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1st Edition

Revolutions and Peace Treaties 1917–1920

By Gerhard Schulz Copyright 1972
    ISBN 9781032130569
    266 Pages
    Published February 7, 2022 by Routledge

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    This book, first published in 1972, is an analysis of popular movements, political convulsions and settlements that led to and resulted from the climax of the First World War and its aftermath. It considers the aims, achievements and failures of both the Allied and Central Powers, the major internal changes which took place during and just after the war, and the significance of the newly shaped Europe and Near East which emerged from the peace treaties.

    Part 1. Crises and Revolutions  1. Peace Feelers and War Aims before the United States’ Entry into the War  2. The Crisis of the Central Powers in the Autumn of 1916 and the United States’ Entry into the War  3. The Promotion of Revolution Among the Occupied Peoples – Imperialist Policy and National Emancipation Movements  4. European Socialism and the Revolution in Russia  5. Twists and Turns in the Year of the Russian Revolution  6. From the Declaration of Wilson’s Fourteen Points to the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk  7. The Military Collapse of the Central Powers  8. October Reform and November Revolution in Germany  9. Armistice  Part 2. The Restoration of Peace  10. The Problems of Peacemaking and the Assumptions of the Paris Peace Conference  11. Germany, Russia and the Beginnings of the Paris Peace Conference  12. The Appearance of the German Delegation and the Treaty of Versailles  13. The New South-Eastern and Eastern Europe  14. The Unratified Treaty of Sèvres and the Near East  15. The ‘System of Versailles’ – Criticism and Revision


    Gerhard Schulz

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