1st Edition

Revival: Health Risk Assessment Dermal and Inhalation Exposure and Absorption of Toxicants (1992)

ISBN 9781138560185
Published January 25, 2019 by CRC Press
544 Pages

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Book Description

Health Risk Assessment is a comprehensive reference focusing on dermal absorption, cholinesterase inhibition, adverse reproductive effects, and carcinogenicity. With contributions on topics such as PBPK modeling, cytochrome P-450 metabolism in skin, percutaneous absorption, adverse effects, new skin models, and the role of epidemiology in assessing the hazards of toxicants, Health Risk Assessment is essential for toxicologists, environmental chemists, pharmacologists, risk assessors, and managers working in industrial, pesticide, and pharmaceutical development.

Table of Contents

Pharmacokinetics, Metabolism, And Percutaneous Penetration Of The Skin.

Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling to Predict Tissue Dose and Cholinesterase Inhibition in Workers Exposed to Organophosphorus and Carbamate Pesticides

J.B. Knaak, M.A. Al-Bayati, and O.G. Raabe

The Application of Pharmacokinetic Models to Predict Target Dose

Jerry N. Blancato and Kenneth B. Bischoff

Cytochrome P450-Dependent Metabolism of Drugs and Carcinogens in Skin

Hasan Mukhtar and Rajesh Agarwal

Percutaneous Absorption

Ronald C. Wester and Howard I. Maibach

In Vitro Skin Metabolism

Robert L. Bronaugh and Steven W. Collier

Animal Models for Percutaneous Absorption

Ronald C. Wester and Howard I. Maibach

A Comparative Study of the Kinetics and Bioavailability of Pure and Soil-Absorbed Benzene, Toluene, and M-Xylene After Dermal Exposure

Mohamed S. Abdel-Rahman, Gloria A. Slowronski, and Rita M. Turkall

Prediction of Human Percutaneous Absorption with Physicochemical Data

Robert L. Bronaugh and Curtis N. Barton

Dermal Absorption of TCDD: Effect of Age

Yolanda B. Banks and Linda S. Birnbaum

Percutaneous Absorption of Chemicals from Water During Swimming and Bathing

Ronald C. Wester and Howard I. Maibach

Percutaneous Absorption of Chemicals from Soil

David A.W. Bucks and Howard I. Maibach

Route Of Exposure And Toxicological Response.

General Overview on Toxicological Responses and Routes of Chemical Exposure

Rhoda G.M. Wang

Acute Toxicity Testing by the Dermal Route

R.C. Myers and L.R. DePass

Subchronic Dermal Exposure Studies with Industrial Chemicals

David W. Hobson

The Dose Response of Percutaneous Absorption

Ronald C. Wester and Howard I. Maibach

Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity Studies by Cutaneous Administration

R. W. Tyl, R.G. York, and J.L. Schardein

Dermal Carcinogenicity Studies of Petroleum-Derived Materials

Richard H. McKee and James J. Freeman

Comparison of Results from Carcinogenicity Tests of Two Halogenated Compounds by Oral, Dermal, and Inhalation Routes

Elizabeth K. Weisburger

The Objectives and Goals of Dermal Carcinogenicity Testing of Petroleum Liquids

James J. Freeman and Richard H. McKee

Chemical Carcinogenesis in Skin: Causation, Mechanism, and Role of Oncogenes

Rajesh Agarwal and Hasan Mukhtar

Dose, Toxicity, And Risk Assessment.

Incorporating Biological Information into the Assessment of Cancer Risk to Humans Under Various Exposure Conditions and Issues Related to High Background Tumor Incidence Rates

Chao W. Chen and Kim-Chi Hoang

Phototoxicity of Topical and Systemic Agents

Francis N. Marzulli and Howard I. Maibach

Techniques for Assessing the Health Risks of Dermal Contact with Chemicals in the Environment

Dennis J. Paustenbach and Hon-Wing Leung

Interspecies Extrapolation of Toxicological Data

Curtis C. Travis

New Models In Skin Research.

Human Skin Xenografts to Athymic Rodents as a System to Study Toxins Delivered to or Through the Skin

Gerald G. Drueger and Lynn K. Pershing

The Isolated Perfused Porcine Skin Flap

J.E. Riviere

Epidemiologic Studies Of Route Of Exposure And Health Effects.

Perspectives on Assessment of Risk from Dermal Exposure to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Christopher J. Borgert et al.

The Paradox of Herbicide 2, 4-D Epidemiology

Gregory G. Bond and Ralph R. Cook

A Review of Epidemiologic Studies with Regard to Routes of Exposure to Toxicants

Anthony P. Polednak

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Rhoda G. M. Wang, Ph.D., is DABT Regulatory Toxicologist Department of Pesticide Regulation California Environmental Protection Agency, Sacramento, California, USA. James B. Knaak, Ph.D, is Product Stewardship Scientist Occidental Chemical Corporation, Niagara Falls, New York, USA. Howard I. Maibach, M.D., is Professor of Dermatology Department of Dermatology University of California, San Francisco, California, USA.