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Rapid Eye Movement Sleep

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ISBN 9780824703226
Published June 29, 1999 by CRC Press
436 Pages

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Book Description

This reference also includes nine color plates.
Written by leading international scientists in the field, this comprehensive and up-to-date reference provides detailed coverage of various aspects of rapid eye movement sleep (REMS)-including phylogeny and evolution, ontogeny, neurophysiological and neurochemical phenomena, molecular processes, behavioral and physiological changes due to deprivation, and hypotheses on the neurodynamics of REMS.
Examining the relationship between the neocortex in mammals and birds in the evolution of REM sleep, Rapid Eye Movement Sleep

  • considers the roles of REMS in the maturation of the brain
  • reveals a new theory that challenges the assumption that REM is solely initiated by bulbar mechanisms in intact animals
  • explores experimental studies of REMS atonia and the mechanisms underlying tonic and phasic muscle atonia
  • describes the cellular and molecular mechanisms and function of pontine ponto-geniculo-occipatal waves during REMS
  • details the role of nitric oxide in the regulation of REMS
  • summarizes new evidence on which neurotransmitters are responsible for the REMS generating mechanism
  • presents an overview of several endogenous sleep substances that may positively or negatively regulate REMS
  • and more.
    Rapid Eye Movement Sleep serves as essential reading for all researchers and clinicians in the study of sleep science, particularly physiologists and biologists; neurologists, neuropsychiatrists, psychiatrists, and psychologists; anesethiologists; and pharmacologists.
  • Table of Contents

    Eyelid Condition at Birth: Relationship to Adult Mammalian Sleep-waking Patterns, E. Aserinsky
    Phylogeny and Evolution of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep, M. G. Frank
    Ontogenesis of REM Sleep, M. Segawa
    Initiation of Rapid Eye Movement Sleep: Beyond the Brainstem, A. R. Morrison, L. D. Sanford, and R. J. Ross
    Muscle Atonia in REM Sleep, Y. -Y. Lai and J. M. Siegel
    PGO Wave Generation: Mechanism and Functional Significance, S. Datta
    Norepinephrine and REM Sleep, P.-H. Luppi, D. Gervasoni, C. Peyron, C. Rampon, B. Barbagli, R. Boissard, and P. Fort
    New Directions for the Study of Cholinergic REM Sleep Generation: Specifying Pre- and Postsynaptic Mechanisms, M. L. Capece, H. A. Baghdoyan, and R. Lydic
    Functional Role of Serotonin 5-HT1 and 5-HT2 Receptor in the Regulation of REM Sleep, J. M. Monti and D. Monti
    Possible Role of GABA in the Regulation of REM Sleep with Special Reference to REM-OFF Neurons, B. N. Mallick, S. Kaur, S. K. Jha, and J. M. Siegel
    Nitric Oxide: A Diffusible Modulator of Physiological Traits and Behavioral States, T. O. Leonard and R. Lydic
    Neurotransmitters Changes and REM Sleep, T. Kodama
    Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Neuronal Activities and REM Sleep, S. Inoué, U. K. Saha, and T. Musha
    Different Physiological Properties of Two Populations of PS-on Neurons in the Mesopontine Tegmentum, Y. Koyama, Y. Kayama, and K. Sakai
    Hormones and REM Sleep, F. Obál Jr. and J. M. Krueger
    Endogenous Sleep Substances and REM Sleep, S. Inoué, K. Honda, M. Kimura, and S.-Q. Zhang
    Brain Energy, Production, and Sleep Occurrence, R. Cespuglio, H. Faradji-Prevautel, and L. Netchiporouk
    Rapid Eye Movement Sleep: From Cerebral Metabolism to Functional Brain Mapping, P. Maquet and C. Phillips
    REM Sleep and Apnea, D. W. Carley and M. Radulovacki
    Thermoregulatory Control of the nonREM-REM Sleep Cycle, R. Szymusiak, Md. Noor Alam, and D. McGinty
    REM Sleep Across Age and Sex, K. Mishima, T. Shimizu, and Y. Hishikawa
    The Function of Fetal/Neonatal REM Sleep, M. Mirmiran and Y. G. H. Maas
    REM Sleep Deprivation Alters Factors Affecting Neuronal Excitability: Role of Norepinephrine and Its Possible Mechanism of Action, B. N. Mallick, H. V. A. Adya, and s. Thankachan
    REM Sleep Deprivation and Behavioral Changes, G. W. Vogel
    Cellular and Molecular Changes Occurring During REM Sleep, O. Prospéro-García, L. Navarro, E. Murillo-Rodríguez, M. Sánchez-Alavez, R. Guzmán-Marín, M. Méndez-Díaz, M. Gómez-Chavarín, A. Jiménez-Anguiano, and R. Drucker-Colín
    Intensity of REM Sleep, K. Takahashi
    Why We Believe What We Believe About REM-Sleep Regulation, H. Benington
    Hypothesis on REM Sleep from the Viewpoint of Neuronal Dynamics, M. Nakao and M. Yamamoto

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    …a structured reading of a large literature that would be otherwise unapproachable…
    …topics deal with state-of-the-art experimental methods and interpretations…accessible to even an armchair clinician-scientist.
    "-Journal of Clinical Psychiatry