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Radicalism In The Contemporary Age, Volume 1
Sources Of Contemporary Radicalism

ISBN 9780367284947
Published May 7, 2019 by Routledge
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Book Description

This volume, Sources of Contemporary Radicalism, begins with Seweryn Bialer's examination of the definitional aspects of radicalism, as well as with the identification of specific contemporary sources of the radical impulse and the social groups that are the carriers of radicalism within society. In the next two chapters, Seymour Lipset and Stanley Rothman consider the case of the United States. Lipset asks anew the question posed by Werner Sombart at the beginning of this century: "Why is there no socialism in the United States?"From the perspective of a century of literature addressed to this question, he provides his own critique and explanation.Rothman considers the relatively new phenomenon of student radicalism in the United States, and, on the basis ofinterviews with student activists and results of tests they agreed to take, he offers hypotheses concerning their psychological motivation. Sidney Tarrow's chapter presents a comparisonand contrast of the societal sources contributing to the growth of radical movements in post-World War IIFrance and Italy. Henry Landsberger, in his chapter, concentrateson one societal group, the peasantry. Landsberger addresses the methodological issue that arises in defining peasant discontent as radicalism, and examines what it is that provides a "new" dimension to peasant discontent in modern times. In the final chapter, William Overholt presents a valuable interpretative survey of the literature on radicalism.

Table of Contents

Preface /Zbigniew Brzezinski -- 1. On the Meanings, Sources, and Carriers of Radicalism in Contemporary Industrialized Societies: Introductory Remarks /Seweryn Bialer -- 2. Why No Socialism in the United States? /Seymour Martin Lipset -- Marx and Engels -- Foreign and Domestic Socialists -- Post-World War II Critiques -- Concluding Remarks -- 3. Ethnic Variations in Student Radicalism: Some New Perspectives /Stanley Rothman et al. -- On Student Radicalism in America -- A Theory of Jewish (and non-Jewish) Radicalism -- Operationalizing and Testing the Theories -- Some Initial Findings -- The Clinical Evidence -- Some Very Preliminary Conclusions -- 4. From Cold War to Historic Compromise: Approaches to French and Italian Radicalism /Sidney Tarrow -- The Birth of the Postwar System and the Origins of Protest -- The Static Equilibrium of the Cold War Period -- Political Change and the Search for New Models -- 5. The Sources of Rural Radicalism /Henry A. Landsberger -- Peasant Radicalism or Peasant Militancy -- Peasant Radicalism vs. the Culture of the Peasantry -- Peasant Discontent, Peasant Unrest, and Its Containment -- Tipping the Balance of Discontent: Structural Changes -- Tipping the Balance of Discontent: Accelerating Factors -- Structuring the Goals of Rural Discontent: Tenure and Labor Systems -- The Forms of Unrest: From Individual Protest to Revolution? -- Conclusion -- 6. Sources of Radicalism and Revolution: A Survey of the Literature /William H. Overholt -- Some Definitions -- The Psychological Bases of Radicalism and Revolution -- Economic/Psychological Theories -- Sociological Theories of Radical Movements and Revolution -- Organization Theories of Revolution and Radical Movements -- Some Concluding Perspectives -- Notes.

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Seweryn Bialer, Sophia Sluzar