1st Edition

Reconstruction and Regional Diplomacy in the Persian Gulf

Edited By H. Amirahmadi, N. Entessar Copyright 1992

    First Published in 1992 Reconstruction and Regional Diplomacy in the Persian Gulf goes beyond a description of the recent events by analysing the social, political, and economic patterns of interaction between the Gulf states. The argument is strengthened by a consideration of the role of the superpowers in the region’s political discourse, and of religion as a force for a change. Not only do the authors provide an easily accessible basis for explaining the current problems in the region, but they also offer their own, sometimes provocative policy prescriptions.

    This book is an important read for scholars and researchers of Middle East politics and Middle East history.

    List of figures List of Tables Notes on Contributors Acknowledgements Part I: Persian Gulf in Turmoil: Political and Economic Condition Introduction H. Amirahmadi and N. Entessar Part II: Islam and Revolution 1. Why has Iran been revolutionary? Nikki R. Keddie 2. Ayatollah Khomeini’s Islamic Legacy George Linabury 3. A Countersensational Perspective on the Shi’a of Lebanon Augustus Richard Norton Part III: Economic destruction and reconstruction 4. Economic Destruction and Imbalances in Post-Revolutionary Iran H. Amirahmadi 5. Iranian Economic Reconstruction Plan and Prospects for its Success H. Amirahmadi Part IV: Iran and the Arab World 6. Wheels within wheels: Iran’s Foreign Policy: Towards the Arab World A. Ehteshami 7. Iran, GCC, and the Security Dimensions in the Persian Gulf M.E. Ahrari 8. Non-provocative Defence in the Persian Gulf N. Entessar Part V: Iran and the Superpowers 9. US Foreign Policy and the Islamic Revolution Mohsen M. Milani 10. Gorbachev’s ‘New Thinking’ and Islamic Iran: From Containment to Reconciliation Mohiaddin Mesbahi Index


    H. Amirahmadi and N. Entessar