1st Edition

Responsible Management and Sustainable Consumption Creating a Consumer and Enterprise Social Responsibility Index

    286 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    While the number of publications on corporate social responsibility has skyrocketed since the last economic crisis that began in 2008, challenges still remain in the modern economy that make socially responsible business a leading topic both in the field of science and business practice. The concept of corporate social responsibility covers not only practices implemented by enterprises but also attitudes represented by consumers and other market entities. Though much has been written about corporate social responsibility and the potential benefits it offers businesses, there remains a misunderstanding of corporate social responsibility (CSR), responsible management (RM) and responsible consumption (RC).

    Examining the level of responsible management practices implemented by Polish enterprises and assessing consumer attitudes in the field of corporate social responsibility will serve to identify best business practices and enhance management theory. Because this research examines both sides of the market, companies and consumers, it offers a more holistic view on social responsibility, responsible management and responsible consumer behaviour. The contribution of this book is the development of the assessment tool for measuring social responsibility of every enterprise – Enterprise Social Responsibility Index (EnSRI) and Consumer Social Responsibility Index (CnSRI). This book is written to meet the needs of academics, students, company owners and managers. It also provides an integrated view of responsibility from the point of view of both enterprises and consumers.

    Part I. Responsible management: Concept and the justification of the research

    Celina Sołek-Borowska

    1. Responsibility of the modern organisation: Literature review

    Monika Zajkowska

    2. Research methodology and research model: Enterprise Social Responsibility Index

    Celina Sołek-Borowska

    3. Measuring the impact of social responsibility

    Sławomir Winch

    4. General responsible management practices

    Monika Zajkowska

    5. Responsible management practices in the area of employees

    Tomasz Gigol

    6. Responsible management practices in the area of suppliers and partners

    Mateusz Juchniewicz and Małgorzata Pojda

    7. Responsible management practices in the area of environmental protection

    Grażyna Leśniak-Łebkowska and Sylwester Gregorczyk

    8. Corporate local community involvement

    Hanna Rachoń and Maria Pietrzak

    Part I Research Results

    Celina Sołek-Borowska

    Part II. Responsible consumer: The concept and justification of research

    Anna Dąbrowska

    9. Responsible consumer, responsible consumption, sustainable consumption: Lterature review

    Małgorzata Twardzik

    10. Research methodology and research model: Consumer Social Responsibility Index

    Anita Szuszkiewicz

    11. The economic dimension of consumer responsibility

    Anna Dąbrowska

    12. The social and environmental dimension of consumer responsibility

    Anita Szuszkiewicz

    Part II Research results

    Anna Dąbrowska

    Part III. Chosen problems of responsible management and responsible consumer: Holistic view

    Celina Sołek-Borowska

    13. Well-being of employees: Towards social responsibility

    Joanna Tabor-Błażewicz

    14. People with disabilities in responsible enterprise management practices in Poland

    Anna Krejner-Nowecka and Dorota Juszczak

    15. Two sides of the same coin: Enterprise and consumer outlook on environmental protection  The influence of foreign capital

    Celina Sołek-Borowska

    16. Differentiation between responsible management practices according to company attributes

    Rafał Kasprzak and Marta Ziółkowska

    Concluding remarks

    Piotr Wachowiak and Celina Sołek-Borowska


    Piotr Wachowiak is Rector of the Warsaw School of Economics, Director of the Institute of Management, Vice-president of the Organization and Management Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and Chairman of the Entrepreneurship Council.

    Anna Dąbrowska is Full Professor at the Warsaw School of Economics.

    Monika Zajkowska is Assistant Professor at the Warsaw School of Economics.

    Celina Sołek-Borowska is Assistant Professor at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics.