1st Edition

Reform, Revolution and Crisis in Europe Landmarks in History, Memory and Thought

Edited By Bronwyn Winter, Cat Moir Copyright 2020
    252 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    252 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Today Europe stands at a crossroads unlike any it has faced since 1945. Since the 2008 financial crash, Europe has weathered the Greek debt crisis, the 2015 refugee crisis, and the identity crisis brought about by Brexit in 2016. The future of the European project is in doubt. How will Europe respond? Reform and revolution have been two forms of response to crisis that have shaped Europe’s history. To understand Europe’s present, we must understand that past. This interdisciplinary book considers, through the prism of several landmark moments, how the dynamics of reformation and revolution, and the crises they either addressed or created, have shaped European history, memory, and thought.

    Introduction: (Hi)stories of Europe

    Cat Moir

    Part I: Reform

    1. Panorama 1989: The Political Aesthetics of the Early Bourgeois Revolution in Germany

    Cat Moir

    2. Reading the Signs of the Times: The Moravian Brothers’ Quiet Revolution

    Christina Petterson

    3. Missionary Letters: Authority, Masculinity and Reform

    Maria Veber

    Part II: Revolution

    4. Violence to Velvet: A Century of Revolutions – 1917 to 2017

    Roger D. Markwick

    5. A Revolutionary Approach to Physical Culture

    Keith Rathbone

    6. "Periodise and Pass Beyond": Maoism as Marxism’s Third Period in Alain Badiou’s Theory of the Subject

    Robert Boncardo

    Part III: Crisis

    7. European Diplomacy in Crisis: Lessons from the Congress of Berlin of 1878

    Nina Markovic Khaze

    8. Madagascar 1947: Reform or Revolution?

    Elizabeth Rechniewski

    9. Of the Duality of Crises: The 2008 Crisis as Consensual Economics and Divergent Discourses in the British Context

    Clémence Fourton

    10. The Right to Asylum: One of the Great Contradictions of Modern European History

    Bronwyn Winter

    Conclusion: (Hi)stories of Crisis

    Bronwyn Winter


    Bronwyn Winter is Deputy Director of the European Studies program at the University of Sydney, where she also contributes to the International and Global Studies program.

    Cat Moir is Senior Lecturer in Germanic Studies at the University of Sydney, where she also contributes to the European Studies program.