1st Edition

Reengineering the Training Function How to Align Training With the New Corporate Agenda

By Donald Shandler Copyright 1996
    296 Pages
    by CRC Press

    If you have questions about how to meet the demands of the new economy, corporate and organizational agendas, and the changing workplace you will find the answers in this well-written and concise book. Reengineering the Training Function provides a plan of action rich in strategies and tactics, full of specific guidelines and tools that can be put to use immediately.
    Learn how successful business reengineering and training practices parallel the reengineering of business processes. Any business that wants to remain competitive in a global marketplace will find this book relevant. Put these guidelines to work immediately to conduct a strategic training audit prior to initiating any reengineering process. You can change the process of training and control the new continuous learning organization with Reengineering the Training Function.

    PART I
    Rethinking the Training Function: Rapidly Changing Environments Create New Needs
    The Global Economy Generates New Corporate Realities
    New Technologies
    The New Workplace
    Human Resource Development: Extensive Changes in Roles and Responsibilities Now Underway
    Coming to Terms with Terms
    HRD in the New Economy
    Strategic HRD Actions Needed
    Training Function to Continuous Learning Organization: An Obligatory Moment
    Business Trends and Continuous
    Training Functions and Continuous
    Learning Organizations
    Identifying Unproductive Training and Development Practices: A Need Exists for Evaluating an Organization's Current Practices
    Recommendations to Start the Process
    Proactively Address the Reengineering
    Needs of the Organization
    Focus on High-Performance Strategies
    Identifying Unproductive Training Practices
    Beginning on a Positive Note
    The A to Z of Unproductive Training
    Practices: Some Likely Targets
    Conducting a Strategic Training Audit Before Reengineering the Training Function
    Training Audits Are Underutilized Tools
    Reengineering Critical Training and Development Practices
    The Reengineering Process: A Reality Check
    An Obligatory Moment Arrives:
    Reengineering No Longer an Option
    Reengineering: A Strategy of Choice
    The Reengineering Process: Choosing and Applying a Strategy
    Once Again, One Size Does Not Fit All
    The Reengineering Process: Systems Thinking and Reengineering Challenges
    Systems Thinking and Learning
    Benchmarking: Measuring and Sustaining Performance
    Benchmarking: Definitions, Processes and Strategies
    Coming to Terms with Terms
    Benchmarking: A Business Tool for
    Benchmarking Gains Momentum: The
    Baldrige Award
    Benchmarking the Best Training Practices of World-Class Organizations
    Testing Benchmarking Assumptions
    Benchmarking Relevant Corporate
    Nontraining Examples
    PART V
    Special Challenges for Reengineering Training Today and Tomorrow: Globalization of Business and New Technologies Accelerate
    Globalization of Business and Multinational Training Curricula: Moving Beyond Diversity
    Developing an Integrated Global
    Workforce Strategy
    Technology-Driven Systems and Workforce Productivity
    Three Final Changing Mindsets
    Strategic Application of Technology
    Drives Human Performance
    The Chief Training Officer as
    Conclusion: Chief Training Officer and the Continuous Learning Organization
    Summing Up
    Moving Ahead
    Appendix A. Assessment Tools
    Appendix B. Associations
    Appendix C. Conferences
    Appendix D. Quality Award Programs


    Donald Shandler

    "If you are interested in enhancing the value of your department to your organization, then read this book."
    -Dana Gaines Robinson, President, Partners in Change, Inc., Co-author of Performance Consulting: Moving Beyond Training
    "Reengineering the Training Function is a great 'tool-kit' to help keep the training function sharply focused. Anyone involved with building an organization's competitive resources should read this book-and use its ideas."
    -Jerold V. Tucker, Corporate Director, GTE Organizational Learning and Competency Development, Norwalk, CT
    "An excellent training model. Helpful to all organizations faced with creating a robust training program."
    -Dr. Gary Rosenberg, Sr. Vice President, The Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY
    "An excellent resource and comprehensive guide to today's changing training environment. Well done!"
    -Jean M. Spanarelli, Training and Development Coordinator, Personnel Services Department, University of Maryland College Park