1st Edition

Purification of Biotechnological Products A Focus on Industrial Applications

    538 Pages 17 Color & 280 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    538 Pages 17 Color & 280 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This outstanding text focuses on providing professionals and students working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology field with the background necessary for developing of a product or process and with the necessary rigor required by federal regulatory agencies in the pharmaceutical industry. The material will enable teachers, lecturers and professors in biotechnology to prepare courses on basic concepts and applications for the purification of biotechnological products of industrial interest. These can be applied in practice, for example, with projects on purification development on an industrial scale or useful unit operations for the development of bioproducts of commercial interest.


    • Purification and development of new bioproducts and improvement of those being produced
    • Provides a background and concepts on the purification of biomolecules and with an industrial perspective
    • It allows professionals to understand the entire process of developing a biopharmaceutical or bio-food, from bench to industry in biotechnology; one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy
    • It promotes the dissemination of information in a didactic way which is of paramount importance for interdisciplinary fields
    • It enables the reader to follow step-by-step stages of the development of a new biopharmaceutical, and allows the optimization of existing processes

    Chapter 1 Introduction       

    Adalberto Pessoa Jr and Beatriz Vahan Kilikian


    Chapter 2 Purification processes: analytical methods and enzyme stability         

    Beatriz Vahan Kilikian, Adalberto Pessoa Jr., Guillermo Alfredo Picó and Mauricio Javier Braia


    Chapter 3 Cell Disruption   

    Adalberto Pessoa Jr, Jorge Pereira and Francislene Andréia Hasmann


    Chapter 4 Filtration and Centrifugation   

    Beatriz Vahan Kilikian


    Chapter 5 Membrane Separation Processes         

    Alberto Cláudio Habert, Cristiano Piacsek Borges, Frederico de Araujo Kronemberger Helen Conceição Ferraz and Ronaldo Nobrega


    Chapter 6 Protein Precipitation     

    Adalberto Pessoa Jr, Beatriz Vahan Kilikian and Adriana Célia Lucarini


    Chapter 7 Liquid-liquid extraction in aqueous two-phase systems           

    Beatriz Vahan Kilikian, Telma Teixeira Franco, Jane S. R Coimbra, Antonio J. A. Meirelles, Adalberto Pessoa Jr and Adamu Muhammad Alhaji


    Chapter 8 Introduction to chromatography         

    Beatriz Vahan Kilikian and Bibiana Beatriz Nerli


    Chapter 9 Size exclusion chromatography           

    Ângela Maria Moraes, Paulo de Tarso Vieira e Rosa and Luciana Pellegrini Malpiedi


    Chapter 10 Iion Exchange chromatography         

    Adalberto Pessoa Jr, Beatriz Farruggia and Fernanda Rodriguez


    Chapter 11 Hydrophobic interaction chromatography   

    Francisco Maugeri Filho, Marcus Bruno Soares Forte and Oscar Mendieta-Taboada


    Chapter 12 Affinity Chromatography       

    Tales A. Costa-Silva, Eliana Setsuko Kamimura, Francisco Maugeri Filho, Maria Teresa de Carvalho Pinto Ribela, Paolo Bartolini and Gisele Monteiro


    Chapter 13 Adsorption chromatography in monolithic columns            

    Daniela Aparecida Marc, Lidija Urbas and Marcel Mafei Serracchiani


    Chapter 14 Chromatography: expanded bed adsorption (EBA)

    Beatriz Vahan Kilikian and Everaldo Silvino dos Santos


    Chapter 15 Continuous Chromatography using a Simulated Moving Bed System 

    Cesar Costapinto Santana, Diana Cristina Silva de Azevedo and Alirio Egídio Rodrigues


    Chapter 16 Chromatography scale-up      

    Adalberto Pessoa Jr, Beatriz Vahan Kilikian and Diana Romanini


    Chapter 17 Crystallization 

    Roberto Guardani, Marcelo Martins Seckler and Marco Giulietti (in memoriam)


    Chapter 18 Distillation        

    Maria Elena Santos Taqueda and José Luis Pires Camacho


    Chapter 19 Plasmid Purification   

    Duarte Miguel Prazeres


    Chapter 20 Purification of monoclonal antibodies           

    Inês F. Pinto, M. Raquel Aires-Barros and Ana M. Azevedo


    Chapter 21 Peptides of biotechnological interest: general concepts, production, purification and chemical characterization           

    M. Terêsa Machini, Kamila de Sousa Gomes and Cleber Wanderlei Liria


    Chapter 22 Integration of steps in the production of biotechnological products   

    Adalberto Pessoa Jr and Beatriz Vahan Kilikian


    Dr. Adalberto Pessoa Jr., Full professor at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biochemical-Pharmaceutical Technology Department, of the University of São Paulo and Visiting Professor at King’s College London, Institute of Pharmaceutical Science. He has experience in fermentation technology and in the purification processes of biotechnological products of interest to the pharmaceutical and food industries.

    Dr. Beatriz Vahan Kilikian, nowadays retired, she was Associate Professor at the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, from 1983 to 2012. She has experience in microrganisms cultivation and in the purification processes of biotechnological products of interest to the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

    Dr. Paul Frederick Long Full Professor of Biotechnology at King's College London and Visiting International Research Professor at the University of São Paulo. Prof Long is a microbiologist by training and his research uses a combination of bioinformatics, laboratory and field studies to discover new medicines from nature, particularly from the marine environment.