1st Edition

Radiation-Chemical Processes in Solid Phase
Theory and Application

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ISBN 9780849394362
Published November 14, 1996 by CRC Press
240 Pages

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Book Description

Unlike many other references, Radiation-Chemical Processes in Solid Phase analyzes experimental data on radiolysis in terms of solid-state physics. It traces the effect exerted by media from primary processes of radiation-substance interaction to final products.
The authors consider the main chemically active elementary excitations arising under irradiation of solids and discuss the mechanisms of chemical reactions induced by them. They present the general principles of solid-state and molecular physics, and cover numerous radiation-chemical processes.

Table of Contents

General Ideas of the Solid State Theory and Molecule Physics
The Band Structure
The Phonon Spectrum
Surface Phenomena
Dissociation of Excited Molecules
Interaction of Radiation With a Solid
Absorption of Ionizing Radiation by a Solid
Short-Lived Chemically Active Elementary Excitations in a Solid
Spatial Nonuniformity of Absorbed Energy Distribution
Absorption of Energy in Heterogeneous Systems
Primary Chemical Processes in the Irradiated Solid
Ion Reactions
Reactions of Electron-Excited Particles
Radical Reactions
Processes with Participation of Stabilized Electrons
Low Temperature Radiation-Chemical Reactions
General Knowledge about the Peculiarities of Low-Temperature Reactions
Descriptive Methods of Low-Temperature Solid-Phase Reactions
Low-Temperature Radical Reactions Experimental Data
Modified Theory of Radiationless Transitions
Rate Constant of Solid Phase Chemical Reaction
Radical Reactions
Reactions with the Ion Transfer
Comparison of Theoretical and Experimental Data
Kinetic Peculiarities of Solid-Phase Radiation Chemical Reactions
Radicals Annihilation in the Process of Their Accumulation under Radiation
Kinetics of Radical Reactions
Compensation Effect and Cage Effect
Recombination Kinetics of Free Radicals in the Solid Phase
Photoradiation Processes
Dependence of the Radicals Concentration on the Way of Irradiation
Creation of the Radicals under the Absorption of Light by Molecules Excited with Radiation to the Lower Triplet State
Kinetics of the Radicals Creation under the Absorption of Light with the Stabilized Electrons
The Elementary Processes of Photochain Reactions
Heterogeneous Radiation-Chemical Processes
Radiation Effect on Surface Properties
Active Particle Reactions
Radiolysis of Substances in the Absorbed State
Applied Problems of Radiation Chemistry of Solids
Radiation Modification of Materials
Radiation-Chemical Problems of Nuclear and Radiation-Chemical Industry
Radiation Processing in Microelectronics
Biological and Medical Aspects of Radiation Processing

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