Radon in Ground Water  book cover
1st Edition

Radon in Ground Water

ISBN 9780367451448
Published December 2, 2019 by CRC Press
562 Pages

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Book Description

This new book focuses on sampling and analysis, radon and radium in water supply wells, predictive models, geologic and hydrogeologic controls that influence radon occurrence, monitoring radon and other radioactivity from geologic sources and mining impacts on occurrence of radioactivity in ground water. Also discussed are occurrence, testing, treatment, and reduction of radon from groundwater. Because the most severe health hazard from indoor radioactivity results from inhalation of short-lived radioactive decay products of radon, the EPA scheduled a major conference early in 1987 on Radon, Radium, and Other Radioactivity in Ground Water-Hydrogeologic Impact and Application to Indoor Airborne Contamination. The result is this book.

Table of Contents

Part I: Geologic and Hydrogeologic Controls Influencing Radon Occurrence 1. Geologic Controls and Radon Occurrence in New England 2. The Effect of Uranium Siting in Two-Mica Granites on Uranium Concentrations and Radon Activity in Ground Water 3. Source and Distribution of Natural Radioactivity in Ground Water of the Newark Basin, New Jersey Part II: Monitoring Radon, Radium and Other Radioactivity from Geologic and Hydrogeologic Sources 4. Elevated Levels of Radioactivity in Water Wells in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, California 5. A Preliminary Assessment of Factors Affecting Radon Levels in Idaho 6. Natural Radioactivity in Some Ground Waters of the Canadian Shield 7. Determination of Bulk Radon Emanation Rates by High Resolution Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy 8. Radon in Ground Water of the Long Valley Caldera, California Part III: Mining Impacts on the Occurrence of Radon, Radium and Other Radioactivity in Ground Water 9. Radioactivity in Hocking River Basin 10. Factors Controlling Uranium and Radium Isotopic Distributions in Ground Waters of the West Central Florida Phosphate District Part IV: Sampling and Analysis of Radon, Radium and other Radioactivity in Ground water 11. Sampling and Analysis of Dissolved Radon-222 in Surface and Ground Water 12. Radon-222 Concentrations of Ground Water from a Test Zone in a Shallow Alluvial Aquifer in the Santa Clara Valley,California 13. An Improved Method for the Simultaneous Determination of Radium-224, Radium-226, and Radium-228 in Water, Soils, and Sediments 14. Nationwide Distribution of Radium-228, Radium-226, Radon-222, and Uranium in Ground Water 15. Radon Measurement in Streams to Determine Location and Magnitude of Ground Water Seepage 16. Polonium in the Surficial Aquifer of West Central Florida 17. A Technique for the Rapid Extraction of Radon-222 from Water Samples and a Case Study 18. Relation Between Natural Radionuclide Activities and Chemical Constituents in Ground Water of the Newark Basin, New Jersey Part V: Radon and Radium in Water Supply Wells 19. Radon Survey of the American Water Works System 20. A Connecticut Radon Study—Using Limited Water Sampling and a Statewide Ground Gamma Radiation Survey to Help Guide an Indoor Air Testing Program: A Progress Report 21. Extreme Levels of Radon-222 and Uranium in a Private Water Supply 22. Radium-226 and Radon-222 in Domestic Water of Houston-Harris County, Texas 23. Radium, Radon and Uranium Isotopes in Ground Water from Cambrian-Ordovician Sandstone Aquifers in Illinois 24. Radon Production in Pumping Wells 25. Radium-228 and Radium-226 in the Ground Water of the Chickies Formation, Southeastern Pennsylvania 26. Hydrogeologic Controls on the Occurrence of Radionuclides in Ground Water of Southern Ontario Part VI: Predictive Models for the Occurrence of Radon and other Radioactivity 27. A Predictive Model for Indoor Radon Occurrences — A First Approximation Part VII: Remedial Actions for Radon, Radium and other Radioactivity 28. A Method of Radon Reduction for New Buildings 29. Treatment Scheme for Controlling the Migration of Radium from a Tailings Impoundment 30. Assessing the Potential Water Quality Hazards Caused by Disposal of Radium-Containing Waste Solids by SoiL Blending 31. Radon in Water Supply Wells: Treatment Facility Requirements and Costs 32. Occurrence and Treatment of Uranium in Point of Use Systems in Colorado

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