Puzzlers' Tribute : A Feast for the Mind book cover
1st Edition

Puzzlers' Tribute
A Feast for the Mind

ISBN 9781568811215
Published December 5, 2001 by A K Peters/CRC Press
444 Pages

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Book Description

This second collection of interesting mathematical puzzles continues the tribute to Martin Gardner, who has provided us with original puzzles and puzzling stories ever since he created and produced the "Mathematical Games" column in Scientific American. The international community of puzzle enthusiasts has gathered once again to celebrate Martin Gardner's continued contribution and, most fittingly, has done so in kind, by providing new challenges to our inquiring minds. We proudly present this collection to the mathemagicians of the world for their enjoyment, as a playful provocation.

Table of Contents

Part I: The Toast Tributes 1. A Tribute 2. The Eng Coin Vise 3. David A. Klarner—A Memorial Tribute 4. David Klarner’s Pentacube Towers 5. Some Reminiscences of David Klarner 6. Just for the Mel of It 7. Mel Stover 8. The Stack of Quarters Part II: Tantalizing Appetizers: Challenges for the Reader 9. Crostic in Honor of Martin Gardner 10. A Clock Puzzle 11. Three Problems 12. A Scrub Tile Puzzle 13. All Tied up in Naughts 14. Jumping Cards 15. Six Oil-beat Chess Problems 16. Four Squares for Squares Part III: Smoked Ham: A Course in Magic 17. It’s All about Astonishment 18. Shooting Craps Today 19. The Transcendental Knot 20. The Brazilian Knot Trick 21. Mental Match-up 22. A Labyrinth in a Labyrinth 23. Paradox Squares Force 24. A Face in the Shadows 25. A Card Vanishing in a Nut 26. Casey at the Fox 27. Sleight of Hand with Playing Cards prior to Scot’s Discoverie 28. Cubist Magic 29. “Impossible” Foldings Part 1V: Chefs Caprice 30. Coincidences 31. The Bard and the Bible 32. Inversions: Lettering with a Mathematical Twist 33. All You Need Is Cards 34. Calendrical Conundrums 35. Two Poems Part V: Wild Game (and Puzzles) 36. What Makes the Puzzler Tick? 37. Diabolical Puzzles from Japan 38. How to Outwit the Parity 39. Inflated Pentominoes 40. Pixel Polyominoes 41. Pythagorean Puzzle 42. Classic Six—Piece Burr Puzzle 43. A Classification of Burrs 44. Paving Mazes 45. Early Japanese Export Puzzles: 1860s to 19605 46. Interlocking Spirals 47. The Partridge Puzzles Part VI: Mathematical Entrees 48. Fermat’s Last Theorem and the Fourth Dimension 49. Games People Don’t Play 50. Mathematical Chats between Two Physicists 51. How Flies Fly: The Curvature and Torsion of Space Curves 52. Some Tricks and Paradoxes Part VII: Mathematical Treats 53. How Recreational Mathematics Can Save the World 54. Variations on a Transcendental Theme 55. Magic “Squares” Indeed! 56. The Beer Bottles Problem 57. The Fractal Society 58. Four Games for Gardner 59. The Sol LeWitt Puzzle: A Problem

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Wolfe, David; Rodgers, Tom