1st Edition

Revival: Nerves and Personal Power (1922)
Some Principles of Psychology as Applied to Conduct and Personal Power

ISBN 9781138567382
Published January 29, 2019 by Routledge
318 Pages

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Book Description

This treatise is to give the public a much needed understanding of those factors in everyday living which on the one hand tend toward nervous weakness, and on the other make for personal power. From the author’s viewpoint, everybody at times suffers from symptoms which are popularly termed "nervous," for nervousness is a matter of degree rather than kind. Whether "nerves" take the form of unreasonable impulsiveness or of serious obsessions occasioning body pain, the fundamental cause and radical cure of both are essentially the same.

Table of Contents

PART I: FACTS 1. "Nerves" and the Premises 2. The Nervous Machine 3. Instincts, Emotions and the Intellect 4. The Moral Self 5. Environment and Adaptation 6. The Criterion of Good and Evil 7. Discrimination and Balance 8. Wisdom and Objective PART II: FACTS IGNORED 9. Impulse and Reaction 10. Unhealthy Mental Habits 11. Suggestion and Suggestibility 12. Suppression and Dissociation 13. The Major Nervous Disabilities PART III: FACTS APPLIED 14. Object in View 15. The Master Sentiment for Truth 16. The Control of Everyday Activities 17. Self-Control in Ordinary Living 18. The Control of Parental Love and of Anger 19. The Control of Fear 20. Elation and Personal Power INDEX

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