1st Edition

Revival: The Pageant of Persia (1937)
A Record of Travel by Motor in Persia with an Account of its Ancient and Modern Ways

ISBN 9781138568655
Published January 28, 2019 by Routledge
486 Pages

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Book Description

It is the dawn of history and of the dispersion of the Indo-European peoples. They are breaking their tents in central Asia along the Hindu Kush and the Pamirs, primitive Aryans with their dogs and their herds of domesticated animals. In their trek they will proceed to the farthest confines of Europe. From them the peoples of England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, Russia, Greece and other will take their origin. A part will penetrate into India and another portion into Persia. They will build empires and munitions factories, cathedrals and cabarets. Some less simple-minded, the Kurds, Lurs and Bakhtiaris will maintain in Persia their primitive character into the twentieth century.

With them in their dispersion, the Aryans carry the sacred fire which they have worshiped since they became acquainted with its use. It was man's first great step in the mastery of nature.

Table of Contents

1. From Tehran to Mohammerah Through Luristan and Elam  2. Persepolis, Cradle of the Persian Nation  3. Rose-Petaled Shiraz and Peerless Ispahan  4. The Desert Cities of Kerman and Yezd  5. Mithraism, the Magi and Zoroastrianism  6. The Shi’a Pilgrim Road through Khorasan to Meshed  7. Religions in Persia after Zoroaster  8. Through Persian Azerbaijan and Kurdistan  9. Baghdad to Teheran through Kermansah, Hamadan and Kazvin  10. Teheran and the Caspian Provinces   11. Modern Persian History in the light of Anglo-Russian Rivalry 12. The March of Modernism in Persia Dynasties and Rulers of Persia

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