Robust Control System Design : Advanced State Space Techniques book cover
2nd Edition

Robust Control System Design
Advanced State Space Techniques

Edited By

Chia-Chi Tsui

ISBN 9780367394752
Published October 17, 2019 by CRC Press
500 Pages

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Book Description

Robust Control System Design: Advanced State Space Techniques, Second Edition expands upon a groundbreaking and combinatorial approach to state space control system design that fully realizes the critical loop transfer function and robustness properties of state/generalized state feedback control. This edition offers many new examples and exercises to illustrate and clarify new design concepts, approaches, and procedures while highlighting the fact that state/generalized state feedback control can improve system performance and robustness more effectively than other forms of control.

Revised and expanded throughout, the second edition presents an improved eigenstructure assignment design method that enhances system performance and robustness more directly and effectively and allows for adjustment of design formulations based on design testing and simulation. The author proposes the systematic controller order adjustment for the tradeoff between performance and robustness based on the complete unification of the state feedback control and static output feedback control. The book also utilizes a more accurate robust stability measure to guide control designs.

Table of Contents

SYSTEM MATHEMATICAL MODELS AND BASIC PROPERTIES Two Kinds of Mathematical Models Eigenstructure Decomposition of a State Space Model System Order, Controllability, and Observability System Poles and Zeros Exercises SINGLE-SYSTEM PERFORMANCE AND SENSITIVITY System Performance System Sensitivity and Robustness Conclusion Exercises FEEDBACK SYSTEM SENSITIVITY Sensitivity and the Loop Transfer Function of Feedback Systems Sensitivity of Feedback Systems of Modern Control Theory Summary A NEW FEEDBACK CONTROL DESIGN APPROACH Basic Design Concept of Observers: Direct Generation of State Feedback Control Signal Without Explicit System States Performance of Observer Feedback Systems: Separation Property The Current State of LTR Observer Design A New Design Approach and New Feedback Structure: A Dynamic Output Feedback Compensator that Generates State/Generalized State Feedback Control Signal Exercises SOLUTION OF MATRIX EQUATION TA-FT=LC Computation of a System's Observable Hessenberg Form Solving Matrix Equation TA-FT=LC Exercises OBSERVER (DYNAMIC PART) DESIGN FOR ROBUSTNESS REALIZATION Solution of Matrix Equation TB = 0 Analysis and Examples of This Design Solution Complete Unification of Two Existing Basic Modern Control System Structures Observer Order Adjustment to Tradeoff Between Performance and Robustness Exercises OBSERVER DESIGN FOR MINIMIZED ORDER Design Formulation Design Algorithm and Its Analysis Examples and Significance of This Design Exercises DESIGN OF FEEDBACK CONTROL: EIGENSTRUCTURE ASSIGNMENT Selection and Placement of Feedback System Poles Eigenvector Assignment Summary Exercises DESIGN OF FEEDBACK CONTROL: QUADRATIC OPTIMAL CONTROL Design of Direct State Feedback Control Design of Generalized State Feedback Control Comparison and Conclusion of Feedback Control Designs Exercises DESIGN OF FAILURE DETECTION, ISOLATION, AND ACCOMMODATION Compensators Failure Detection and Isolation Adaptive State Feedback Control for Failure Accommodation The Treatment of Model Uncertainty and Measurement Noise Exercises APPENDIX A: RELEVANT LINEAR ALGEBRA AND NUMERICAL LINEAR ALGEBRA APPENDIX B: DESIGN PROJECTS AND PROBLEMS REFERENCES INDEX

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Chia-chi Tsui