Regulating Drinking Water Quality  book cover
1st Edition

Regulating Drinking Water Quality

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ISBN 9780873715959
Published December 18, 1991 by CRC Press
352 Pages

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Book Description

Regulating Drinking Water Quality examines the issue of safe drinking water from both scientific and public health policy points of view. Twenty-seven chapters provide a forum in which EPA and non-EPA scientists discuss the challenges of implementing the 1986 Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) amendments.

General areas covered include an update on regulating lead in drinking water, radon in drinking water, regulating for microbes and disinfection by-products, exposure assessment and drinking water contamination, risk assessment and drinking water contamination, and consumer protection from drinking water point of use systems.

Drinking water professionals, environmental and engineering professionals, regulatory personnel, and legislators should consider this important new book a "must have" acquisition for their libraries.


Table of Contents

PART 1: UPDATE ON REGULATING LEAD IN DRINKING WATER. Regulating Lead in Drinking Water: A Status Report (June 1990) (Michael Cox, Lonnie Finkel, and Jeff Cohen). The Lead Ban: Implementation and Enforcement (Peter Lassovszky and Jeff Cohen). New York City's Corrosion Evaluation Plan (Charlotte Dery). Can Safe Lead Levels in Drinking Water be Deduced from Current Scientific Evidence? (Phyllis Mullenix). The Lead Contamination Control Act (Peter Lassovszky and Jeff Cohen). Iowa's Approach to Lead in School Drinking Water (Kenneth Choquette and Rita Gergely). A Comprehensive Risk Assessment of Massachusetts' Children to Lead in School Drinking Water (Ann Marie Burke, Ralph Timperi, Ngozi Oleru, and Jeff Cohen). PART 2: RADON IN DRINKING WATER. Regulation of Radon in Drinking Water (Gregory Helms). Regional Perspective on Radon in Drinking Water (Charles Larson and Stan Rydell). A Survey of Naturally Occurring Radionuclides in Groundwater in Selected Bedrock Aquifers in Connecticut and Implications for Public Health Policy (Carolyn DuPuy, Denis Healy, Margaret Thomas, David Brown, Alan Siniscalchi, and Zygmunt Dembek). Radon in Drinking Water: Keeping Risks in Perspective (Richard Guimond). Managing Radon Risks in Drinking Water: A Question of Yardstick (William Bell). PART 3: REGULATING FOR MICROBES AND DISINFECTION BY-PRODUCTS. Key Issues for Regulating Disinfection By-Products (Stephen Clark). Critical Issues in Regulating Microbes and Disinfection By-Products (Richard Moser). Disinfection Requirements to Control for Microbial Contamination (Stig Regli). Revised Total Coliform Rule (Paul Berger). Health Effects of Microbes Isolated from Drinking Water (Steven Edberg). Potential Links Between the Eutrophication of Surface Water Supplies and Formation of Carcinogens in Drinking Water (Nancy Palmstrom, Robert Carlson, and G. Dennis Cooke). Evaluation of the Military Effectiveness of CHLOR-FLOC Water Purification Tablets (Stephen Schaub, Helen Hargett, and Kurt Kamrud). PART 4: EXPOSURE ASSESSMENT AND DRINKING WATER CONTAMINATION. Estimating Exposure to Vinyl Chloride Due to Inhalation During Showering (Pamela Boardman, Jayne Michaud, and Bruce Fishman). PART 5: RISK ESTIMATION AND STANDARD SETTING. Extrapolation from Animal Data Using Median Effect Principal (James Stewart). Developing a Standard for Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether in Drinking Water (Chuck Gilbert and Edward Calabrese). Toxic Chemical Regulation in Massachusetts Drinking Waters: Guideline Derivation Methods and Hazard Evaluation Procedures (Michael Hutcheson and Karen Martin). The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) (Jacqueline Patterson, Rita Schoney, and Patricia Daunt). Woburn Environment and Birth Study (Marilyn DiSirio). Perception of Toxicologic Risk at the Community Level: Contaminated Ground Water Used as Drinking Water (Jenifer S. Heath). PART 6: CONSUMER PROTECTION FROM DRINKING WATER POINT OF USE SYSTEMS. Residential Water Treatment Systems: An Iowa Consumer Protection Law (Kenneth Choquette and Rita Gergely). LIST OF AUTHORS. INDEX.

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