1st Edition

Rapidly Solidified Alloys Processes-Structures-Properties-Applications

By Liebermann Copyright 1993

    This volume details the principles underlying rapid solidification processing, material structure and properties, and their applications. This practical resource presents a manifold approach to both amorphous and crystalline rapidly solidified metallic alloys.;Written by over 30 internationally acclaimed specialists in their respective fields, Rapidly Solidified Alloys: surveys nucleation and growth studies in undercooled melts; examines various processes for the production of rapidly solidified alloys; discusses the compaction of amorphous alloys; describes surface remelting treatments for the rapid solidification of surface layers and the resultant improved workpiece properties; covers the closely related topics of structural relaxation, atomic transport and other thermally induced processes; demonstrates microstructure-property relationships in rapidly quenched crystalline alloy systems and their beneficial effects in applications; and elucidates the basic, engineeering, and applications-oriented magnetic properties of amorphous alloys.;Furnishing more than 2300 literature citations for further study of specific subjects, Rapidly Solidified Alloys is intended for materials, mechanical, product, and civil engineers; metallurgists; magneticians; physicists; physical chemists; and graduate students in these disciplines.

    Part 1 Processes: background to rapid solidification processing, R.W. Cahn; fundamentals of solidification at high rates, W.J. Boettinger and J.H. Perepezko; undercooling and solidification, D.M. Herlach and R. Wilnecker; processing principles in rapid solidification, Paul Hideo Shingu and Keiichi N. Ishihara; rapid solidification processing of composites, E.R. Murray and D.G. Ast; production techniques of alloy wires by rapid solidification, M. Hagiwara and A. Inoue; synthesis and consolidation of amorphous metallic powders, R.N. Schwarz; rapidly solidified surface layers by laser melting, E. Schubert and H.W. Bergmann. Part 2 Structures and properties: atomic structure of rapidly solidified alloys, T. Egami; structural relaxation and atomic transport in amorphous alloys, A.L. Greer; phase transformations in rapidly solidified alloys, Uwe Koster and Uwe Schunemann; microstructure-property relations in rapidly solidified crystalline alloys, S.K. Das and F.H. Froes; recent studies of the mechanical properties of amorphous alloys, J.C.M. Li; electronic transport properties, T. Richmond and H.J. Guntherodt; low-temperature properties of rapidly solidified alloys, H.V. Lohneysen; intrinsic magnetic properties of amorphous alloys, T. Mizoguchi; engineering magnetic properties, A. Hernando and M. Vazquez; chemical properties of rapidly solidified alloys, K. Hashimoto. Part 3 Applications: applications of rapidly solidified soft magnetic alloys, Carl H. Smith; rapidly solidified Nd-Fe-B alloy for permanent magnet applications, M.S. Guthrie; brazing and soldering with rapidly solidified alloys, A. Rabinkin and Howard H. Liebermann; mechanical performance applications of rapidly solidified alloys, C. Suryanarayana and F.H. Froes; rapid solidification - origins, present and future, H. Jones.



    "...an important guide for both researchers and students who are interested in the materials obtained by rapid solidification."
    ---IASI Polytechnic Magazine (1995)
    "...a one-stop information source on rapidly solidified alloys.... ...All of the presentations feature clear writing and are generously aided by micrographs and figures....This book is strongly recommended for metallurgists and materials, mechanical, and product engineers."
    ---JOM (1995)