Reproductive Biology and Early Life History of Fishes in the Ohio River Drainage : Percidae - Perch, Pikeperch, and Darters, Volume 4 book cover
1st Edition

Reproductive Biology and Early Life History of Fishes in the Ohio River Drainage
Percidae - Perch, Pikeperch, and Darters, Volume 4

ISBN 9780849319204
Published December 15, 2005 by CRC Press
648 Pages 210 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Knowledge of the early life stages of fishes is crucial for the effective monitoring and management of fish populations and habitats, and the evaluation of environmental impacts and recovery of endangered species. Unfortunately, the proper identification of targeted species has stunted the development of the field.

Now a series has emerged that stands as the leading resource on the reproduction and development of many North American fishes. Reproductive Biology and Early Life History of Fishes in the Ohio River Drainage fills immense gaps in knowledge of issues related to early life development of fishes in the Ohio Basin. Volume 4 addresses the developmental and morphological issues of Perch, Pikeperch, and Darters.

This volume describes the characteristics of the family Percidae, and provides a detailed pictorial guide to the young of all fish families present in the Ohio River drainage. Subtopics within each species description include range, distribution, occurrence, spawning, eggs, development, ecology of early life phases, and more.

This book serves as both a handbook to help identify individual larval fish, and as a reference for those concerned with the overall health of the ecosystems or fisheries that they are monitoring.

Table of Contents

Reproductive Biology and Early Life History of Fishes in the Ohio River Drainage:
An Introduction to the Series
Thomas P. Simon and Robert Wallus
Series Objectives
Study Area
Habitat And Movement
Distribution And Occurrence In The Ohio River System
Taxonomic Diagnosis
Ecology Of Early Life Phases
General Comments About The Text

Distinguishing Characteristics and Pictorial Guide to the Families of Fishes in the Ohio River Drainage
Robert Wallus and Thomas P. Simon

Taxonomic Diagnosis of Young Perch, Pikeperch, and Darters in the Ohio River Drainage
Thomas P. Simon
Preliminary introduction to subgenera of the darter genus Etheostoma
Litocara Bailey
Etheostoma Rafinesque
Vaillantia Jordan
Allohistium Bailey
Psychromaster Jordan and Evermann
Poecilichthys Agassiz
Doration Jordan
Nanostoma Putnam
Ulocentra Jordan
Boleosoma Dekay
Nothonotus Putnam
Oligocephalus Girard
Ozarka Williams and Robison
Fuscatelum Page
Catonotus Agassiz
Boleichthys Girard
Preliminary introduction to subgenera of the darter genus Percina
Alvordius Girard
Cottogaster Putnam
Ericosma Jordan
Hadropterus Agassiz
Hypohomus Cope
Imostoma Jordan
Odontopholis Page
Percina Haldeman
Swainia Jordan and Evermann

Reproductive Biology and Life History Accounts for Percids in the Ohio River Drainage
Thomas P. Simon
Genus Ammocrypta Jordan
Western Sand Darter
Eastern Sand Darter
Scaly Sand Darter
Genus Crystallaria (Jordan)
Crystal Darter
Genus Etheostoma Rafinesque
Sharphead Darter
Coppercheek Darter
Mud Darter
Cumberland Snubnose Darter
Emerald Darter
Teardrop Darter
Splendid Darter
Orangefin Darter
Greenside Darter Complex
Blenny Darter
Slackwater Darter
Rainbow Darter
Bluebreast Darter
Greenfin Darter
Bluntnose Darter
Ashy Darter
Crown Darter
Fringed Darter
Blackside Snubnose (Black) Darter
Cherry Darter
Fantail Darter Complex
Saffron Darter
Barrens Darter
Slough Darter
Harlequin Darter
Blueside Darter
Stripetail Darter
Redband Darter
Spotted Darter
Smallscale Darter
Least Darter
Lollypop Darter
Blackfin Darter
Johnny Darter Complex
Barcheek Darter
Dirty Darter
Guardian Darter
Goldstripe Darter
Duskytail Darter
Cypress Darter
Egg-Mimic Darter
Firebelly Darter
Kentucky Snubnose Darter
Redline Darter
Arrow Darter
Bloodfin Darter
Tennessee Snubnose Darter
Slabrock Darter
Orangethroat Darter
Spottail Darter
Speckled Darter
Striated Darter
Gulf Darter
Swannanoa Darter
Tippecanoe Darter
Tuscumbia Darter
Variegate Darter
Striped Darter
Wounded Darter
Boulder Darter
Banded Darter
Bandfin Darter
Genus Percina Haldeman
Tangerine Darter
Blotchside Logperch
Logperch Complex
Gilt Darter
Longhead Darter
Blackside Darter
Sharpnose Darter
Slenderhead Darter
Roanoke Darter
Olive Darter
Dusky Darter
River Darter
Blackfin Darter
Snail Darter
Saddleback Darter
Genus Perca Linnaeus
Robert Wallus
Yellow Perch
Genus Sander (Rafinesque)
Robert Wallus and Edward M. Scott

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About the Series:
"A much-needed taxonomic aid, complete with keys, diagnostic criteria, and illustrated descriptions for identification of the eggs, larvae, and early juveniles of most of about 285 fishes in the Ohio River Basin. It is also an equally needed compendium of information on the ecology of those early life stages, as well as a summary of the distribution, habitat, and reproductive biology of their parents…"
Darrel E. Snyder, Colorado State University, from the Foreword

"The fish fauna of the Ohio River Drainage includes a large proportion of the fishes of eastern North America, including many species whose ranges extend well beyond the Ohio River. For that reason these volumes are valuable beyond the Ohio River drainage. They provide a systematic approach to the study of early life histories of fishes and are useful as a guide to scientists and managers beyond the region, even in areas such as western North America. This series will prove useful to scientists and managers from state and federal agencies, to industry and consulting firm staff dealing with river fish issues, and to faculty and students in regional universities."
James R. Karr, University of Washington

"Provides invaluable information for anyone interested in protecting the spawning grounds or habitat of the fish. …represents the definitive authority on the subject and represent a type of research that has been all to infrequent in these days of bioinformatics and concentrations on things like gene analysis."