1st Edition

Revival: Sexual Differentiation of the Brain (2000)

ISBN 9781138561830
Published January 25, 2019 by CRC Press
338 Pages

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Book Description

Sexual difference in the brain has long been one of the more intriguing research areas in the field of neuroscience. This thorough and comprehensive text uncovers and explains recent neurobiological and molecular biological studies in the field of neuroscience as they relate to the mechanisms underlying sexual differentiation of the brain.
Attempts have been made to clarify sex differences in the human brain using noninvasive techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging. Sexual Differentiation of the Brain thoroughly examines these techniques and findings, providing an up-to-date, comprehensive overview written by leading researchers in the field.

Just a few of the topics addressed include genetic contributions to the sexual differentiation of behavior; in-vitro studies of the effects of estrogen on estrogen receptor-transfected neuroblastoma cells; and the evolution of brain mechanisms controlling sexual behavior. Other topics include sexual differentiation of neural circuitry in the hypothalamus; structural sex differences in the mammalian brain; and sexual differentiation of cognitive functions in humans.

Table of Contents

Sexual Differentiation of the Brain: A Historical Review-Yasumasa Arai
Genetic Contributions to the Sexual Differentiation of Behavior-Sonoko Ogawa and Donald W. Pfaff
In-Vitro Study for Effects of Estrogen on Estrogen Receptor-Transfected Neuroblastoma Cells-Paola Agrati, Laura Bolzoni, Alessia Brusadelli, Paolo Ciana, Elena Marini, Clara Meda, Cesare Patrone, Michael C. Pelington, Giuseppe Pollio, Monica Rebecchi, Rodolfo H. Sialino, Elisabetta Vegeto, and Adriana Maggi
Steroid Metabolism in the Brain: Role in Sexual Differentiation-Paola Negri-Cesi, Angelo Poletti, Luciano Martini, and Flavio Piva
Estrogen in Gender-Specific Neural Differentiation-John B. Hutchison
Glial Cells Are Involved in Organizational and Activational Effects of Sex Hormones in the Brain-Luis M. Garcia-Segura, Gloria P. Cardona-Gomez, Jose L. Trejo, Maria C. Fernandez-Galaz, and Julie A. Chowen
Sex Steroids and Weakly Electric Fish: A Model System for Activational Mechanisms of Hormone Action-Harold H. Zakon
Evolution of Brain Mechanisms Controlling Sexual Behavior-David Crews and Jon Sakata
Hormonal and Nonhormonal Mechanisms of Sexual Differentiation of the Zebra Finch Brain: Embracing the Null Hypothesis-Arthur P. Arnold
Sexual Differentiation of a Neuromuscular System-Scott E. Christensen, S. Marc Breedlove, and Cynthia L. Jordan
Development of Sexually Dimorphic Forebrain Pathways-Richard B. Simerly
Sexual Differentiation of Neural Circuitry in the Hypothalamus-Akira Matsumoto, Yoshie Sekine, Shizuko Murakami, and Yasumasa Arai
Structural Sex Differences in the Mammalian Brain: Reconsidering the Male/Female Dichotomy-James C. Woodson and Roger A. Gorski
Gonadal Hormones and Sexual Differentiation of Human Behavior: Effects of Psychosexual and Cognitive Development-Melissa Hines
Sexual Differentiation of Spatial Functions in Humans-Elizabeth Hampson
The Luteinizing Hormone-Releasing Hormone System in the Developing Monkey Brain-Ei Terasawa, Laurie A. Abler, and Nancy M. Sherwood

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"…an excellent book that should be on the shelves of all researchers and students who study sexual differentiation of the brain. It is up to date, well illustrated and well written. It addresses provocative and sometimes controversial issues in a well-reasoned and dispassionate manner…editors and contributors have succeeded in compiling a volume that honors the distinguished scientist to whom it is dedicated."
--William Byne, Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism

"…presents an excellent discussion of genetic versus hormonal contributions to brain organization…a succinctly informative discussion of the two major types of influences that hormones have upon the human brain and behavior…In summary, [the book] provides the researcher or academician with a comprehensive review of recent findings relating to endocrine influences underlying the sexual dimorphism of neural development and synapse formation, predominantly in species other than humans."
- Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society

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