Reading Chinese Script: A Cognitive Analysis (Acquisition eBook) book cover

Reading Chinese Script

A Cognitive Analysis

Edited by Jian Wang, Albrecht W. Inhoff, Hsuan-Chih Chen

© 1999 – Psychology Press

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This volume uses unique properties of Chinese script to focus on morphological analyses during the character and word recognition process, though some of the reported work also pertains to the use of phonological information. In addition, this volume contains work on syntactic and pragmatic processes during sentence reading and three chapters that examine on-line processes. A comprehensive appraisal of cognitive processes during the reading of Chinese script that includes studies conducted by leading researchers from within and outside the mainland, this volume will be of interest to all those studying reading and visual symbol processing.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. H. Shu, R.C. Anderson, Learning to Read Chinese: The Development of Metalinguistic Awareness. L.B. Fedman, W.W.T. Siok, Semantic Radicals in Phonetic Compounds: Implications for Visual Character Recognition in Chinese. X. Zhou, W. Marslen-Wilson, Sublexical Processing in Reading Chinese. D. Peng, Y. Liu, C. Wang, How Is Access Representation Organized? The Relation of Polymorphemic Words and Their Morphemes in Chinese. M. Taft, Y. Liu, X. Zhu, Morphemic Processing in Reading Chinese. C.A. Perfetti, L.H. Tan, The Constituency Model of Chinese Word Identification. X. Zhou, H. Shu, Y. Bi, D. Shi, Is There Phonologically Mediated Access to Lexical Semantics in Reading Chinese? I-M. Liu, Character and Word Recognition in Chinese. F. Sun, D. Feng, Eye Movements in Reading Chinese and English Text. H-M. Yang, G.W. McConkie, Reading Chinese: Some Basic Eye-Movement Characteristics. A.W. Inhoff, W. Liu, Z. Tang, Use of Prelexical and Lexical Information During Chinese Sentence Reading: Evidence From Eye Movement Studies. J-Y. Chen, Word Recognition During the Reading of Chinese Sentences: Evidence From Studying the Word Superiority Effect. H-C. Chen, How Do Readers of Chinese Process Words During Reading of Comprehension? M. Xiaochun, Sentence Understanding in Chinese.

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