1st Edition

Regionalisation of Globalised Innovation Locations for advanced industrial development and disparities in participation

Edited By Ulrich Hilpert Copyright 2003

    While processes of innovation are increasingly realised globally, they can also take a highly regionalised expression. In this book, the global networks that link regions are set against the local aspects of innovation. With contributions from international experts, this book examines local 'Islands of Innovation' where research and industrial expertise are concentrated, along with areas where traditional industrial regions have passed through a process of innovative restructuring.

    Part 1: Introduction 1. Globalisation and Selective Localisation of Industry and Innovation - The Role of Government in Regionalising Socio-Economic Development Ulrich Hilpert Part 2: Regionalisation and Islands of Innovation 2. Poly-centred Innovation and Governmental Structures - Germany and France in Comparison Ulrich Hilpert 3. Islands of Innovation in the UK Economy: High Technology, Networking and Public Policy Desmond Hickie 4. Selective Performance amid Government Failure - The Complexities of the Italian Regionalism in Innovation Helmut Druke 5. Islands of Innovation and Clustering Decisions of U.S. High-Tech Firms: Theory, Evidence and Patterns Vijai P. Singh, Thomas Allen and Ulrich Hilpert Part 3: Restructuring Old Industrialised Locations 6. Old and Traditional Industrial Regions on the Archipelago Europe - Governmental Systems and Regionalisation of Innovation Ulrich Hilpert 7. Dynamics of Growth and Restructuring in the Pittsburgh Metropolitain Region Frank Giarratani, Vijai P. Singh and Christopher Briem 8. Liguria: A Region in Transition Helmut Druke Part 4: Geographic Periphery and Advanced Socio-economic Development 9. Processes of Peripherization Through International Innovation Systems - The Role of European Policies at Disadvantaged Locations Dietmar Bastian and Ulrich Hilpert 10. Competencies and Opportunities - Building an Island of Innovation Apart from Europe's Innovative Centre Rasmus Nelund and Jesper Norus 11. Regionalisation and De-industrialisation in Eastern Europe's Transition Economies Dietmar Bastian Part 5: Conclusions 12. How the Regional Factor Comes in. New Paths and Conditions for Industrial Policies Ulrich Hilpert


    Ulrich Hilpert is Professor and Chair of Comparative Government at Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena. His major research fields are comparative European-American studies in the role of government policies for techno-industrial innovation, restructuring, environmental technologies, globalisation and regional development.

    'Should be recommended to both academics and policy makers who work in the area of regional innovation and development.' - Dr Theodoros Papaioannou, Technovation

    'Overall this book convincingly shows how most current Islands of Innovation are located in the old industrial spaces and have been able to successfully redefine their industrial history through new products and technologies.' - Stijn Oosterlynck, University of Lancaster, UK