2nd Edition

Research in the College Context Approaches and Methods

Edited By Frances K. Stage, Kathleen Manning Copyright 2016
    238 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    238 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Research in the College Context, 2nd Edition provides faculty, students, practitioners, and researchers in the college environment with a manual of diverse approaches and methods for researching higher education and college students. The text offers the reader a variety of qualitative and quantitative research tools including interviewing, surveys, mixed methods, focus groups, visual methods, participatory action research, policy analysis, document analysis and historical methods, secondary data analysis, and use of large national data sets. This revised edition provides readers with current and innovative methodological tools needed to research the complex issues facing higher education today. Each technique is thoroughly presented with accompanying examples, advice for designing research projects, and tips for data collection, analysis, and dissemination of results. Clearly organized and accessible, this volume is the essential guide for experienced and novice researchers.


    Part 1: Developing a Context for Research

    Chapter 1: Choosing a Method: What is your Question?

    Frances K. Stage and Kathleen Manning

    Chapter 2: What Is Your Research Approach?

    Kathleen Manning and Frances K. Stage

    Part 2: Respondent-Based Methods

    Chapter 3: The Qualitative Interview

    Anna M. Ortiz

    Chapter 4: Focus Groups

    Jillian Kinzie

    Part 3: Mixed Methods

    Chapter 5: Participatory Action Research

    Lindsey E. Malcom-Piqueux

    Chapter 6: Mixed Methods Research

    Dorian L. McCoy

    Part 4: Using Original and Pre-Existing Data and Resources

    Chapter 7: Visual Methods in Higher Education

    Amy Scott Metcalfe

    Chapter 8: Document Analysis, Oral History and Historical Methods

    Michelle Dionne Thompson

    Chapter 9: Policy Analysis Research

    Teboho Moja

    Chapter 10: Surveys

    Drew Allen

    Part 5: Large Data Set Analysis

    Chapter 11: Secondary Data Analysis

    Diane Cardenas Elliott

    Chapter 12: Large National Data Sets

    Ryan Wells


    Part 6: Communicating Your Results – Adding to the Knowledge of the Field

    Chapter 13: Reporting Results and Conclusion

    Frances K. Stage and Kathleen Manning

    Contributor Biographies



    Frances K. Stage is Professor of Higher Education at New York University, USA.

    Kathleen Manning is Professor Emerita of Higher Education and Student Affairs at the University of Vermont, USA.

    "This is a treasure trove of preferred inquiry approaches that helps us better understand the many complex factors and conditions that affect the performance of postsecondary institutions and their students." 

    --George D. Kuh, Director, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment and Adjunct Research Professor, University of Illinois

    "This book offers a clear, accessible introduction to multiple research perspectives, including their foundations, key concepts, uses in multiple contexts, and limitations. The chapter authors acknowledge the complexity of core considerations of research design and implementation, and emphasize the role of context throughout the research process."

    --Marcia Baxter Magolda, Distinguished Professor Emerita of Educational Leadership and Student Affairs in Higher Education, Miami University

    "Stage and Manning have assembled an excellent book to aid higher education scholars and researchers. The text provides both depth and breadth of diverse methodological perspectives, all extremely useful to those wishing to conduct research in postsecondary settings. I highly recommend this book to be adopted in higher education related research courses, and I have no doubt that it will."

    --Lori D. Patton, Associate Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs, Indiana University