1st Edition

Reference Services and Media

By Linda S Katz Copyright 1999
    142 Pages
    by Routledge

    146 Pages
    by Routledge

    Get the most out of your reference information systems and technology!

    Reference Services and Media meets the information challenges that overwhelm and assist us today with computerization, electronics, and telecommunications changes in the reference services of our libraries. As a professional in the library science field, you will discover innovative theories and researched solutions on many technology problems and challenges such as formatting and compatibility, training of reference professionals and library users, costs, and information have and have nots.
    With the year 2000 and beyond upon us, emerging technologies afford tremendous opportunities for reference librarians and for improved and enhanced public access to information. In Reference Services and Media you will learn about planning for staffing, troubleshooting fund-raising, and budget developing to support the use of information technologies. You will also examine the impact new media has on academic libraries, specifically video and movie clips that are transferred over intranets and internets and their opportunities and legal implications.

    In Reference Services and Media you will also explore:

    • desktop conferencing and web access for reference services versus personalized contact
    • desktop conferencing with personal computers in remote areas for reference service assistance
    • positive and negative aspects of using each technology in reference use instruction
    • creative methods for procuring funding for an electronic information literary instruction classroom
    • providing a digital library for a state library network
    • raising confidence levels of public service librarians in using electronic resources to answer reference questions

      Reference Services and Media includes case studies, tables, and an annotated bibliography that serves as a librarian's media reference toolkit, making it essential for effective media reference work. An excellent source for the reference librarian, Reference Services and Media will assist you in adopting and incorporating new information technologies for the present and future.

    • Introduction
    • Media Issues
    • Information Services in the Year 2000 and Beyond
    • Promise, Perils, and Planning: An Administrative Commentary on the Use of Technology to Expand Reference Services
    • Reference Services and Media in Academic Libraries
    • “Going Where the Questions Are”: Using Media to Maintain Personalized Contact in Reference Service in Medium-Sized Academic Libraries
    • Videoconferencing and Remote Application Sharing for Distant Reference Service
    • Reference and Media-Instruction by Any Means Necessary
    • Using Creativity: Creating a Hands-On Learning Environment in Times of Tight Budgets
    • Media Reference Sources for an Academic Library
    • Providing a State-Wide Digital Library: A Voyage of Discovery
    • Survey of the Confidence Levels of Public Service Librarians in Using Electronic Reference Sources
    • Index


    Linda S Katz