1st Edition

Purposeful Education for Africa

By K. A. Busia Copyright 1964

    In Purposeful Education for Africa, originally published in 1964, K. A. Busia writes cogently and perceptively about a philosophy of education for the huge diverse complex called Africa. With his knowledge of both Africa and the West, this combination of perception would provide a stimulus to those concerned with the broadest and deepest aspects of education in Africa at the time. Based on his own studies in all types of schools throughout Africa in the early 1960s, he takes the best elements from out of Africa as well as within, seeking to provide a social philosophy of education to help fulfil national aspirations and goals. Reissued here with a new introduction it asks many questions still being discussed today.

    A Note on K. A. Busia on Africa: An Anniversary Set.  New Introduction by Abena P. A. Busia.  Introduction by Emory Ross.  Preface.  1. Traditional Education  2. Educational Policies of the Colonial Powers  3. The Search for Science and Culture  4. Education and Manpower Needs  5. Education and Social and Civic Life  6. The Teacher and His Role  7. The Role of the University  8. Education for What?


    K. A. Busia