix A help readers pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses.A tracking chart, referred to throughout, provides an effective way to follow the progress of several manuscripts that are at different stages. An interactive version of the chart is available at along with the time diary and the chapter and self assessment exercises.

Although a young scholar, Nathaniel Lambert has an impressive track record. He already has over 50 papers published in research journals. This book reviews winning strategies practiced by the author and additional insights based on conversations with top producing scholars. By diligently applying this book’s core strategies, you too can publish and prosper!

Part 1 describes issues related to prioritizing one’s research such as the importance of selecting the right topic and how to use goals and deadlines to enhance motivation. Tips for enhancing efficiency are provided in Part 2 including how to improve writing efficiency, juggle several projects simultaneously, reduce wasting time, and select the best collaborators. Part 3 explores productivity pitfalls and how to avoid them. Tips on how to avoid burnout and distractions and handle rejection are explored. Part 4 provides unique tips to apply at various stages of one’s academic career: undergraduate, graduate, and professional. Practical appendices provide an opportunity to determine one’s strengths and weaknesses keep track of projects, and expand one’s knowledge using the recommended reading list.

Intended as a reference for students who are planning to attend graduate school and/or pursue an academic career, this book is ideal for professional development and/or research methods courses taught in the behavioral, social, health, and life sciences and for researchers and professionals looking to increase their publication productivity.




Table of Contents

Introduction .Part 1: Priorities. 1. Put First Things First. 2. Choose a Topic that Gets You Out of Bed in the Morning. 3. Set Concrete Production Goals that Will Motivate and Inspire You. 4. Delight in Deadlines. Part 2: Efficiency. 5. Speed up the Actual Writing Process. 6. The Snow Fort Principle: Manage Several Ongoing Projects. 7. Think "Hot Potato": Eliminate Wasted Time. 8. Find Good Colleagues and Become Everyone’s Favorite Collaborator. Part 3: Pitfall Prevention. 9. Avoid Five Enemies from Within.10. Feed the Flame: Avoid Burnout. 11. Diminish Distractions. 12. Deal with Rejection. Part 4: PEP at Different Career Stages. 13. Set up a Productive Graduate Career (Especially for Undergraduates and for Professors Advising Undergraduates). 14. Switch From a Graduate Student Mentality to Professional Mentality. 15. The Graduate Student Guide for Being a Great Apprentice, Seeking Mentorship, and Becoming a Mentor. 16. Transition into your First Academic Position. 17. Mentor Students and Receive Mentorship—A Professor’s Guide. 18. Teach Better in Less Time. 19. Serve as a Reviewer While Maintaining High Productivity. 20. Conclusion: Putting it All Together. Appendix A: Determining Your Strengths and Weaknesses: A Professional Self-Assessment. Appendix B: Time Diary. Appendix C: Recommended Reading List.

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Nathaniel M. Lambert is an Assistant Professor of Family Life at Brigham Young University.


"Publish and Prosper: A Strategy guide for students and researchers provides useful strategies for budding scholars as well as more seasoned scholars on how to initiate and maintain productivity and prosperity with one’s research agenda. Lambert urges readers to keep their goal of prosperity at the forefront of their minds and then he provides strategies for building and maintaining prosperity in one’s academic career." –Daphne C. Watkins, School of Social Work, University of Ann Arbor, MI, USA

"Getting good publications is the key to success in academic careers. Lambert is successful enough to know how this is done and still young enough to remember the struggle to learn how. In this lively, entertaining, easy-to-read book, Lambert offers fresh advice and useful insights that are sure to help ambitious young researchers get their careers launched." – Roy F. Baumeister, Florida State University, USA

"This book is ESSENTIAL reading if you want a flourishing academic career. I wish it had been available when I started out. Nate reveals the secrets to academic success and a fulfilling life – embrace them!" – Alex Linley, Centre of Applied Positive Psychology, Coventry, UK

"I made this book required reading in my graduate research course. I found that it inspired students to reach higher, work harder, and be more productive in their publication efforts.  Be prepared for a treat!" - Jared Durtschi, Kansas State University, USA

"After reading Publish and Prosper, I started a writing group with a colleague and 5 students. In two semesters, we submitted more than 30 articles and grant proposals. This book is required reading for all graduate students." – Claire Kamp Dush, Ohio State University, USA

"The author provides some great insights on the publication process and the psychological hurdles that scholars often encounter when trying to publish their work. …It would resonate well with students and assistant professors who …need ... strategies on how to become more productive and efficient researchers and writers. …I would …recommend that my graduate students read it." - Tarek Azzam, Claremont Graduate University, USA

"This book provides strategies on how to establish a solid publication record at an early point in one’s career. ... It would be valuable in a graduate-level professional development course or an introductory graduate seminar." – Karen Stamm, University of Rhode Island, USA

"This book could potentially empower numerous graduate students to succeed in their careers. It presents a useful perspective on how to succeed in academia. ... The author’s writing style is clear, cohesive, and very enjoyable to read. ... I would recommend this book ... to my students who are …planning to attend graduate school [or] to …students …who are looking to land academic research jobs." - Kelly Neff, Saddleback College, USA

"[The book] addresses issues common to researchers trying to publish. …[It is] an easy and engaging read. ... I would ... recommend [it] to advanced undergraduate students …doing …independent research and/or writing a senior thesis …[and] to our post docs. It will …make a significant contribution to the field." - Jennifer Rose, Wesleyan University, USA

"Publish and Prosper is a quick and engaging read, with accessible writing aimed toward a broad audience, although novice researchers will certainly benefit the most. Also noteworthy is that each chapter begins with an interesting vignette and ends with exercises and selfassessments that researchers at any career stage will likely find helpful for self-reflection and research strategy refinement.  This book is worth the small reading time investment for maximizing your research productivity; it deserves a spot in your urgent and important task list." - Larissa K. Barber and Christopher J. Budnick, Northern Illinois University, PsycCRITIQUES