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Routledge Environmental Ethics

About the Series

Routledge Environmental Ethics

Series Editor: Benjamin Hale, University of Colorado, Boulder

The Routledge Environmental Ethics series aims to gather novel work on questions that fall at the intersection of the normative and the practical, with an eye toward conceptual issues that bear on environmental policy and environmental science. Recognizing the growing need for input from academic philosophers and political theorists in the broader environmental discourse, but also acknowledging that moral responsibilities for environmental alteration cannot be understood without rooting themselves in the practical and descriptive details, this series aims to unify contributions from within the environmental literature.

Books in this series can cover topics in a range of environmental contexts, including individual responsibility for climate change, conceptual matters affecting climate policy, the moral underpinnings of endangered species protection, complications facing wildlife management, the nature of extinction, the ethics of reintroduction and assisted migration, reparative responsibilities to restore, among many others.

We welcome book proposals from all branches of ethics, political theory, and philosophy more broadly, aiming to create a collection of work that touches on the most pressing environmental issues of our time. We favour manuscripts aimed at an international readership and written in a lively style that minimizes jargon. As our readership includes scholars and students from across the disciplinary spectrum, we also hope to support work that both brings practical relevance to theoretical questions for academics to further develop, but that also assists in conveying important conceptual insights to environmental policy makers, managers, and academics in other fields.

Please contact the Editor, Grace Harrison ([email protected]) to discuss a proposal.

6 Series Titles

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The Concept of Milieu in Environmental Ethics Individual Responsibility within an Interconnected World

The Concept of Milieu in Environmental Ethics: Individual Responsibility within an Interconnected World

1st Edition

By Laÿna Droz
August 25, 2021

The Concept of Milieu in Environmental Ethics discusses how we can come together to address current environmental problems at the planetary level, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, transborder pollution and desertification. The book recognises the embedded individual sociocultural and ...

Climate Justice Beyond the State

Climate Justice Beyond the State

1st Edition

By Lachlan Umbers, Jeremy Moss
December 31, 2020

Virtually every figure in the climate justice literature agrees that states are presently failing to discharge their duties to take action on climate change. Few, however, have attempted to think through what follows from that fact from a moral point of view. In Climate Justice Beyond the State, ...

Philosophy and the Climate Crisis How the Past Can Save the Present

Philosophy and the Climate Crisis: How the Past Can Save the Present

1st Edition

By Byron Williston
October 12, 2020

This book explores how the history of philosophy can orient us to the new reality brought on by the climate crisis. If we understand the climate crisis as a deeply existential one, it can help to examine the way past philosophers responded to similar crises in their times. This book explores five ...

Philosophy in the American West A Geography of Thought

Philosophy in the American West: A Geography of Thought

1st Edition

Edited By Josh Hayes, Gerard Kuperus, Brian Treanor
July 22, 2020

Philosophy in the American West explores the physical, ecological, cultural, and narrative environments associated with the western United States, reflecting on the relationship between people and the places that sustain them.   The American West has long been recognized as having significance. ...

Climate Justice and Non-State Actors Corporations, Regions, Cities, and Individuals

Climate Justice and Non-State Actors: Corporations, Regions, Cities, and Individuals

1st Edition

Edited By Jeremy Moss, Lachlan Umbers
June 02, 2020

This book investigates the relationship between non-state actors and climate justice from a philosophical perspective. The climate justice literature remains largely focused upon the rights and duties of states. Yet, for decades, states have failed to take adequate steps to address climate change. ...

Sustainable Action and Motivation Pathways for Individuals, Institutions and Humanity

Sustainable Action and Motivation: Pathways for Individuals, Institutions and Humanity

1st Edition

By Roland Mees
November 14, 2019

Sustainable Action and Motivation proposes individual competencies and institutional policies that can help overcome the motivational hurdles that hamper sustainable action. Following the Paris Agreement of 2015 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the political momentum urgently to begin...

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