1st Edition

Roman Catholicism

By Thomas Corbishley Copyright 1950

    First published in 1950 Roman Catholicism is an attempt on the part of a Roman Catholic to state what he conceives to be the nature and function of the Church to which he belongs. Those who read the book are asked to believe that what it contains is set down in all sincerity and honesty. The book brings themes like function and unity of the Roman Catholic Church; Roman Catholic theology; moral and social teaching; Roman Catholicism and human history; link between Roman Catholicism and modern situation; and Catholic life and practice. This book is essential for scholars and researchers of Christianity, Catholicism, and religion in general.

    Introductory 1. The Function of the Roman Catholic Church 2. The Unity of the Roman Catholic Church 3. Roman Catholic Theology 4. Roman Catholic Moral and Social Teaching 5. Roman Catholicism and Human History 6. Roman Catholicism and Human Progress 7. Roman Catholicism and Modern Situation 8. Roman Catholic Life and Practice Appendix: The Organization of the Roman Catholic Church Bibliography Index


    Thomas Corbishley