2nd Edition

Radiation Detection Systems Two Volume Set

    653 Pages 220 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    The advances in semiconductor detectors, scintillators, photodetectors such as SiPM, and readout electronics in the past decades have led to significant progress in terms of performance and greater choice of the detection tools in many applications. This second edition of Radiation Detection Systems presents the state-of-the-art in the design of detectors and integrated circuit design, in the context of medical imaging using ionizing radiation. The material in the book has been divided into two volumes. The first volume on Sensor Materials, Systems, Technology and Characterization Measurements puts more emphasis on sensor materials, detector and front electronics technology and designs as well as system optimization for different applications. It also includes characterization measurements of the developed detection systems. The second volume on Medical Imaging, Industrial Testing and Security Applications is devoted to more specific applications of detection systems in medical imaging, industrial testing and security applications. However, there is an unavoidable certain overlap in topics between both volumes. With its combined coverage of new materials and innovative new system approaches, as well as a succinct overview of recent developments, this two volumes set is an invaluable tool for any engineer, professional, or student working in electronics or an associated field.

    Volume 1: 1. CdZnTe and CdTe Crystals for Medical Applications. 2. A First Principle Method to Simulate the Spectral Response of CdZnTe-based X- and Gamma-ray Detectors. 3. Application Specific Geometric Optimization of CdTe and CdZnTe Detector Arrays. 4. Photon-Integrating Hybrid Pixel Array Detectors for High-Energy X-ray Applications. 5. Position-Sensitive Virtual Frisch-Grid Detectors for Imaging and Spectroscopy of Gamma Rays. 6. Detector Design for Surgical Guidance. 7. Development of Energy-Integrating Detectors for Large-Area X-Ray Imaging. 8. Silicon Photomultipliers in Scintillation Detectors for Nuclear Medicine. 9. Tip Avalanche Photodiode – a New Wide Spectral Range Silicon Photomultiplier. 10. Silicon Photomultiplier-based Scintillation Detectors for Photon-counting X-ray Imaging.

    Volume 2: 1. Radiation Detection in SPECT and PET. 2. Imaging Technologies and Potential Clinical Applications of Photon Counting X-Ray Computed Tomography. 3. Optimized Energy Bins for K-edge Imaging Using a Photon Counting Detector. 4. Spectral Photon-Counting CT system Based on Si-PM coupled with Novel Ceramic Scintillators. 5. Spectral X-ray Computed Micro Tomography: 3-dimensional Chemical Imaging by Using a Pixelated Semiconductor Detector. 6. Range Verification by Means of Prompt-Gamma Detection in Particle Therapy. 7. Compton Cameras and Their Applications. 8. MRI-SPECT Multimodal Imaging. 9. Possibilities of Uses of a CZT Detector in Security Applications. 10. Xenon-Based EL-TPCs for 4□□ coverage of X-ray Energies in the Range 10-100 keV.


    Jan Iwanczyk is a consultant to Universities and private companies since July 2017. He has served as a President and CEO of DxRay, Inc., Northridge, California, from 2005 to 2017.

    Krzysztof (Kris) Iniewski is managing R&D development activities at Redlen Technologies Inc., a detector company based in British Columbia, Canada. During his 15 years at Redlen he has managed development of highly integrated CZT detector products in medical imaging and security applications.