1st Edition

Rock Dynamics: Progress and Prospect, 2-Volume Set Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Rock Dynamics And Applications (RocDyn-4, 17–19 August 2022, Xuzhou, China)

    920 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Rock Dynamics: Progress and Prospect contains 153 scientific and technical papers presented at the Fourth International Conference on Rock Dynamics and Applications (RocDyn-4, Xuzhou, China, 17-19 August 2022). The two-volume set has 7 sections. Volume 1 includes the first four sections with 6 keynotes and 5 young scholar plenary session papers, and contributions on analysis and theoretical development, and experimental testing and techniques. Volume 2 contains the remaining three sections with 74 papers on numerical modelling and methods, seismic and earthquake engineering, and rock excavation and engineering.

    Rock Dynamics: Progress and Prospect will serve as a reference on developments in rock dynamics scientific research and on rock dynamics engineering applications. The previous volumes in this series (RocDyn-1, RocDyn-2, and RocDyn-3) are also available via CRC Press.

    Organisers and committees

    VOLUME 1


    Physics, motions and prediction of earthquakes from rock mechanics perspective, Ö. Aydan
    Experimental evaluation on the dynamic tensile properties of brittle solids by electromagnetic split Hopkinson bar, Y. Li, B. Jiang, J. Hu & Y. Guo
    Stochastic data and deterministic information–seismicity and stress field simulation: Modeling, lab tests, field observations, L.A. Nazarova
    Modeling fault activation, seismicity and leakage in geologic carbon sequestration, J. Rutqvist
    Trajectories in blasting research–a personal perspective, A.T. Spathis
    An overview of recent developments in numerical methods in the modelling of rock dynamic problems, G.-F. Zhao

    Young scholar plenary session

    A comparative study towards the performance of rock bolt support system under static and seismic conditions, M. Varma, V.B. Maji & A. Boominathan
    Impact of Slope Stability Radar (SSR) position on early warning detection for hazardous geotechnical event, study case: Bench-scale failure, F. Takdir, H. Gunawan & L.M. Shaleh
    Numerical study on the relationship between initiation sequence and blasting quality of hematite, C. Feng, X. Liu, X. Zhu & X. Wang
    On the evolution of P-wave behaviours across cemented rock joints subjected to tensile loading, H. Yang, D. Han & Q. Zhao
    Principles of localized strain rate, strength field and transition strain rate in cracking processes under dynamic loadings, C. Zou, J. Li, K. Liu & X. Zhao

    Analysis and theoretical development

    A novel method to account for size effect in rock indentation test, H. Yang, Z. Xu & Y. Cheng
    A study of compressibility effects models for red sandstone with different water cut processes, Y. Yang, L. Liu, Y. Cai, S. Zhong, H. Chen, S. Xia & T. Tao
    Analytical study on the effect of damage zones on the occurrence of surface rupture at the Hinagu fault, N. Iwata, Y. Ohtsuka, Ö. Aydan, T. Ito, A. Sainoki & T. Ikeda
    Blast induced rock fracturing and fragmentation: Crack initiation and propagation processes considering the effect of gas penetration, J. Younes, X. Li & G. Grasselli
    Damage evolution of intact and jointed rocks under cyclic loading, P. Khalkho & M. Singh
    Dynamic cavity expansion in rock medium based on bounding surface plasticity damage model, J. Liang, L. Huang, J. Ma & H. Yang
    Dynamic mechanical properties and damage mechanism of sandstone under acidification condition: Application for the enhanced in-situ leaching of low-permeability sandstone uranium deposit, Q. Niu, M. Hu, W. Wang, X. Su, L. Zhao, W. Yuan, J. Chang, Y. Zheng, Z. Du, M. Chen, J. He, Y. Wei & L. Wen
    Dynamic response analysis of reactive powder concrete-filled steel tubular column under blast loading, J. Ma, J. Chen, J. Liang & W. Chen
    Effect of loading rate on mode I fracture toughness in sandstone and its micromechanism, P. Cao, T. Zhou & J. Zhu
    Effect of original pores on dynamic characteristics of granite under cyclic impact loading, N. Hu, X. Liu & Y. Wang
    Experimental study of damage evolution of wetting-drying cyclic sandstone under repeated impacts, R. Li, C. Zhou & J. Zhu
    Fractal characteristics of deep marble under impact loading, X. Li, Y. Wu, D. Hou, J. Wang & L. He
    Fracture characteristics investigation of the Longmaxi anisotropic shale in ChangNing block of Sichuan basin, China, G. Dong, H. Yuan, Y. Chen, K. Wen, H. Yin, Z. Rong, S. Luo & Q. Wang
    Impact of fracture roughness on geothermal energy exploitation, F. Xiao, L. Yang, L. He, Z. Xu, J. Sun & Z. Zhao
    Impact response analysis of rocklike structures based on damage-plasticity constitutive model, X. Wei & X. Ren
    Investigation on the fracture morphology of reciprocating fracturing in horizontal wells, M. Tang, G. Zhang, X. Du, B. Ma & W. Wang
    Loading rate effect on fracturing and energy characteristics of anisotropic shale with dynamic Brazilian disc test, H. Xing, K. Xie, W. Xing & Y. Qiu
    Loading rate effect on tensile strength of rock material and morphology of fracture surface, Z. Cui, Q. Sheng, M. Zhang & G. Zhang
    Modification of Hoek-Brown criterion and evaluation of rock mass quality in tunnel vibration damaged area, X. Xie, J. Li & Y. Zheng
    P-S travel time detection of low SNR induced seismicity based on time-domain particle motion, J. Sun, Y. Mukuhira, T. Nagata, T. Nonomura, H. Moriya & T. Ito
    P-Wave transmission and diffraction through non-persistent rock joints, Y. Du, T. Liu, T. Wu & X. Liu
    Precursory information for rock failure based on the principle of critical slowing down, Z. Zhang, K. Ma, Z. Liao & Y. Chen
    Quantifying dynamic uncertainty of rock masses based on a BPM-DFN model: Significance of discontinuity intensity, C. Zhou, H. Xie, J. Zhu & J. Qiu
    Rockburst prediction in phyllite tunnels with high stress based on twin T2 strength criteria, J. Wang, K. Hu, L. Li, L. Guo, H. Sun & H. Kou
    Stability analysis of surrounding rock mass in underground caverns considering damage effect of microfractures, Y. Sun, H. Mao, L. Dong, B. Li & N. Xu
    Strength weakening mechanism of water-bearing sandstone and its rockburst proneness evaluation based on Realistic Energy Release Rate (RERR), H. Li, M. He, Y. Qiao & T. Cheng
    The mechanism of electric pulse breaking hot dry rock under confining pressures, W. Liu, H. Hu, X. Zhu, Y. Luo & M. Chen
    The nonuniformity of inertia effect on crack propagation in rock-like materials, C. Qi, F. Zhao, C. Xia & X. Li

    Experimental testing and techniques

    A large-scale dynamic tilting test device for frictional characterization of rock discontinuities and model rock slopes, H. Kumsar, S.B. Çelik & Ö. Aydan
    A new method to test dynamic shear properties of discontinuities using a biaxial Hopkinson pressure bar, W. Yuan & J. Li
    Damage evolution and failure precursors of granite under a progressive load based on pressure stimulated current, D. Li, E. Wang, D. Wang & Y. Ju
    Determination of mixed mode I/II fracture toughness of granite subjected to coupled static-dynamic loads, Y. Li, F. Dai & Y. Liu
    Development of a multi-axial and multi-directional synchronous coordinated control loading Hopkinson bar system, H. Xie, J. Zhu, T. Zhou, Y. Li & J. Zhao
    Dynamic breakage of quartz glass sphere subjected to impact loading, C. Miao, S. Xu & P. Wang
    Dynamic photoelastic experimental research on the effect of prefabricated cracks with different inclination angles on the variation of the stress filed, S. Wang & J. Li
    Effect of pore water pressure on the shear mechanical properties of sandstone under unloading condition, E. Zhao, G. Xiang, H. Zhang & L. Wang
    Effect of the loading frequency on mechanical behaviour of sandstones under cyclic loading, W. Sukplum, N. Chitcharoentham & L. Wannakao
    Evaluation on dynamic Brazilian splitting tests in rock materials under three loading modes by digital image correlation, J. Ma, D. Li & B. Li
    Experimental investigation on infrared radiation features of structural impact-induced rockburst, T. Cheng, M. He, H. Li & Y. Qiao
    Experimental investigation on the dynamic mechanical and failure behaviours of hydrostatic confined rocks containing three parallel flaws, W. You, F. Dai & Y. Liu
    Experimental methods for determining dynamic mode II fracture toughness of deep rocks under complex stress states, W. Yao, J. Wang, Y. Xu, B. Wu & K. Xia
    Experimental study of force responses in scratch test on rocks, X. He & C. Xu
    Experimental study on dynamic tensile mechanics of high temperature sandstone with two cooling methods, Q. Ping, Q. Diao, Y. Wu & D. Qi
    Experimental study on infrared radiation characteristics of slab cracking samples during failure, P. Liang, X. Yao, L. Sun, B. Tian & X. Huang
    Experimental study on mechanical acoustic emission characteristics of prefabricated fractured coal rock under graded static-dynamic combined loading, K. Zhang, M. Wang, J. Ren, S. Zhang & X. Wang
    Experimental study on physical and dynamic splitting properties of temperature-water coupled sandstone, Q. Ping, D. Qi, Q. Gao & Q. Diao
    Experimental study on tensile behavior of rock-concrete under static and dynamic direct tension, W. Bao & J.-B. Zhu
    Experimental study on the dynamic mechanical properties of steel fiber reinforced concrete after high temperature cooling, Z. Wang, H. Wang & L. Li
    Feasibility study of PZT sensors in AE monitoring of rock dynamic tests, H. Wang, J. Li & Q. Zhang
    How geo-stress and disturbance energy affect the occurrence of rockburst? X. Cai, C. Cheng, Z. Zhou, H. Yuan, P. Wang & A. Zheng
    Impact responses of frozen sandstone subjected to low temperature at high strain rates, S. Liu, J.-Y. Xu, H.-Y. Wang, P. Wang & X.-Y. Fang
    Investigation of the influence of strain rate and water saturation on the shear behavior of sandstone under direct shearing, X. Yin & T. Zhou
    New approach for determining dynamic shear strength of jointed rock specimen using long-bar drop impact apparatus, H. Kim, G. Min, G. Kim, C. Shin, P. Jeon, J. Yang, K. Yun & S. Cho
    Physical modelling of the half-tunnel under dynamic loading and some theoretical consideration for its stability assessment, M. Amini & Ö. Aydan
    Research on mechanical characteristics and infrared radiation response law of loading failure process of type I pre-cracked coal sample under different loading rates, H. Tian, Z. Li & Y. Niu
    Response and pile capacities in Ryukyu limestone, J. Oshiro, S. Kodate, Ö. Aydan, T. Ito & N. Tokashiki
    Rock mechanics experiment and analysis of deep tight sandstone under alternating load pressure, G. Yin, H. Zhang, H. Wang, J. Liang, T. Mo & J. Liu
    Rock tensile strength weakening effect induced by high static preload granite subjected to low frequency dynamic disturbance during Brazilian tests, W. Wu, F. Gong & L. He
    Sandstone failure prediction under uniaxial compression via supervised deep learning on acoustic emission, Y. Zhao, S. Wang, J. Guo & B. Liu
    Slide-hold-slide tests of infilled granite fractures affected by normal stress oscillations during the relaxation stage, K. Tao, D. Li, Y. Zhou, F. Wang, W. Li , X. Cao & W. Dang
    Slip behavior of saw-cut shale fractures under fluid injection and periodical confining pressure, C. Wang, D. Li, Y. Zhou, F. Wang, W. Li, X. Cao, W. Dang, X. Chen & K. Tao
    Slip transition of rock fractures under changing environments, W. Wu
    Study on the dynamic tensile behaviour of conglomerate based on Brazilian disc test, J. Wei, H. Liao, H. Wang, H. Liang, N. Li, B. Zhou & Q. Zhang
    Study on the propagation law of stress wave in coal body by joint matching coefficient under combined dynamic and static loading, J. Wang, Z. Yin, Z. Zhang & H. Wu
    Study on the reflection of oblique incident stress wave on rock joints, D. Wang, X. Li & Y. Zheng
    The dynamic response and stability of rock slopes against flexural toppling, M. Amini & Ö. Aydan
    The tensile strength of rock samples from bending tests under impact loads, S. Kodate, N. Iwata & Ö. Aydan
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    VOLUME 2

    Numerical modelling and methods

    3D FDEM modelling of dynamic rock fracture and fragmentation in triaxial Hopkinson bar tests under combined multiaxial static and dynamic loading, H. Han, D. Fukuda, H. Wang, H. Liu & Q. Zhang
    A novel numerical model for rock pulverization based on CDEM, X. Hou, Y. Fan, C. Feng & X. Zhu
    A numerical approach to predict the dynamic compressive strength from the point load test, Y.-F. Chen, Y.-M. Li & G.-F. Zhao
    A numerical estimation on Dynamic Direct Tensile Strength (DDTS) of rock by introducing centrifugal field, J.-L. Li & G.-F. Zhao
    A numerical study on the normal stress unloading-induced shear failure of rock joints using the four-dimensional lattice spring model, F. Pratomo, X. Wei, C. Zou, G.-F. Zhao & J. Zhao
    An adaptive numerical method for rock mass failure, X. Zhu, C. Feng, P. Cheng & S. Li
    Application of four-dimensional distinct lattice spring model to particle velocity characteristics and spherical wave propagation of rock, J. Ma, J. Zhao, J. Chen, Y. Lin, W. Chen & L. Huang
    Development of particle discontinue deformation analysis model with Johnson-Holmquist>Beissel model and its application in projectile penetration, J. Ma, J. Chen, C. Li, Y. Lin, W. Chen & L. Huang
    Influence of kinematic parameters on the ODC cutting process based on discrete element method, X. Li, S. Wang, Q. Meng & S. Ge
    Influence of rock joint distribution characters on ground vibration caused by cylindrical wave propagation, S. Chai, J. Hu, A. Erdi, Z. Gao & X. Li
    Numerical investigation on dynamic crack propagation behaviours of PMMA plate with prefabricated crack by using 4D-LSM, J. Dong, Y. Wang & G.-F. Zhao
    Numerical investigation on dynamic fracture characteristic of crystalline granite at the grain scale based on GBM3D-DEM, T. Zhang, L. Yu, L. Hu, J. Li, W. Li & J. Wei
    Numerical simulation of ultra high speed penetration of SDB ground penetrating projectile warhead into concrete, W. Chen, T. Xie, Z. Xu & J. Ma
    Numerical simulation on flow of dry cohesionless granular assembly using the distinct element method, T. Nishimura, M. Kohno, H. Uenishi & T. Nomura
    Numerical study of jointed rock fractures with different shapes of joint asperities using a 3D hybrid finite-discrete element method, Y. Yan, D. Fukuda & J. Li
    Numerical study of the strain rate dependency of indirect tensile strength with a four-phase lattice spring model, Y. Deng, X. Wei, Y. Huang & G.-F. Zhao
    On the multi-dimensional granular dynamics and stress transfer under impact of external loading, K. Uenishi & D. Xi
    Simulation of dynamic crack propagation and crack branching of brittle material with disk>based discontinuous deformation analysis, F. Liu, Z. Chen & Z. Guo
    Study on dynamic characteristics of muddy sand through particle flow method, H. Yu, Z. Bao, X. Wu, J. Shen, X. Bao, L. Luo, H. Cui & X. Chen
    Study on impact crushing behavior of realistic 3D rock particles based on CDEM, X. Liu & C. Feng

    Seismic and earthquake engineering

    Characterization and properties of faults zones and their effect on stress changes during earthquake, Ö. Aydan, H. Kumsar & N. Iwata
    Dynamic behavior and stability of model slopes with hexagonal jointing, Part 1: Research method and laboratory tests of a model material, T. Okada, T. Naya, M. Wani & Y. Ootsuka
    Dynamic behavior and stability of model slopes with hexagonal jointing, Part 2: Vibration test of slope model, T. Naya & T. Okada
    Dynamic behavior and stability of model slopes with hexagonal jointing, Part 3: Stability evaluation by limit equilibrium method, K. Kamemura
    Dynamic behavior and stability of model slopes with hexagonal jointing, Part 4: Evaluation by equivalent linear analysis, R. Kiyota, Y. Takahashi & M. Harada
    Dynamic behavior and stability of model slopes with hexagonal jointing, Part 5: Prediction by multiple yield model analysis, N. Iwata, A. Matsui, T. Sasaki & R. Yoshinaka
    Dynamic behavior and stability of model slopes with hexagonal jointing, Part 6: Prediction by improved discontinuous deformation analysis, R. Hashimoto & T. Koyama
    Estimation of ground motions due to potential earthquakes along Chaman fault with particular emphases on Kabul and Kandahar cities in Afghanistan, N. Nasiry & Ö. Aydan
    The estimation of ground motions through Erratic Pattern Screening (EPS) method and some empirical approaches, Y. Ohta & Ö. Aydan
    Failure modes of shallow twin tunnel induced by earthquakes and the evaluation of their stability, M. Tamashiro, Ö. Aydan, T. Ito, Y. Murayama & N. Malistani
    Fundamental research on the dynamic stability of huge rock boulders on slopes during earthquakes, Y. Murayama, T. Ito, Ö. Aydan & N. Özcan
    Investigation on dynamic response characteristics of a complex rock mass slope at a tunnel entrance under strong earthquake using continuous-discontinuous element method, D. Song, X. Liu, C. Wang, M. Liu & E. Wang
    Numerical analysis of lining structure deformation of long tunnel passing through fracture zone under non-uniform excitation, H. Ding, D. Chen, J. Hu, Y. Zhou, Q. Sheng, X. Fu & W. Yuan
    Seismic response and failure mechanism analysis of rock slope reinforced by anchored pile structures, H. Hu, G. Gan, X. Guo & L. Chen
    Seismic response of large diameter shield tunnel in complex subsea formations, X. Yang, M. Cai, J. Shen, X. Wu, X. Bao, H. Yu, H. Cui & X. Chen
    Strong motion simulation of the 1984 Western Nagano Prefecture Earthquake using 3D-FEM and the empirical Green’s function method, N. Iwata, R. Kiyota, T. Ikeda & Ö. Aydan
    Study on seismic buffer thickness of circular rock tunnel at different depths, H. Xu, R. Sun, M. Yang & H. Xing

    Rock excavation and engineering

    4D-LSM and LS-DYNA coupled modeling of a jointed rock slope under explosive loading, Y. Hao, G.-F. Zhao, T. Yang & J. Li
    A study on rock cutting performance of button cutting tool of raise boring machine by full-scale linear cutting tests, H. Copur, A. Shaterpour-Mamaghani, D. Tumac, C. Balci, A. Gumus, E. Dogan & T. Erdogan
    An artificial neural network-based model for blast-induced ground vibration prediction in urban area, N. Ogunsola, J. Pureun, S. Cho & Y. Kim
    Application of three-dimensional laser point cloud technology to river management, N. Akiyama, S. Nishiyama & J. Song
    Automatic extraction of rockfall source based on terrain analysis map using support vector machine, N. Sakamoto, K. Sakita, S. Nishiyama, T. Kikuchi, J. Song & Y. Ohnishi
    Changes in reservoir stress from faults and productions, Y. Li, Y. Lu, D. Xu, H. Hao, Q. Na, W. Zhou & C. Xu
    Consideration of countermeasures using rockfall simulation by discontinuous deformation analysis, H. Kitauchi, S. Nishiyama & J. Song
    Developing a real-time safety information model for large-scale underground cavern group, A. Hu, M. Wu, S. Zhou, R. Zhao & X. Liu
    Development of particle discontinuous deformation analysis method and its application in rock blasting, L. Huang, C. Li, J. Chen, J. Ma & W. Chen
    Displacement and damage characteristics of underground fortification under blast loading, Q. Lin, S. Li, C. Feng, Y. Gan, J. Yuan, W. Jiao, Y. Zhang & H. Jiang
    Dynamic behaviors of the stressed circular tunnel under cylindrical P wave, H. Zhao, X. Li, M. Tao, H. Gu, R. Zhao & Z. Hong
    Dynamic stability assessment of a wedge-like huge rock block at Itoman Rotary, Okinawa, Japan, T. Ito, Ö. Aydan, N. Tokashiki, H. Inoue & Y. Higa
    Dynamic support design in very deep hard rock mines: A state-of-the-art review, S. Shnorhokian & G. Raju
    Experimental investigations on rock damage extent induced by three blast techniques, X. Xia, J. Zhang, H. Li, Y. Liu, C. Yu & B. Liu
    Investigation of coal burst mechanism based on three cases, N. Zhang, J. Jiang, Z. Deng, S. Zhao, G. Zhang, Y. Zhao & Z.-X. Zhang
    Non-deterministic dynamics of mining-induced ground oscillations, S. Kostić & N. Vasović
    Numerical analysis of vibration induced by bench blasting with different blasting parameters of rock tunnel excavation, Y. Liang, X. Li & J. Li
    Numerical and experimental study on the dynamic penetration performance of TBM cutterhead using a FEA-SPH coupling method, Q. Geng, M. Ma, L. Renqian, J. Hui, M. Ye, X. Wang & Z. Zhang
    Numerical study on rock breaking efficiency of TBM with the consideration of pre-slotting, J. Ma, W. Ding, J. Chen, W. Chen & Y. Lin
    Quantitative analysis of impact-induced rock failure in microgravity environment, Q. Zhang, X. Hou, P. Cheng, H. Li, S. Zhang & F. Zhao
    Research on integrated planning of deep mining guided by rockburst disaster prevention, L. Chen, X. Yang, S. Wu & S. Yu
    Research on multi-dimensional monitoring of “point, line, plane, body” in hydropower engineering, H. Mao, X. Zhou, B. Li, Y. Sun & N. Xu
    Response and stability of natural underground openings, H. Inoue, Ö. Aydan, T. Ito & N. Tokashiki
    Rock breaking mechanism and field test trials of segmented deep-hole blasting in rock roadway, Y. Wang, S. Li, Y. Geng & G. Wang
    Stability analysis of ultra-small clear distance tunnel in different blasting schemes, J. Wang, A. Cao, H. Li, Y. Sun, X. Liu & H. Wang
    Study and application of wellbore stability mechanism - A case study of Well X-1 in Bohai Bay, H. Li, S. Zhu, Z. Cao, J. Jiang, M. Sun, Y. Gui & J. Deng
    Study on attenuation law of blasting vibration in a small clear distance twin highway tunnel, X. Li, W. Gao, B. Li , L. Du, X. Zhang & Y. Hu
    Study on the damage evolution characteristics of deep tunnel surrounding rock under cyclic blasting load, J. Huang, S.-H. Chen & M.-L. Liu
    Study on the effect of empty hole diameter on cut blasting under biaxial confining pressure in deep rock roadway, H. Yu, X. Zhang, Z. Li, L. Ma & W. Gao
    Study on the influence of underground energy-absorbed layer on the explosion resistance of shallow buried PE pipeline, H. Xue, W. Chen, J. Ma & J. Chen
    Study on the risk of fracture instability in shale gas wells during large-scale multi-stage fracturing operation, X. Guo, J. Shen, H. Ji, Y. Yu, J. Li & B. Li
    Study on the vibration effect of open-pit and underground combined mining by piecewise fitting Sadowski formula, L. Liu, X. Yang, H. Wang & Y. Zhou
    The dynamic characteristics of PDC cutter-rock interaction considering mixed fragmentation mode and dynamic rock strength, G. Dong, H. Yuan, Y. Chen, J. Fu, Z. Rong, S. Luo & Q. Han
    The dynamic stability assessment of karstic caves beneath Gushikawa Castle remains (Japan), N. Tokashiki, Ö. Aydan, T. Ito & M. Geniş
    The principal component extraction of tunnel blasting signal and detonator delay time identification, X. Fu, J. Yu & S. Liu
    Three-dimensional monitoring of slope deformation using digital photogrammetry, A. Boney, S. Nishiyama & T. Kikuchi
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    Jianchun Li is a Changjiang Scholar Distinguished Professor of geomechanics at the School of Civil Engineering at Southeast University. She worked in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Nanyang Technological University of Singapore and in the Laboratoire de mécanique des roches (LMR) at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) of Switzerland between 2006 and 2010, and was a research professor at the Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences between 2011 and 2018. Her research interests are rock mechanics and dynamics, shock and impact mechanics, protective engineering, and underground technology. She is an Editor-in-Chief of Geomechanics and Geophysics for Geo-Energy and Geo-Resource, and an Associate Editor of Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering.

    Xiao-zhao Li is a professor of geotechnical and underground engineering, and the current director of the State Key Laboratory for Geomechanics & Deep Underground Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology. He was a professor of geological engineering at Nanjing University, the Director of Institute for Underground Space and Geo-environment at Nanjing University (NJU-IUSG), director of Nanjing Innovation Centre for Shallow Geothermal Development Industry (ICSGI). His research focuses on utilization of underground space, rock fracture and fluid flow in rock mass, aadioactive waste disposal, shallow geothermal development. He is an author of more than 200 publications, and over 50 patents.

    Minghe Ju is currently an associate professor in the State Key Laboratory for Geomechanics & Deep Underground Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology. He received his PhD degree from Monash University Australia in 2020. His research interests are on the interaction between propagating cracks and multiscale geological weak structures in static and dynamic loading conditions. He has published more than 30 SCI journal papers.

    Fengqiang Gong is a professor of geomechanics and underground engineering at the School of Civil Engineering, Southeast University. He obtained PhD degree from Central South University (CSU) and Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), and worked in CSU between 2012 and 2019. His current research interests include failure mechanism of rockburst and spalling, rock dynamics in mining and tunnelling. He is an editorial board member of Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics, Journal of Engineering Geology and Journal of Mining and Strata Control Engineering.

    Yingxin Zhou is a Senior Consultant at Deeptek Pty Ltd and has more than 30 years of experience in research, engineering, and teaching in rock engineering, rock dynamics, and underground space technology. He was Head Engineering (Underground Facilities) with the Defence Science & Technology Agency from 2013 to 2021 and adjunct associate professor at Nanyang Technological University from 2011 to 2018. He played leading roles in several pioneering rock engineering and research projects and served as technical advisor to many government ministries in Singapore. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Engineering Singapore, Fellow of the International Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering (ISRM) and has been a Board Member of the Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space (ACUUS) since 2013, and was a Vice President of ACUUS and Vice President (Asia) of ISRM and founding Chairman of the ISRM Commission on Rock Dynamics. He received the Defence Technology Prize 2018 Individual (Engineering) Award in Singapore.