1st Edition

Rare Isotope Beams Concepts and Techniques

    304 Pages 124 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    Rare Isotope Beams (RIBs) are ion beams of exotic radioactive nuclei. The study of these nuclei is key to understanding the limits of nuclear existence, nucleo-synthesis in such violent stellar sites as supernovae and merging neutron stars, and the fundamental symmetries of nature. These nuclei also provide a unique probe to study condensed matter and many of them are potentially new radioisotopes for more effective medical diagnostics and therapy.

    Rare Isotope Beams: Concepts and Techniques gives an up-to-date overview of all these aspects of RIB science in a single volume containing the scientific motivation, production techniques, experimental techniques for studying exotic nuclei, methods used in condensed matter research, and medical applications. The emphasis throughout is on concepts to facilitate understanding of the essence of each topic in this diverse and cross-disciplinary field involving nuclear physics, astrophysics, and particle accelerators. A brief description of major RIB facilities is also presented.

    Exotic nuclei are difficult to produce in enough numbers and their production involves different nuclear reaction routes and a wide range of advanced technologies, which are presented in a comprehensive manner. Experimental techniques used to study exotic nuclei are provided with examples highlighting the intricate nature of such experiments. Another unique feature is the open-ended nature of the discussions, bringing out the future challenges and possibilities in this evolving field.

    The book offers an excellent overview of concepts and techniques involved in RIB science for new researchers entering the field as well as professionals.

    1. Rare Isotope Beams—The Scientific Motivation

    2. Production of Rare Isotope Beams: The Two Approaches

    3. Nuclear Reactions for Production of Rare Isotope Beams

    4. Targets for RIB Production

    5. Ion Sources for RIB Production in ISOL-Type Facilities

    6. Accelerators for RIB Production and Post-Acceleration

    7. Experimental Techniques

    8. Overview of Major RIB Facilities Worldwide



    Alok Chakrabarti, Vaishali Naik, Siddhartha Dechoudhury