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Re-materialising Cultural Geography: Re-materialising Cultural Geography

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Nearly 25 years have elapsed since Peter Jackson’s seminal call to integrate cultural geography back into the heart of social geography. During this time, a wealth of research has been published which has improved our understanding of how culture both plays a part in, and in turn, is shaped by social relations based on class, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, age, sexuality and so on. In spite of the achievements of this mountain of scholarship, the task of grounding culture in its proper social contexts remains in its infancy. This series therefore seeks to promote the continued significance of exploring the dialectical relations which exist between culture, social relations and space and place. Its overall aim is to make a contribution to the consolidation, development and promotion of the ongoing project of re-materialising cultural geography.

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Critical Toponymies The Contested Politics of Place Naming

Critical Toponymies: The Contested Politics of Place Naming

1st Edition

By Jani Vuolteenaho, Lawrence D. Berg
November 17, 2016

While place names have long been studied by a few devoted specialists, approaches to them have been traditionally empiricist and uncritical in character. This book brings together recent works that conceptualize the hegemonic and contested practices of geographical naming. The contributors guide ...

Disposable Cities Garbage, Governance and Sustainable Development in Urban Africa

Disposable Cities: Garbage, Governance and Sustainable Development in Urban Africa

1st Edition

By Garth Andrew Myers
November 15, 2016

Based on in-depth fieldwork in three cities, Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and Lusaka, this book provides a critical analysis of the United Nations Sustainable Cities Program in Africa (SCP). Focusing on the SCP's policies for solid waste management, which was identified as the top priority problem by ...

Presenting America's World Strategies of Innocence in National Geographic Magazine, 1888-1945

Presenting America's World: Strategies of Innocence in National Geographic Magazine, 1888-1945

1st Edition

By Tamar Y. Rothenberg
November 28, 2016

National Geographic magazine is probably the most visible and popular expression of geography in the USA. Presenting America's World presents a critical analysis of the world portrayed by National Geographic, from its formative years in the nineteenth century, through to 1945. It situates the ...

Reanimating Places A Geography of Rhythms

Reanimating Places: A Geography of Rhythms

1st Edition

Edited By Tom Mels
October 31, 2016

Time-space relationships are central to human geography. This book seeks to reanimate time-space, by considering the links between lived experience, various temporalities and particular places in terms of compounded and contested rhythms. Time-space rhythms emphasize the practical, symbolic, ...

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