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Routledge Advances in Translation and Interpreting Studies

About the Series

This series is our home for innovative research in the field of translation studies. It includes monographs and targeted edited collections that provide new insights into this important and evolving subject area.

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The Dao of Translation An East-West Dialogue

The Dao of Translation: An East-West Dialogue

1st Edition

By Douglas Robinson
June 26, 2015

The Dao of Translation sets up an East-West dialogue on the nature of language and translation, and specifically on the "unknown forces" that shape the act of translation. To that end it mobilizes two radically different readings of the Daodejing (formerly romanized as the Tao Te Ching): the ...

Translation and Linguistic Hybridity Constructing World-View

Translation and Linguistic Hybridity: Constructing World-View

1st Edition

By Susanne Klinger
December 18, 2014

This volume outlines a new approach to the study of linguistic hybridity and its translation in cross-cultural writing. By building on concepts from narratology, cognitive poetics, stylistics, and film studies, it explores how linguistic hybridity contributes to the reader’s construction of the ...

Translation and Localisation in Video Games Making Entertainment Software Global

Translation and Localisation in Video Games: Making Entertainment Software Global

1st Edition

By Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino
September 22, 2014

This book is a multidisciplinary study of the translation and localisation of video games. It offers a descriptive analysis of the industry – understood as a global phenomenon in entertainment – and aims to explain the norms governing present industry practices, as well as game localisation ...

Translation and Web Searching

Translation and Web Searching

1st Edition

By Vanessa Enríquez Raído
August 02, 2013

The book presents a comprehensive study of various cognitive and affective aspects of web searching for translation problem solving. Research into the use of the web as an external aid of consultation has frequently occupied a secondary position in the investigation of translation processes. The ...

Interpreting Justice Ethics, Politics and Language

Interpreting Justice: Ethics, Politics and Language

1st Edition

By Moira Inghilleri
December 05, 2012

In this timely study, Inghilleri examines the interface between ethics, language, and politics during acts of interpreting, with reference to two particular sites of transnational conflict: the political and judicial context of asylum adjudication and the geo-political context of war. The book ...

Applying Luhmann to Translation Studies Translation in Society

Applying Luhmann to Translation Studies: Translation in Society

1st Edition

By Sergey Tyulenev
September 26, 2011

This book deals with one of the most prominent and promising developments in modern Translation Studies--the sociology of translation. Tyulenev develops an original way of applying Luhmann's Social Systems Theory to translation, viewing translation as a social-systemic boundary phenomenon. The book...

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