1st Edition

Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Birds, Part B: Sexual Selection, Behavior, Conservation, Embryology and Genetics

Edited By Barrie G M Jamieson Copyright 2007
    542 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    The second part of volume 6 discusses sexual selection of ultraviolet and structural signals; melanins and carotenoids as feather colorants and signals; sexual selection and auditory signaling; odors and chemical signaling; sexual dimorphism; sexual selection, signal selection and the handicap principle; courtship and copulation; sexual conflict and its implications for fitness; intra- and extra-pair paternity; parental care (including cooperative breeding); brood parasitism in birds; applications of reproductive biology to bird conservation and population management; embryogenesis and development; molecular genetics of avian sex determination and gonadal development. Many new illustrations are provided throughout the volume.

    Sexual Selection of Ultraviolet and Structural Color Signals
    Melanins and Carotenoids as Feather Colorants and Signals
    Odors and Chemical Signaling
    Sexual Dimorphism; Sexual Selection, Signal Selection and the Handicap Principle
    Courtship and Copulation
    Sexual Conflict and its Implications for Fitness
    Intra- and Extrapair Paternity
    Evolution of Parental Care and Cooperative Breeding
    Brood Parasitism in Birds
    Applications of Reproductive Biology to Bird Conservation and Population Management
    Embryogenesis and Development
    Molecular Genetics of Avian Sex Determination and Gonadal Differentiation


    Jamieson, Barrie G M