1st Edition

Recent Advances in Material, Manufacturing, and Machine Learning Proceedings of 1st International Conference (RAMMML-22), Volume 1

    The role of manufacturing in a country’s economy and societal development has long been established through their wealth generating capabilities. To enhance and widen our knowledge of materials and to increase innovation and responsiveness to ever-increasing international needs, more in-depth studies of functionally graded materials/tailor-made materials, recent advancements in manufacturing processes and new design philosophies are needed at present. The objective of this volume is to bring together experts from academic institutions, industries and research organizations and professional engineers for sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience in the emerging trends related to design, advanced materials processing and characterization, and advanced manufacturing processes.

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    Foreword xxix

    Preface xxxi

    Chapter 1 An investigation on waste plastic materials for hydro carbon fuel production using alternative energy sources 1

    Lavepreet Singh, Kaushalendra Dubey, Shreyansh Gupta, and Rahul Katiyar

    Chapter 2 Research on the flexible transfer function of DC motor utilizing MATLAB software 8

    Machina Tharuneswar, Metta Jagadeesh, Gurmail Singh Malhi, and

    Md Helal Miah

    Chapter 3 Solution of fractional differential equation and its applications in fluid mechanics 23

    Eman Ali Ahmed Ziada

    Chapter 4 Social network analysis for predicting students’ dropouts and performance using

    e-learning 37

    Samuel-Soma M. Ajibade, Oluwadare Joshua Oyebode, Sushovan Chaudhury, Odafe

    Martin Ebere, Gloria Ekene Amadi, and Geovanny Genaro Reivan Ortiz

    Chapter 5 Optimal scheduling methodology for machines, tool transporter and tools in

    a multi-machine flexible manufacturing system without tool delay using flower

    pollination algorithm 43

    Sivarami Reddy Narapureddy, Padma Lalitha Mareddy, Chandra Reddy Poli, and

    Sunil Prayagi

    Chapter 6 Simultaneous scheduling of machines and tools without tool delay using crow

    search algorithm 55

    Padma Lalitha Mareddy, Sunil Prayagi, Sivarami Reddy Narapureddy, Hemantha Kumar, A.,

    and Lakshmi Narsimhamu K.

    Chapter 7 New Tool (DGSK-XGB) for forecasting multi types of gas (T2E3A) based

    on intelligent analytics 66

    Hadeer Majed, Samaher Al-Janabi, and Saif Mahmood

    Chapter 8 Experimental investigation on the frictional losses of a twin cylinder CI engine with

    pertinent utilization of polymethacrylate blend with conventional lubricants 78

    Rupesh, P. L., Raja K., S. V. S. Subhash, Shiksha Tiwari,

    K. Rajesh, Babu, and K. Pranay, Chowdary

    Chapter 9 Intermittent renewable energy sources for green and sustainable environment – a study 87

    Pratheesh Kumar S., Dinesh R., Balaganesh S., and Vijayakumar V.

    Chapter 10 Evolution, revolution and future of plastics for an eco-friendly environment 95

    Pratheesh Kumar S., Dinesh R., Balaganesh S., and Vijayakumar V.

    Chapter 11 Effect of fine recycled aggregates on strength and durability properties

    of concrete – A review 105

    Mohd Imran, Mandeep Kaur, and Humaib Nasir

    Chapter 12 Analysis of a rocket ozzle using method of characteristics 117

    Vinayak H. Khatawate, Aniruddha Mallick, Dhaval Bhanushali, and Greeshma Gala

    Chapter 13 Building integrated system to generation DC-power based on renewable energy 129

    Ihab Al-Janabi, Samaher Al-Janabi, Monaria Hoshmand, and

    Saeed Khosroabadi

    Chapter 14 An innovative predictor (ZME-DEI) for generation electrical renewable energy

    from solar energy 137

    Zainab K. Al-Janabi and Samaher Al-Janabi

    Chapter 15 Application of additive manufacturing in orbital-bone fracture reconstruction surgery 151

    Deepak Shirpure, Prajwal Gedam, Jayant Giri, Aniket Mandlekar, Atharva Wankhede,

    Atharva Chaudhari, Mohanish Khotele, and Rajkumar Chadge

    Chapter 16 CFD analysis of vortex tube using multiple nozzles 157

    Neeraj Sunheriya, Amey Bhoyar, Jayant Giri, R. B. Chadge, Chetan Mahatme,

    and Pratik Lande

    Chapter 17 Data pre-processing using descriptive statistics for mathematical modeling 175

    Pallavi Jayant Giri and Prashant Patil

    Chapter 18 Prediction of response parameter for turning AISI 4340 steel using hybrid

    taguchi-ANN method (HTAM) 184

    Prashant D. Kamble, Atul C. Waghmare, Ramesh D. Askhedkar, and

    Shilpa B. Sahare

    Chapter 19 Critical study on the characterstics of industrial byproducts as fine aggregate

    on the performance of concrete 194

    B. V. Bahoria, R. S. Berad, and S. A. Pande

    Chapter 20 Cupronickel omposites: An overview of recent progress and applications 205

    Ajay D. Pingale, Ayush Owhal, Anil S. Katarkar, Sachin U. Belgamwar, and

    Jitendra S. Rathore

    Chapter 21 The significance of fine aggregates on strength and shrinkage properties

    of mortar (1:4) 213

    Aaquib. R. Ansari and Anmol W. Dongre

    Chapter 22 Optimisation of sewing workstation parameters to reduce low back compressive

    load for sewing operator 220

    Somdatta Tondre, Tushar Deshmukh, and Rajesh Pokale

    Chapter 23 Monitoring and correction of power factor for residential loads 228

    Y. Y. Dhage, R. R.Tambekar, R. B. Lasurkar, L. Dhole, P. J. Kathote,

    and Atul Lilhare

    Chapter 24 Mathematical Modelling different parameters with friction stir processing

    for future applications 235

    Bazani Shaik, P. Siddik Ali, and M. Muralidhara Rao

    Chapter 25 Assessment of dimensional overcut induced during EDM of Die Steel D3 241

    Ajaj Khan, Abdul Jabbar Ansari, and Syed Asghar Husain Rizvi

    Chapter 26 Databases for machine learning: A journey from SQL to NOSQL 248

    Dipali Meher, Baljeet Kaur, Alaknanda N. Pawar, and Sheetal Parekh

    Chapter 27 Optimum solution of goal programming problem by modified Charnes penalty method 258

    Monali G. Dhote and Girish M. Dhote

    Chapter 28 A review on implementation of artificial intelligence techniques with smart grid 269

    Ankur Kumar Gupta and Rishi Kumar Singh

    Chapter 29 Smart micro-grid model to generated renewable energy based on embedded

    intelligent and FPGA 278

    Ihab Al-Janabi and Samaher Al-Janabi

    Chapter 30 Fossil energy formation and its significance in earth’s energy resources 294

    Pratheesh Kumar S., Rajesh R., Jayasuriya J., Lokes Arvind K., Santhosh B.,

    and Madhan Kumar S.

    Chapter 31 Advances in reclaimed asphalt pavement-geopolymer as subbase or base layer

    or aggregate in pavements – a review 303

    Tehmeena Bashir, Humaib Nasir, and Mandeep Kaur

    Chapter 32 Study on fresh properties of self-compacting concrete blended with sugarcane

    bagasse ash, metakaolin and glass Fibre 311

    Monali Wagh and U. P. Waghe

    Chapter 33 Transfer Learning for Glaucoma Detection 319

    Shreshtha Gole, Neeraj Rangwani, Prachi Yeskar, Aishwarya Vyas,

    Parag Jibhakate, and Kanchan Dhote

    Chapter 34 Experimental evaluation and correlation of plasma transferred arc welding

    parameters with hardfacing defects 326

    Sachin Kakade, Ajaykumar Thakur, Sanjay Patil, and Dhiraj Deshmukh

    Chapter 35 Lead generation strategy for an organisation through salesforce experience

    cloud: a case study for YCCE 332

    Ganesh Yenurkar, Ganesh Khekare, Nupur Bagul, Saylee Prakashe,

    Punam Bandhate, and Shreya Pillai

    Chapter 36 Innovative model development for enhancing the serviceability of flexible pavement

    using fea 344

    Meghana Dongre, Yogesh Kherde, Devendra Y. Shahare,

    Aniket Pathade, and Snehal Banarse

    Chapter 37 Research on key charrecteristics of aircraft product assembly process to improve

    assembly accuracy 352

    Md Helal Miah, Dharmahinder Singh Chand, and Gurmail Singh Malhi

    Chapter 38 Performance analysis of conventional inverters driven SVM-PMSM drive 359

    Rakesh G. Shriwastava, Nilesh C. Ghuge, D. D. Palande, and Ashwini Tidke

    Chapter 39 Enviro-economic study of sustainable multi-crystalline silicon based solar photovoltaic

    powered irrigation system for Indian rural areas 369

    Kaushalendra Kumar Dubey, Rohit Tripathi, Kapil Rajput, Lavepreet Singh, RS Mishra,

    and Gunjan Aggarwal

    Chapter 40 Optimising feature selection technique through machine learning for intrusion

    detection system 377

    Pandurang V. Chate, Sunil B. Mane, and Rohini Y. Sarode

    Chapter 41 Evaluation of prediction performance for K-Nearest neighbour, random forest

    algorithm and extreme gradient boosting algorithms in the forecasting of fault

    diagnosis for roller bearings 385

    Ayyappa, T., I.V. Manoj, Shridhar Kurse, Jayant Kumar, and Tilak Bhattacharyya

    Chapter 42 Fabrication and characterization of nanoencapsulated phyto-compounds 395

    Prasad Sherekar, Roshni Rathod, Harsha Pardeshi, Sanvidhan G. Suke,

    and Archana Dhok

    Chapter 43 Influence of process parameters on electric discharge machining of DIN 1.2714 steel 400

    Harvinder Singh, Santosh Kumar, and Swarn Singh

    Chapter 44 Stacked classifier for network intrusion detection system 411

    D. P. Gaikwad, D. Y. Dhande, and A. J. Kadam

    Chapter 45 Paper classification of dental images using teeth instance segmentation for dental

    treatment 418

    D. P. Gaikwad, V. Joshi, and B. S. Patil

    Chapter 46 Recent Practices and Development in the Wire EDM process 425

    Dipak P. Kharat, M. P. Nawathe, and C. R. Patil

    Chapter 47 Influence of vegetable oil based hybrid nano cutting fluids in titanium alloy machining 433

    Vashisht Kant, Khirod Kumar Mahapatro, and P. Vamsi Krishna

    Chapter 48 Improvement in student performance using 4QS and machine learning approach 440

    Ruchita A. Kale and Manoj K. Rawat

    Chapter 49 Tribological behaviour of Nickel treated with Silicon Nitride prepared through

    powder metallurgy route 452

    Rajneesh Gedam and Nitin Dubey

    Chapter 50 Drop test finite element analysis of different grades of ASTM A500 for structural

    lifting frame 457

    Ashish Kumar Shrivastava, Ashish Kumar Sinha, Abhishek Choubey, Neha Choubey,

    Manish Billore, and Juber Hussain Qureshi

    Chapter 51 Verilog implementation of AES 256 algorithm 464

    Ankita Tijare, Prajwal Yelne, Ankit Mindewar, and Khushboo Borgaonkar

    Chapter 52 Wrapper-based feature selection on ransomware detection using machine learning 469

    Rushikesh A. Pujari and Pravin S. Revankar

    Chapter 53 Combined effect of split injection and EGR on performance and emission of

    small diesel engine 475

    Dond Dipak Kisan and Gulhane Nitin Parashram

    Chapter 54 An intuitive and structured detection system for facial mask using YOLO

    and VGG-19 to limit COVID-19 485

    Diviya M., Hemapriya N., Charulatha B. S., and Subramanian M.

    Chapter 55 Public acceptance of drones: An approach 493

    M. Junaid Qureshi, AkshayKumar V. Kutty, Jayant Giri, Abhiram Dapke, Pallavi Giri,

    R. B. Chadge, and Neeraj Sunheriya

    Chapter 56 Challenges and recent advances in automated plant disease recognition

    and classification using deep learning and machine learning 504

    Vaishali G. Bhujade, G. H. Waghmare, and V. K. Sambhe

    Chapter 57 Development of a new piped irrigation network for micro irrigation using cropwat and

    epanet model 512

    Pooja Somani, Avinash Garudkar, and Shrikant Charhate

    Chapter 58 Application of value stream mapping for effective implementation of the lean system

    in the small scale industry 521

    Ajay Bonde, Shrikant Jachak, Akshad Soman, Aniruddha Jagirdar, Aadarsh Pandit,

    and Satvik Koli

    Chapter 59 Fluidised bed dryer for agricultural products: An approch 528

    Vivek M. Korde, Jayant P. Giri, Narendra J. Giradkar, and Rajkumar B. Chadge

    Chapter 60 A multi-source fused model for stock prediction using technical and linguistic

    analysis via ensemble learning 536

    Charanjeet Dadiyala and Asha Ambhaikar

    Chapter 61 Simultaneous electrodeposition and electrochemical machining process planning

    methodology 551

    Vimal Kumar Deshmukh, Sanju Verma, Nihal Pratik Das, Mridul Singh Rajput,

    and H.K. Narang

    Chapter 62 Aerodynamics and combustion of a realistic annular gas turbine combustor:

    A simulation study 558

    Nguyen Ha Hiep and Nguyen Quoc Quan

    Chapter 63 Comparative study of employing PSO-ANN and BP-ANN to model delamination

    factor in CFRP/Ti6Al4V drilling 566

    Aakash Ghosh, Aryan Sharma, Navriti Gupta, and Ranganath Muttana Singari

    Chapter 64 Use of machine learning and financial risk profiling for sentiment analysis 574

    Sheetal Thomas, Mridula Goel, Parul Verma, and Gunjan Chhablani

    Chapter 65 Optimisation of airfoil shape based on lift and efficiency using genetic algorithms

    with PARSEC method 583

    Vinayak H. Khatawate, Raj Anadkat, and Tanmay Parekh

    Chapter 66 Comparative analysis of texture segmentation using RP, PCA and Live wire

    for Arial images 590

    Pradnya A. Maturkar and Mahendra A. Gaikwad

    Chapter 67 Study of surface wettability to enhance the nucleate pool boiling heat transfer

    coefficient: A review 599

    Niloy Laskar, Anil S. Katarkar, Biswajit Majumder, Abhik Majumder,

    and Swapan Bhaumik

    Chapter 68 Application of PLM in industry 4.0 environment 608

    Yashwanth Jerripothula and Girish Bhiogade

    Chapter 69 Factor affecting the thermal conductivity of nanofluids – A Review 617

    Dharmender Singh Saini and S. P. S. Matharu

    Chapter 70 Finite element analysis of alloy based hip implant under static loading conditions 625

    Mahendra Singh, Dharmender Singh Saini, S. P. S. Matharu, and Mobassir Salim

    Chapter 71 Localisation of brain tumor from brain MRI images using deep learning 635

    Rakhi Wajgi, Jitendra Tembhurne, Hemant Pendharkar, and Onkar Deshpande

    Chapter 72 A novel approach of word sense disambiguation for marathi language using machine

    learning 643

    Ujwalla Gawande, Swati Kale, and Chetana Thaokar

    Chapter 73 Development of methodology and process of Soil stabilisation using fly ash

    and plastic waste 654

    J. M. Raut, S. R. Khandeshwar, P.B. Pande, Nikita Ingole, Radhika Shrawankar,

    and Urvesh Borkar

    Chapter 74 Generic recommendation system based on web usage mining concept 664

    Arnav Ekapure and Aarti Karande

    Chapter 75 Fabrication of hydrophobic textured surface using reverse micro EDM (RMEDM) 672

    Sagar R. Dharmadhikari, Sachin A. Mastud, Shital V. Bharate, Aditi K. Dhale,

    and Saurav R. Yadav

    Chapter 76 A comparative analysis of different methods for predicting speech in a noisy signal 679

    Keerti Kulkarni and P. A. Vijaya

    Chapter 77 Deep learning model for the brain tumour detection and classification 687

    Supriya Thombre, Mohini Mehare, Durvesh Manusmare, Riya Kharwade,

    Mandar Shende, and Vaishali D. Tendolkar

    Chapter 78 An experimental study of primitive prediction of crop prices using machine learning 694

    Smita Kapse, Devendra Raut, Pushkar Kukde, Shrunkhala Fulzele, Sakshi Meshram,

    Prathamesh Bhalerao, and Shital Telrandhe

    Chapter 79 Design novel algorithm for sentimental data classification based on hybrid

    machine learning 703

    Jyoti Srivastava and Neha Singh

    Chapter 80 Design and development of bull operated mulching machine suitable for small

    scale farmers in India 710

    Sandip S. Khedkar, Abhiroop Sarkar, Aditya Sankale, Ameya Kumbhare,

    Arpit Mishra, and Ashish Yesankar

    Chapter 81 Experimental and numerical analysis of jet impingement heating on cylindrical body 720

    Ashvin Amale, Neeraj Sunheriya, R. B. Chadge, Pratik Lande, Jayant Giri, and

    S. G. Mahakalkar

    Chapter 82 A cost-effective water management framework for reuse of grey water in thermal

    power plant boilers on usage of biomaterials 735

    Raja K., Rupesh P. L., Vivek Panyam Muralidharan, S. V. S. Subhash, and

    K. Pranay Chowdary

    Chapter 83 Experimental optimisation of crushing parameters in stone crusher using

    taguchi method 744

    Shubhangi P. Gurway and Padmanabh A. Gadge

    Chapter 84 Automated classification of ovarian tumors using GLCM and Tamura features

    with Light GBM classifier 755

    Smital Dhanraj Patil, Pramod Jagan Deore, and Vaishali Bhagwat Patil


    Rajiv Gupta; North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, United States

    Devendra Deshmukh; Indian Institute of Technology, Indore

    Awanikumar P. Patil; Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur

    Naveen Kumar Shrivastava; Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, Dubai (UAE)

    Jayant Giri; Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Nagpur

    R.B. Chadge; Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Nagpur