1st Edition

Recent Trends in Social and Behaviour Sciences Proceedings of the International Congress on Interdisciplinary Behaviour and Social Sciences 2013

    The human aspect plays an important role in the social sciences. The behaviour of people has become a vital area of focus in the social sciences as well. Recent Trends in Social and Behaviour Sciences contains papers that were originally presented at the International Congress on Interdisciplinary Behavior and Social Sciences, held 4-5 November 2013, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    The contributions deal with various interdisciplinary research topics, particularly in the fields of social sciences, economics and arts. The papers focus especially on such topics as language, cultural studies, economics, behaviour studies, political sciences, media and communication, psychology and human development.

    This printed abstracts volume comes with a full paper CD-ROM (634pp).

    Residents’ perceptions towards urban park social interaction among Malaysian ethnic groups 
    E.O. Hesham, S. Ismail & R.M. Hisyam
    Reduce reuse recycle practice in solid waste management for academic environment 
    D.J. Jibril, I.B. Sipan, M. Sapri, S.A. Shika & S. Abdullah
    Strategic alliances in new industrialized country: The case of Malaysia 
    A.B.A. Ghani & M. Subhan
    Reducing turnover intentions through procedural justice and organizational citizenship behavior: Study of health sector of Pakistan 
    R. Imran, A.A. Khan & F. Sheikh
    Mergers & acquisitions: Vital instrument of corporate strategy current and historical perspective 
    J. Sheikh, U. Noreen, F. Riaz & Q. Abbas
    Effect of perceived transformational leadership on organization citizenship behavior: Moderating role of emotional intelligence 
    A. Fatima, M.M. Irfan, S. Salah-Ud-Din & S. Khan
    Development of islamic website evaluation guideline 
    M. Aliyu, M. Mahmud, A.O.M. Tap & I. Hussein
    Trauma among juvenile victims of armed conflict and tsunami in Aceh 
    F. Hutagalung, Z. Ishak & K. Hatta
    Facebook, online social capital, and the rise of nascent entrepreneurs 
    F.Wahid & N. Indarti
    Banking and technology in Indonesia: Contribution to Indonesia economy 
    H. Medyawati & M. Yunanto
    Cross-cultural communication in multinational companies: Problem and suggestion 
    E. Sakapurnama
    Towards developing building services standard method of measurement in Malaysia 
    G. Amuda-Yusuf, S.F. Mohamed, Z.M. Yusof & M.S. Misnan
    Converging paradigms in behavioral and social engineering 
    V.K. Arora & N. Arora
    Reminiscing the traditional Malay shadow theatre: Knowledge retention of the master puppeteers 
    R.A. Rahman, Z.A. Manaf & N.A.V. Abdullah
    Assessing market opportunity in software industry and identifying strategy for Lintasarta as a subsidiary of indosat (using stakeholder perspective analysis as a complementary of PESTEL) 
    S. Raharjo &A. Titus
    Review on the community centre design in Malaysia: Problems of object centre discourse and failure to address cultural context in modern community in Malaysia 
    N. Utaberta, N. Spalie & N.S.N.Ab.Wahab
    Evaluating contemporary usage of ornament in architectural identity in Indonesia: An organic architecture perspective 
    N. Utaberta, M.A. Bahar & N.S.N.Ab.Wahab
    Challenges in pursuing PhD: A survey on the experience of Malaysian PhD candidates 
    S.B.M. Sharip & S.S.B. Ibrahim
    Entrepreneurial self-efficacy, ethnicity, gender, and educational background: Evidence from the Kuningan international trade centre, Jakarta, Indonesia 
    A.W. Handaru,W. Parimita &W. Subekti
    Organizational climate towards job satisfaction and organizational commitment at workplace 
    E.D. Ariyani
    Intellectual capital in advanced technology companies in Malaysia 
    R. Abdul-Rahim, H. Jafaridehkordi, N. Abdullah & N. Hamzah
    Lock-up provision and performance of IPOs: Effect of information asymmetry 
    R.M. Rashid, R. Abdul-Rahim, O. Yong &A.H.S.M. Nor
    Human capital and economic growth: Empirical evidence from Malaysia 
    N.A.M. Rusli & Z. Hamid
    Women’s online strategies in giving advice 
    J.M. Jan &W.C. Pung
    Model for services outsourcing relationships maintenance: Case study in call center in Lithuania 
    J. Sekliuckiene & S. Meiliute
    Business incubator, one concrete effort to keep, maintain, and increase the role of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) 
    A.B. Setyawan & I. Suyudi
    Redefining mosque ornamentation in Malaysia, cross comparative analysis on post-modern perspective: A case study of Charles Jencks and Michael Graves 
    N. Utaberta, A.N. Handryant & N.S.N.Ab.Wahab
    The level of knowledge in a model of school financial management 
    K. Ismail, S.I.S. Muhamad & M.S.M. Arif
    Online purchasing behavior of Malaysia’s young consumers 
    M.S.Md. Ariff, N.S. Yan, N. Zakuan, K.A. Rahim & K. Ismail
    Space management conceptual framework for higher education institutes 
    S. Abdullah, I. Sipan, H.M. Ali, J.D. Jibril & S.A. Shika
    Some creative industry problems in Indonesia and the solution alternatives 
    S. Ratnaningtyas & R.J. Kusumah
    Alert processing method with data reduction and correlation technique 
    A.B. Mohamed, N.B. Idris & B. Shanmugum
    Impact of corporate governance on corporate performance through intellectual capital 
    S. Saeed, S.Z.A. Rasid & R. Basiruddin
    Developing a value-based service delivery system framework 
    F. Quoquab, S.Z.A. Rasid & R. Basiruddin
    Striving for customer loyalty: What are the building blocks? 
    F. Quoquab, R. Basiruddin & S.Z.A. Rasid
    The meaning of panopticism in architecture deterministic 
    S. de Yong, M. Rachmawati & J. Prijotomo
    Customers’ revisit intention on Penang Boutique Hotel at George Town UNESCO’s World Heritage Site: A conceptual paper 
    Y.N. Goh
    More gaining and less gaming? The internet use in Indonesia after one decade 
    F.Wahid, N. Ramdhani &W.Wiradhany
    Implementation of Public Private Partnership in developing countries: Lessons from Malaysia 
    A.O. Sanni & M. Hashim
    E-learning readiness and its correlates among secondary school teachers in Nablus, Palestine 
    F.A.A. Trayek, T.B.T. Ahmad & M.S. Nordin
    Post occupancy evaluation sustainability assessment framework for commercial office buildings 
    S.A. Shika, M. Sapri, D.J. Jibril, S. Abdullah, U.B.Wakawa, A. Umar & U.A. Umar
    Improvement production capacity with Lean Manufacturing approach. A case study: Indonesian pharmaceutical industry 
    E.S. Nurrasjid &A. Adhiutama
    Local governments’ expenditures efficiency on human development and poverty 
    A.D. Prasetyo
    A preliminary analysis on the resilience and subjective well-being of the Malaysian adolescents 
    J.L. Jaafar, J. Ismuni, Y. Fei, Z. Ahmad & M.S.H. Hussin
    Triple Helix model in Indonesian defenses system: A conceptual framework 
    A. Muhammad, S. Hartati & K. Bayu
    Construction and validation of epistemological beliefs questionnaire for science in the Malaysian context 
    N.A. Aziz, F. Hutagalung, I. Tharbe & R.A. Jaladin
    Demografic factors of Malaysian female employees: A predictor to sexual harassment 
    F. Hutagalung, N. Alias & S. Kamaruzaman
    Six key benefits of screencasts in learning Maths: An Irish cas study 
    T.B.T. Ahmad & F. Doheny
    The state of green computing knowledge among students in a Malaysian public university 
    T.B.T. Ahmad, M.S. Nordin &A. Bello
    The strength of online social networking for capturing alumni with volunteerism and giving behaviour 
    D. Dewantara
    Patent analysis in assessing supply chain management innovation 
    C.-K. Suh
    Distribution and product selection under uncertainty 
    L.N. Safiullin, I.R. Gafurov, N.G. Bagautdinova & N.Z. Safiullin
    The stages of the innovation process 
    N.G. Bagautdinova, A.M. Fatkhiev, A.Z. Novenkova &A.M. Safiullina
    Psychosocial variables influencing diabetes self-management and quality of life: A pilot study 
    C.C. Yap, C.L. Tam, G.B. Bonn, M. Saravanan &A. Kadirvelu
    A study of the relationship among organizational justice, psychological empowerment and organizational citizenship behavior 
    S. Ta¸stan & S.M.M. Davoudi
    Family traditions as they are viewed by contemporary Russian teenagers 
    G. Biktagirova
    Psychological profile of primary school children learning according to different educational technologies 
    N.N. Kalatzkay
    Financial fraud: Data mining application and detection 
    N.H.A. Aziz, N.B. Zakaria & I.S. Mohamed
    Creativity and imagination in messy play among preschool children 
    L.C. Yin, A.R. Zakaria, F. Hutagalung & U.K.M. Salleh
    Knowledge intensive services on case of bankruptcy trustees in Czech Republic 
    M. Randáková & J. Bokšová
    Motivations of visitors to visit museums: A comparison study of museum visitors in the West and in Thailand 
    K.T.N. Chen
    The integration of work design approach: A literature review 
    N.A. Nordin, S.A. Rahman &A. Rajab
    Pension accounting disclosures and CMAR 
    N.A. Lode & M.A.M. Yusof
    Financial distress prediction: An outlook of the Z-score and Hazard model 
    N. Abdullah, N.B. Zakaria & N.H.A. Aziz
    The mediating roles of academic stress and life satisfaction in the relationship between personal responsibility and academic performance 
    C. Smithikrai
    Towards microsociology of utopia: Beyond utopian imagination and everyday practice 
    V. Vakhshtayn
    Universities policy and politics at the universities: Social topology of higher education 
    K. Tkacheva
    Issues in Malaysian sports management 
    A.F.M. Fiah, D. Mazlan & N. Osman
    The wedding of trade and human rights in the EU external action: Case study Bosnia and Herzegovina 
    M. Bokšová
    The comparative analysis of ethno-social space of Peru: Inca and modern society 
    E.O. Samoylova
    Modelling of a single currency for Australia and New Zealand 
    A. Hoque & K. Hassan
    Does non-reporting company in Malaysia engage in social and environmental activities? 
    N. Che-Adam, L.K. Phua & F.M. Taib
    Training students of language on the use of information technologies 
    E.Z. Galimullina & E.M. Ljubimova
    Training the autistic brain using neurofeedback training (NFT) 
    N.A.M. Mahayuddin & N. Fauzan
    A new revolution in the Malays’ names: The association of identity identification with English language learning perception 
    N.M. Amin & N.A.A. Rahman
    Pedagogical determinants of drug prevention in the Russian secondary school 
    O.A. Razzhivin & K.R. Volkova
    Function of the scandal in literary-critical circles 
    N.N. Shabalina & G.N. Bozhkova
    Materials of the population registration as a source of the study of the Russian urban family of the second half of XIX – beginning of XX century 
    G.M. Burdina
    Faulty factors in building maintenance during design stage 
    H.M.R. Alriwaimi & Z.A.B. Akasah
    Huna Al-Khahirah: messages from Cairo 
    A. Talib
    The effect of diagnostic control system and belief control system in the relationship between budget participation and budget slack 
    M. Sangkala, C.Z.B.M. Jamil & H. Kamardin
    Exploring internal auditors’whistleblowing intentions towards corporate fraud: A prosocial behaviour perspective 
    S.A. Ahmad, I.S. Ismail & N.A. Azmi
    What determines directors’ remuneration in Malaysia? 
    J.M. Amin, K.A. Kamaruddin,W.A.W. Ahmad & S.R. Sarman
    Religious motives in the work of Sagit Sunchalay and Anna Akhmatova 
    F.I. Gabidullina
    Decision support system model for metropolitan cities’s waste transportation 
    A.H. Ismail, Y.V. Usman, L. Chairani & N.Y. Hidayah
    The activity approach to building research competencies among prospective teachers 
    A.A. Sibgatullina & E. Samsonova
    Interdisciplinary links of mathematical sciences in higher educational institutions 
    A.R. Ganeeva
    Integrated classes of computer science and economics in college 
    B.N. Kireev & L.V. Kolesnikova
    Forming of leadership qualities in students as a topical psychological and pedagogical problem 
    N.G. Mokshina & E.V. Salimullina
    Compliance halal certification – Its impact on business financial performance 
    R.M. Yunos, C.F.C. Mahmood & N.H.A. Mansor
    ISO 9001 certification and financial performance 
    C.F.C. Mahmood, R.M. Yunos &A. Aris
    Exploring Batek vowels 
    T.S.T.I. Suzila &T.K. Seong
    Self-perception: The Jah-Hut as future agro-preneur 
    T.S.T.I. Suzila, M.N.M. Yusri, A.B.N. Hidayatun, A.J. Faizan & H. Norlaili
    Towards competency standards for the undergraduate entrepreneurship program 
    T.M. Simatupang, S. Ratnaningtyas,W. Dhewanto & S. Herliana
    Corporate social responsibility reporting: A comparison between Malaysian and Bahrain Islamic and Commercial Financial Institutions 
    R. Atan, S.S. Dullah & S. Zainon
    The multimedia technologies and the process of anesthetization of everyday life 
    Y.M. Shaev
    Information environment of professional training of future workers 
    L.G. Akhmetov, E.E. Merzon, A.L. Mirzagitova, I.M. Fajzrakhmanov &A.L. Faizrakhmanova
    Understanding Social Network Analysis (SNA) in fraud detection 
    N. Omar, I.B. Mohamed, Z.M. Sanusi & H.Y. Prabowo
    Exploring the understanding of hunger experience among Malay undergraduate students in Malaysia 
    N. Hashim, K.A.M. Isa, A. Dahlan & N.H. Ismail
    Management of innovation in the modern Kazakhstan: Development priorities of science, technology and innovation 
    R.I. Danabayeva & U.K. Shedenov
    Perception of service quality and satisfaction in higher education: Perspective of Turkish students in Malaysian universities 
    A. Rasli, F. Baghirov, B. AlHerthey, N. Norhalim & M.B. Ali
    The interplay of value creation and managerial competencies: Evidence from small technology-based firms in Malaysia 
    A. Rasli, N. Norhalim, T.O. Kowang & N.Z.N. Mustaffa
    Tax evasion area and industry. Evidence from the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia 
    N.S. Russain, A. Nawawi, N.B. Zakaria, N.H.Ab. Aziz & I.S. Mohamed
    Misconducts in record keeping for cash businesses: Malaysian evidence on game-playing
    issues on audit estimates between tax representatives and the tax office 
    M.F. Nazri, A. Nawawi, N.B. Zakaria, N.H.Ab. Aziz & N. Abdullah
    Cyber fraud challenges and the analysts competency: Evidence from Digital Forensic Department of Cyber Security Malaysia 
    N. Mohamed, A. Nawawi, I.S. Ismail, S.A. Ahmad, N.A. Azmi & N.B. Zakaria
    Board oversight monitoring role on risk management in Islamic banks 
    R.A. Rahman & M.D.A.K. Tazilah
    Quagmires in the AML/CFT regime in Malaysia 
    Z. Hamin,W.R.W. Rosli, N. Omar &A.A.R.A. Mahmud
    Transfer of training: Application of self-determination theory 
    S.A. Patah & K.L. Unsworth
    Impact of regulation and supervision on Indonesia’s banks’ net interest margin, 2002–2011 
    N. Soewarno & M. Nurhayati
    Cross-cultural content analysis of TV commercials in Indonesia and Japan: Westernization as universal values 
    V. Almierajati
    The effects of cancelling audit fee floor in Taiwan – A perspective on competition law and industry characteristics 
    B.-T. Liau


    Ford Lumban Gaol, Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta, Indonesia. Seifedine Kadry, Lebanese University, Beirut, Lebanon. Marie Taylor, Universidad De Las Américas, Puebla, Mexico. Pak Shen Li, Organization for Gender and Social Studies, Hong Kong.