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Riparian Management in Forests of the Continental Eastern United States

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ISBN 9781566705011
Published December 6, 1999 by CRC Press
432 Pages

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Book Description

The timing could not be better for addressing riparian area management and the resulting impacts of surface water. The Forest Service leadership team has identified water and watershed management as the issue of the upcoming decade. These factors and more have moved riparian forests to the forefront of environmental management. Riparian Management in Forests of the Continental Eastern United States gives you the tools you need to take on this task.
Each day, thousands of natural resource professionals face the problems involved in managing riparian forests. The challenge: fragmented ownership, fragmented ecosystems, and diverse interest groups. The solution requires a multidisciplinary approach, drawing on a complex mix of government agencies, private interests, and local communities as exemplified in the following initiatives:

  • Chesapeake Bay Program "Save the Bay"
  • Inland West Water Strategy
  • New York City Watershed Project
  • The Pacific Habitat Strategy
  • The Anadromous Fish Habitat
    Riparian Management in Forests of the Continental Eastern United States summarizes the state-of-the-art in the management of forested riparian areas. It serves as a desktop reference for natural resource administrators, educators, and on-the-ground managers from industry, consulting firms, and municipal, state, and federal agencies who routinely face the complex problems of protecting riparian areas.

  • Table of Contents

    The Challenge of Managing for Healthy Riparian Areas, E.S. Verry and C. A. Dolloff
    Defining Riparian Areas, B.L. Ilhardt, E.S. Verry, and B.J. Palik
    Diversity in Riparian Landscapes, T.R. Crow, M.E. Baker, and B.V. Barnes
    Classifying Aquatic Ecosystems and Mapping Riparian Areas, H. Parrott, C. Edwards, and D. Higgens
    Linkages Between Forests and Streams: A Perspective in Time, J.W. Hornbeck and J.N. Kochenderfer
    Water Flow in Soils and Streams: Sustaining Hydrologic Function, E.S. Verry
    Particulate Organic Contributions From Forests and Streams: Debris Isn't So Bad, C.A. Doloff and J.R. Webster
    Bird and Mammal Habitat in Riparian Areas, R.M. DeGraaf and M. Yamasaki
    Managing Riparian Areas for Fish, C. Richards and B. Hollingsworth
    Ecology and Management of Riparian Areas for Amphibians, T.K. Pauley, J.C. Mitchell, R.R. Buech, and J.J. Moriarty
    The Human Dimensions of Riparian Areas: Implications for Management and Planning, J.F. Dwyer, P.J. Jakes, and S.C. Barro
    Lake Riparian Areas, D.W. Bolgrien and T.K. Kratz
    Integrated Management of Riparian Areas, S.T. Eubanks, S. Emmons, and H.A. Pert
    Ecologic Principles for Riparian Silviculture, B.J. Palik, J.C. Zasada, and C.W. Hedman
    Harvesting Options for Riparian Areas, J.A. Mattson, J.E. Baumgras, C.R. Blinn, and M.A. Thompson
    Best Management Practices for Riparian Areas, M.J. Phillips, L.W. Swift, Jr., and C.R. Blinn
    Monitoring the Effects of Riparian Management on Water Resources, G.W. Stuart, P.J. Edwards, K.R. McLaughlin, and M.J. Phillips
    Riparian Restoration, R.A. LaFayette, J. Bernard, and D. Brady
    Dams: A Watershed Restoration Opportunity, M.J. Soloman
    Riparian Area Management: Themes and Recommendations, D.J. Welsch, J.W. Hornbeck, E. S. Verry, C.A. Dolloff, and J.G. Gries

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    Verry, Ellen S.; Hornbeck, James W.; Dolloff, C. Andrew


    "I recommend it to all who would seek a greater understanding of riparian forest management. By spanning the range between policy making and management , this book will hold and focus your vision of managing at the water's edge."-Warren E. Archey, President, Northeastern Area Association of State Foresters

    "Fortunately our nation has come to understand the values of riparian areas, and the importance of providing management. This summary of science and management for riparian areas will help insure the health of our nation's waters and the lands that border them."-Phil Janik, Deputy Chief and CFO, United States Forest Service