Queens of England

Series Editors:

This series will provide a comprehensive, academic biography for each of the queens of England. While some queens have been the focus of biographies, many queens across all periods of English history have been overlooked or lack an up-to-date, rigorous examinations of their lives. This series will address this gap by providing scholarly, yet approachable biographies. The biographies will not only add to existing scholarship on more well-known queens, shedding new light on them by bringing together original research from documentary sources and historiographical debates on how their lives have been interpreted and presented, but will also bring to light the fascinating but often overlooked women who formed an important part of British history. The series will encompass both regnant and consort queens as well as women who were nearly queens but for the vagaries of fate.

All books will be more than ‘traditional’ biographies. They will contextualize queens in terms of the political landscape in which they lived and explore the full parameters of the office of queen in terms of their cultural, religious and political patronage, their relationships with the royal court, family and their subjects and peers. Engaging with the key aspects of queenship and the political and cultural dynamic of their period, as well as exploring the full lifecycle of their figure and their short and long-term legacy, the books will be relevant to a wide audience from those interested in these particular women and queenship studies to those engaged in political, diplomatic and cultural history as well as court and gender studies.

For more information or to submit a proposal, please contact: Elena Woodacre (Ellie.Woodacre@winchester.ac.uk) or Louise Wilkinson (louise.wilkinson@canterbury.ac.uk)

Books under contract: Joan of Navarre; Anne of Cleves; The Last Catholic Consorts (Anne Hyde & Mary Modena); Anne of Bohemia; The Empress Matilda & Matilda of Boulogne; Anglo Saxon Queens 650 - 850