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Routledge Communication Series

About the Series

The Routledge Communication Series covers the breadth of the communication discipline, from interpersonal communication to public relations, offering textbooks, handbooks, and scholarly reference materials.

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Mass Communications Research Resources An Annotated Guide

Mass Communications Research Resources: An Annotated Guide

1st Edition

Edited By Christopher H. Sterling, James K. Bracken, Susan M. Hill
September 01, 1997

This reference book is designed as a road map for researchers who need to find specific information about American mass communication as expeditiously as possible. Taking a topical approach, it integrates publications and organizations into subject-focused chapters for easy user reference. The ...

Planning Strategic Interaction Attaining Goals Through Communicative Action

Planning Strategic Interaction: Attaining Goals Through Communicative Action

1st Edition

By Charles R. Berger
June 01, 1997

In an earlier era, the communication field was dominated by the study of mediated and unmediated message effects during which considerable research focused on the attitudinal and action consequences of exposure to messages. A more catholic purview of the communication process exists today. This ...

The Public and the National Agenda How People Learn About Important Issues

The Public and the National Agenda: How People Learn About Important Issues

1st Edition

By Wayne Wanta
June 01, 1997

Focusing on the agenda-setting function of the news media from an information processing standpoint, this volume examines how individuals expose themselves to news media content and how this content translates into issue salience. It utilizes the individual as the unit of measurement. Many ...

Television and Children Program Evaluation, Comprehension, and Impact

Television and Children: Program Evaluation, Comprehension, and Impact

1st Edition

By Brian R. Clifford, Barrie Gunter, Hugh M. Culbertson, Jill L. McAleer, Hugh M. Culbertson
March 01, 1995

USE THIS FIRST PARAGRAPH ONLY FOR GENERAL CATALOGS... This book addresses the subject of children and television -- how they view it, what they think of specific programs, and how these likes and dislikes affect learning of the content presented. Broad in coverage, it looks at evaluation, ...

Semiotics and Communication Signs, Codes, Cultures

Semiotics and Communication: Signs, Codes, Cultures

1st Edition

By Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz
August 01, 1993

Communication is, among other things, about the study of meaning -- how people convey ideas for themselves and to one another in their daily lives. Designed to close the gap between what we are able to do as social actors and what we are able to describe as social analysts, this book introduces the...

Fund Raising and Public Relations A Critical Analysis

Fund Raising and Public Relations: A Critical Analysis

1st Edition

By Kathleen S. Kelly
April 01, 1991

This is the first scholarly work to place the function of fund raising within the field of public relations, redefining it as a specialization responsible for the management of communication between a charitable organization and its donor publics. Combining her academic interest in communication ...

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