Recent Advances in Material, Manufacturing, and Machine Learning : Proceedings of 1st International Conference (RAMMML-22), Volume 2 book cover
1st Edition

Recent Advances in Material, Manufacturing, and Machine Learning
Proceedings of 1st International Conference (RAMMML-22), Volume 2

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ISBN 9781032441313
May 31, 2023 Forthcoming by CRC Press
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Book Description

The role of manufacturing in a country’s economy and societal development has long been established through their wealth generating capabilities. To enhance and widen our knowledge of materials and to increase innovation and responsiveness to ever-increasing international needs, more in-depth studies of functionally graded materials/tailor-made materials, recent advancements in manufacturing processes and new design philosophies are needed at present. The objective of this volume is to bring together experts from academic institutions, industries and research organizations and professional engineers for sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience in the emerging trends related to design, advanced materials processing and characterization, and advanced manufacturing processes.

Table of Contents

List of Tables and Figures xiii

Foreword xxxi

Preface xxxiii

Chapter 85 Ensemble method for multi-label classification on intrusion detection system 761

Mayur V. Tayde, Rahul B. Adhao, and Vinod K. Pachghare

Chapter 86 A review on microstructure study and properties of al7075 particle reinforced

composites 768

Hemanth Raju T., Vaishyag Syam Sundar, Karthik C., Jagdish Kumar M.,

Abhinaya V., and Udayashankar S.

Chapter 87 Study and analysis of various characteristics of innovative solar crop dryer 776

V. R. Khawale, S. V. Prayagi, and B. N. Kale

Chapter 88 Case study on quality circle implementation at a large scale manufacturing unit 786

Shantanu Kulkarni, A. K. Jha, Arun Kedar, and Rajkumar Chadge

Chapter 89 Analysis and design of sewer network for gadchiroli district using sewergems 795

Prajakta Wanjari, Khalid Ansari, H.R. Nikhade, and Sujin George

Chapter 90 Implementation of environmental management system during the construction

phase of underground metro station and tunnelling works with control measures 806

Shruti Sontakke, Sanket Kalamkar, Nikhil Borkar, and Neelam Chorey

Chapter 91 Web service recommendation based on user’s demographic attributes 818

Mamta Bhmare, Pradnya V. Kulkarni, Sarika Bobde, Rashmi Rane,

and Ruhi Patankar

Chapter 92 Optimisation of variable thickness circular cross-section thin-walled beams for

crashworthiness under bending collapse 828

Sanjay Patil and Dilip Pangavhane

Chapter 93 A comprehensive study on powder catchment efficiency in direct metal deposition 840

Pratheesh Kumar S., Naveen Anthuvan R., Dinesh R., and Mukesh K.

Chapter 94 Adverse effects of the electrolytes in electrochemical discharge machining process:

A review 854

Prithviraj Dhanajirao Shinde Patil, Maneetkumar R. Dhanvijay,

and Sudhir Madhav Patil

Chapter 95 Comparative analysis of vibration and acoustic signals for fault diagnosis

of plastic spur gears 863

Behara Santosh Sagar, Swapnil Gundewar, Prasad V. Kane, and Shubham Tiwari

Chapter 96 Optimisation of turning process parameters using Deform-3D for cutting forces 870

Mahesh R. Jadhav, Krishnakumar D. Joshi, Pramod V. Mulik, Prashant J. Patil, Pradyumna

S. Mane, and Prashant S. Jadhav

Chapter 97 A systematic review on effects of process parameters of pulsed electrodeposition

on surface structure of copper thin films 877

Nihal Pratik Das, Vimal Kumar Deshmukh, Sanju Verma, Mridul Singh Rajput,

Sanjeev Kumar, and H.K. Narang

Chapter 98 Ensemble empirical mode decomposition and Kurtosis with expert system

for bearing faults diagnosis 891

Madhavendra Saxena and Parag Jain

Chapter 99 Performance of anaerobic digestion process by Utilisation of energy crop on lab scale

reactor 899

H. M. Warade, Monika Tiwari, and Falguni Dachewar

Chapter 100 Application of supply chain management in iron and steel industries 907

Ritu Shrivastava, Shiena Shekhar, and R. B. Chadge

Chapter 101 The prospects for low-cost and facile fabrication of zinc/graphene composite

coatings and structural materials 914

Ayush Owhal, Ajay D. Pingale, Sachin U. Belgamwar, and

Jitendra S. Rathore

Chapter 102 Pool boiling heat transfer of R-600a on plain copper and [email protected] porous composite

coating surfaces 926

Anil S. Katarkar, Ajay D. Pingale, Sachin U. Belgamwar, and Swapan Bhaumik

Chapter 103 Symmetric uncertainty based feature selection method in android malware detection 934

Pooja V. Agrawal, Deepak D. Kshirsagar, and Anish R. Khobragade

Chapter 104 Pool boiling of R-134a on ZnO nanostructured surfaces: experiments and heat transfer

analysis 942

Biswajit Majumder, Anil S. Katarkar, Ajay D. Pingale, Sri Aurobindo Panda,

Sachin U. Belgamwar, and Swapan Bhaumik

Chapter 105 Providing virtual aid, control and overcoming social stigma of alzheimer’s disease

using logistic regression and K-Nearest neighbour algorithm 950

Diviya M., Hemapriya N., Susmita Mishra, and Deivendran P.

Chapter 106 Review on surface characteristics of Titanium and Nickel based alloys produced

by direct metal deposition 961

Pratheesh Kumar S., Anand K., Hari Chealvan S., and Karthikeya Muthu S.

Chapter 107 Study the effect of geometric parameters on heat transfer in metal expansion

bellows using taguchi method 973

Sunil Wankhede and Shravan H. Gawande

Chapter 108 Mathematical model for along-wind load on tall multistoried buildings 983

Suyog Dhote and Valsson Varghese

Chapter 109 Workflow of conversion of CT scan Dicom image of reconstructed humerus fracture

to 3-D printable model for preoperative usage with the help of affordable additive

manufacturing process 990

Aniket Mandlekar, Atharva Wankhede, Jayant Giri, Atharva Chaudhari,

Prajwal Gedam, Mohanish Khotele, and Rajkumar Chadge

Chapter 110 E-waste remanufacturing in Indian context 997

Swatantra Kumar Jaiswal and Suraj Kumar Mukti

Chapter 111 Diabetes prediction using deep learning and machine learning approach 1003

S. W. Shende, Aniket Patil, Abiturab Vora, and Amisha Sherekar

Chapter 112 Performance evaluation of different hole profiles using 2-D CFD model 1009

Ashish Pawar, Dinesh Kamble, and D.B. Jadhav

Chapter 113 Prediction of MRR in EDM process using ANN model 1017

Rohit Paliwal, Sanchit Dhasmana, Rishabh Singhal, Sandeep Kumar Singh,

and Navriti Gupta

Chapter 114 CFD Simulation forfluid flow through a circular chamber by using ANSYS 1025

Aamir M. Shaikh and Dayanand A. Ghatge

Chapter 115 Prediction of dynamic strain ageing at high temperatures for Ti-6Al-4V alloy

by developing processing maps using different instability criteria 1035

Mohd Abdul Wahed

Chapter 116 Development of low cost deburring setup with feedback capability 1047

S. T. Bagde, A. V. Kale, N. V. Lotia, and G. H. Waghmare

Chapter 117 Multi-response optimisation using hybrid AHP and GRA technique in face milling

of EN-31 steel 1058

Vijay Kumar Sharma, Talvinder Singh, and Kamaljeet Singh

Chapter 118 An autonomous misplaced trolley arrangement system using RFID 1069

Meenakshi Prabhakara, Abdul Wahaab Samsu Ganic, Mohamed Hisham Mohamed

Ibrahim, Valenteena Paulraj, Joshuva Arockia Dhanraj, and Seenu N.

Chapter 119 High frequency dielectric response of rhombohedral lead zirconate titanate 1075

Balgovind Tiwari, Babu Thodeti, and R.N.P. Choudhary

Chapter 120 Component fault detection and isolation for PEMFC systems using unknown input

observers 1081

Vikash Sinha, Pankaj Bhokare, Ashish Shastri, and Rupesh Patil

Chapter 121 Combination of transfer learning and incremental learning for anomalous

activity detection in videos 1088

Yash Rathore, Vandana Japtap, Parth Gawande, Sarthak Oke, and Aditya Rao

Chapter 122 AHP approach for measuring service quality of passenger car 1096

Mangesh D. Jadhao, Arun P. Kedar, and Ramesh R. Lakhe

Chapter 123 Image analysis for crop acreage estimation using remote sensing for digraj region 1105

Amoli Belsare, Priyanka Khadgi, and Sanjay Balamwar

Chapter 124 Latch circuit based portable site-specific landslide early warning system 1114

Prashant B. Pande, Jayant M. Raut, Shantanu R. khandeshwar, Rahul G. Sangole,

Harshal G. Sangole, and Durga Thakre

Chapter 125 Investigation of effect of addition of alumina nano particles in carbon fibre

reinforced polymers composite 1124

Ashish Mogra, Tiju Thomas, and Rakesh Chaudhari

Chapter 126 A review on friction stir welding of aluminium 1131

Gopi Krishnan P., Suresh Babu B., Akash M., Kowsikraj K., Kishore S.,

and Noel Benitto S.

Chapter 127 Bond strength of waste-create bricks 1137

Sanjay P. Raut and Uday Singh Patil

Chapter 128 A systematic review on advancement in Modi Handwritten Character Recognition 1147

Samrudhi Bhalerao and H.D.Gadade

Chapter 129 Composting of domestic solid waste by effective microorganism coupled with

vermicomposting 1153

Khalid Ansari, Tejaswani Niwal, Shantanu Khandeshwar, and Tripti Gupta

Chapter 130 Evaluation of image segmentation on various color spaces in view of image

processing on mobile devices 1160

Hemantkumar R. Turkar and Lalit B. Damahe

Chapter 131 Data sanitisation techniques for transactional datasets using association rule hiding

techniques 1168

Nitin Jagtap and Krishankant P. Adhiya

Chapter 132 Irrelevance of dimensional approach as applied to formulate equations

in convective heat transfer 1177

Narendra J. Giradkar, Jayant P. Giri, Vivek M. Korde, and Rajkumar B. Chadge

Chapter 133 Parameters of microstructural investigations for novel materials 1184

Bazani Shaik, P. Siddik Ali, and M. Muralidhara Rao

Chapter 134 Performance and emission characteristics of 4-stroke diesel engine

with the influence of swirler using plastic pyrolysis oil as fuel 1190

Sundarraj Moorthi, Meikandan Megaraj, and Raja Thandavamoorthi

Chapter 135 Development of IoT enabled mini tiller for house gardening application 1196

Rajesh, R., Pratheesh Kumar, S., Vignesh Kumar, N. R., Jayasuriya, J.,

Santhosh, B., and Mathan Kumar, S.

Chapter 136 Post-earthquake condition survey, damage evaluation and rehabilitation

of buildings: Case study of masjid al-rahman, ranau 1204

A. M. Sarman, S.R.M. Tanin, E. M. Mazlan, and S.F. Suhadi

Chapter 137 Vision-based methodology for monitoring anomalies in cast components using

vision system and to control feed cycle in robotic deburring process 1212

S. Kishorekumar, G. Rajesh, R.M. Kuppan Chetty, Joshuva Arockia Dhanraj,

and D.Dinakaran

Chapter 138 Monitoring of depth of cut using tri-axial forces in robotic deburring process 1223

K.Ganesh Ram, G.Rajesh, D.Dinakaran, R.M.Kuppan Chetty, and

Joshuva Arockia Dhanraj

Chapter 139 Al6061 Alloy based particulate reinforced composites produced by stir casting –

A review 1233

Hemanth Raju T., Mohammed Nazmul Shaikb, Mohammed Inshal Ashfar, Manoj M. R.,

Tammann Gouda Patil, and Udayashankar S.

Chapter 140 Experimental study and analysis of vibratory stress relief system for hard turned

EN 31 component 1242

Pankaj Bhokare and K. V. Ramana

Chapter 141 A Comprehensive study on mechanical properties of Ti alloys produced by casting,

milling and direct metal deposition 1249

Pratheesh Kumar S., Anand K., Mohanraj R., and Karthikeyan R.

Chapter 142 Protection of power system in the presence of distributed generation by estimating

phase angle 1259

P. S. Patil, R. M. Moharil, and R. M. Ingle

Chapter 143 Durability of mortar with nano silica and carbon nano-tubes in sulphate

environment 1266

Mohd Moonis Zaheer, Varisha, and Syed Danish Hasan

Chapter 144 Development and analysis of Paperless SOPs and Travelcard for the Manufacturing

Industry 1275

Rohit Patil, Prakash Pantawane, Ashutosh Ramtirthkar, and Sachin Ambade

Chapter 145 Utilization of cupola slag blended with coal ash for the development of sustainable

brick 1282

Sangita Meshram, S. P. Raut, and M. V. Madurwar

Chapter 146 Critical study of analysis and design parameters considering ductile detailing

of reinforced concrete structure 1290

Monali Wagh, Anshul Nikhade, and Ashutosh Bagde

Chapter 147 Fluid-particle heat transfer in fluidised and fixed beds 1301

Narendra J. Giradkar, Jayant P. Giri, Vivek M. Korde, and Rajkumar B. Chadge

Chapter 148 Optimum Sprue design and analysis using InspireCast for performance

improvement in casting process 1310

S. S. Chaudhari, Pratik Hingnekar, Rohit Rayanutala, and Shivam Kawale

Chapter 149 Energy audit of textile industry 1321

Sujata Bose, Shital Bharaskar, Swapnil Khubalkar, and Yogesh Pahariya

Chapter 150 Are students using the time effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Mohamed Ifham, Senthan Prasanth, Kuhaneswaran Banujan, and B.T.G.S. Kumara

Chapter 151 Thyristor controlled LC compensator for current harmonic reduction 1336

Sandeep R. Gaigowal, Sandeep Bhongade, and Sachin Ambade

Chapter 152 Solve selective harmonic elimination problem with a new metaheuristic

optimisation algorithm 1344

Sarika D. Patil, Akshay D. Kadu, and Pratik Dhabe

Chapter 153 Design and analysis of single-phase liquid immersion cooling (SLIC) for motor

controller of a super-mileage vehicle 1351

Vinayak Khatawate, Aditya Devkar, Aditya Jain, Bhavik Panchal, and Kshitij Jaiswal

Chapter 154 Seismic analysis of multi-storied buildings with plan irregularity in different

seismic zones 1361

Deenay Ambade and Vaishali Mendhe

Chapter 155 Machine learning based credit card fraud detection 1370

Shakti Kinger and Varsha Powar

Chapter 156 Characterisation and electrochemical corrosion behaviour of electrodeposited

Ni- Al2O3 nanocomposite coatings on steel. 1380

Ziouche Aicha, Mokhtari Majda, Amirouche Hammouda, Baraa Hafez,

Hicham Elmsellem, Zoubiri Nabila, and Allou Djillali

Chapter 157 An efficient technique for optimal sitting and sizing of capacitors in reconfigured

network 1386

B. Y. Bagde, Javed Shaikh, and Ameya Saonerkar

Chapter 158 A comparative study of a plane NACA2412 airfoil with a NACA2412 airfoil

attached with gurney flap using CFD 1392

Sahil Waquar Ahmad Khan, Abhiram Dapke, Jayant Giri, and Neeraj Sunheriya

Chapter 159 Improve Stabilisation of black soil by Bagasse ash, coir fibre, and plastic strips 1403

Prashant B.Pande, Jayant M. Raut, Shantanu R. khandeshwar, Kartik C. Mankar,

Anikesh K. Rangari, and Vaibhav R. Suryawanshi

Chapter 160 A literature review on pavement friction measurement methods on different

pavement conditions 1414

Yogesh Kherde, Saloni Patne, Shubhangi Golhar, Aniket Pathade, Mayur Banarse,

and Sneha Atram

Chapter 161 Modal analysis of SiC reinforced Al 7075 composites 1425

Srinidhi Acharya S. R. and Suresh P. M.

Chapter 162 Early detection of diabetic retinopathy using vessel segmentation based

on deep neural network 1433

S. V. Deshmukh and Apash Roy

Chapter 163 A systematic study on revelation and examination of COVID-19 using radiology 1443

Mirza Qadir Baig, Reena Thakur, and Mona Mulchandani

Chapter 164 The importance and limitations of big data technologies in education 1449

Ruth Chweya, Samuel-Soma M. Ajibade, and Ayodele John Melbury

Chapter 165 Optimisation of process parameters of CNC milling: An approach 1455

Ajay Bonde, Dikshant Kamble, Shashaank Laad, Vedant Barhate,

Yash Kawalkar, and Chandrakant Kshirsagar

Chapter 166 Comparative study on destructive and non destructive test on concrete using

fly ash as one of the ingredient 1465

V. G. Meshram, S. B. Borghate, and Manoj Patil

Chapter 167 Effect of varying sizes of rubber particles in concrete 1475

Dhiraj Agrawal, U. P. Waghe, A. V. Patil, and N. U. Thakare

Chapter 168 Detecting home violence related tweets using machine learning techniques

during the Covid-19 1481

Saleem Adeeba, Kuhaneswaran Banujan, and B.T.G.S. Kumara

Chapter 169 Orthopedic implants: Additive manufacturing, failure cause, effect, remedy and

challenges 1490

Rakesh Kumar and Santosh Kumar

Chapter 170 Information security enhancement by increased randomness of stream ciphers

in GSM 1499

Ram Prakash Prajapat, Rajesh Bhadada, and Giriraj Sharma

Chapter 171 Optimisation of machining parameters in turning of Inconel 718

using Al2O3-ZrO2 ceramic cutting tool 1508

Hariketan Patel, Hiralal Patil, and Dhaval Chaudhari

Chapter 172 Investigations into metallurgical characterisation and machining of cryotreated

tungsten carbide end mill 1519

Narendra Bhople, Sachin Mastud, Sandeep Jagtap, and Niloy Nath

Chapter 173 Numerical and experimental topology optimisation of crane hook 1529

Avilasha B. G. and Ramakrishna, D. S.

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Rajiv Gupta; North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, United States

Devendra Deshmukh; Indian Institute of Technology, Indore

Awanikumar P. Patil; Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur

Naveen Kumar Shrivastava; Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, Dubai (UAE)

Jayant Giri; Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Nagpur

R.B. Chadge; Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Nagpur